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Millions of people worldwide suffer from psoriasis and this pervasive, problematic condition is the impetus behind a Psoriasis Revolution review. While I do not struggle with this malady (I have my own fair show of medical issues), I realize there are folks desperate for answers. After all, the conventional medical/drug approach may not appeal to many. Consequently, I’m now connecting with all holistic-minded psoriasis victims who are looking for another route in tackling the disorder. Dan Crawford’s comprehensive book, Psoriasis Revolution, may just provide the innovative solutions you seek.

Understanding Psoriasis – Its Symptoms and Causes

Psoriasis Revolution review evaluates a protocol designed by Dan Crawford to end the psoriasis cycle

A skin disease, psoriasis can strike at any time, although it typically appears between 15 and 30 years of age. But it can manifest itself even between ages 50 and 60. But if you’re reading this Psoriasis Revolution review, it’s probable that you, a loved one, or someone you know and wish to help, already has this condition.

While its not life-threatening, psoriasis symptoms are quite unsettling for many: red, inflamed patches, thick silvery scales, and itchy, burning, and even bleeding, raw skin can easily undermine confidence in one’s appearance. The irritated and unsightly skin can be the target of mean-spirited remarks. Indeed, psoriasis can give new meaning to the expression, ‘uncomfortable in one’s own skin.’

The causes of psoriasis may be classified as idiopathic or unknown by some medical professionals. Others assert that genes and the immune system have a hand in its development. There may be a genetic predisposition towards psoriasis. Here, the immune system is inclined to produce excess white blood cells or T-cells which contribute to too rapid skin cell turnover, causing inflammation. The skin cells do not shed and pile up on the surface causing psoriasis to appear.

Author Dan Crawford believes that internal toxins are the primary culprits in psoriasis formation. A sluggish kidney and liver are just not excreting excess toxins which inevitably are released through the skin. A painful inflammatory response is triggered. leading to this autoimmune disease.

Psoriasis Revolution Review – Upending Psoriasis from the Inside Out

Author of Psoriasis Revolution, Dan Crawford, believes that the cause of psoriasis … and the answer … rests with immunity and our own natural defenses. By enhancing the immune system and restoring natural inner balance, he believes that psoriasis can be thwarted. Judging from the countless testimonials that Psoriasis Revolution has received, perhaps his theory holds some weight.

Dan Crawford also asserts that the very topical and oral drugs that are prescribed for psoriasis undermine this crucial immunity and inner balance, leading to an endless cycle of additional bouts of psoriasis. Furthermore, he avers that these drugs are replete with side effects that compromise health and well-being.

He is speaking from personal experience. He has taken a bevy of drugs, steroids, and creams in an effort to defeat his own psoriasis. Frustrated by the lack of long-term results, he finally sought natural means to arrest the skin condition.

Psoriasis Revolution is the culmination of his years of personal experience, countless hours of clinical study research and nutrition education, and even trial and error. The book underscores the point that there is no ‘quick-fix’ or magic pill to get rid of psoriasis. Crawford advises his readers to leave those pills, topical formulations, and medical procedures, such as laser and photochemotherapy by the wayside. Alternatively, he suggests an ‘inside out approach’ – one that will tackle the root cause of the disease, and not just the symptoms.

As you address immunity from a holistic standpoint, a metamorphosis takes place. A complete transformation to clear skin can occur within 30 to 60 days. This is not that long for the person who has struggled with psoriasis for years. The benefits are gradual at first but accelerate with time.

Dan Crawford is not just starting a psoriasis revolution but a health revolution. His nutritional platform, for example, may not only allay psoriasis symptoms but serve as a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. You’ll know what foods and supplements to take and which ones to avoid. The health of your skin and overall health will improve simultaneously.

Psoriasis – A Revolutionary Protocol

In Psoriasis Revolution, Dan Crawford offers a synergistic 7 step relief plan. The strategies primarily target correcting internal imbalances that lead to psoriasis, but he even has a section on effective external applications, such as castor oil, olive oil, and peanut oil. He covers many other topical substances to use, depending on where the psoriasis is found on the body.

But if you’re looking to disrupt the formation of psoriasis plaque, you must be keenly aware of your diet. It’s best to keep away from sinister sugar, carbs, and chemicals but Dan Crawford does not wish to make any absolute statements regarding taboo foods.

He writes, “Well, mainly, you get to decide what food items you will start living without altogether and which food items you might consider cutting back on. But beware: once you start seeing the changes cutting certain foods and elements from your diet has on your skin, you may never look at those same foods the same way again. It is amazing how much we’re each willing to give up if it means living a psoriasis-free life!”

While it’s best to forgo greasy junk foods, particularly those laden with yeast, it may be advisable to reduce certain diet staples, including nightshade vegetables like tomatoes and eggplant. You can access the complete list of possible psoriasis-triggering foods in the guide. You’ll also gain insight on food combinations to use to mitigate any potential damage if/when you choose to eat these ‘risky foods.’

On a positive note, there will be many foods that will help your body gain the upper hand on psoriasis – those that balance the important acid/alkaline ratio. Feel free to drink a lot of vegetable juice, for example.

You’ll also learn about the most potent vitamins and minerals to take (hint, you’ll be boosting your body’s antioxidants and phytochemical levels), and herbal formulations to consume. Suggestion: Brew some American Yellow Saffron tea as you review Psoriasis Revolution.

In addition, you’ll be privy to breathing techniques, exercise methods, the restorative powers of sleep, and natural anti-inflammatory approaches. Moreover, you need to tackle your own inner imbalance, whether that is gluten sensitivity, overgrowth of candida, etc. Indeed, individual triggers must be evaluated and treated. You’ll also discover how to take a self-assessment in Psoriasis Revolution.

You’ll also have to look at your psychological and emotional issues. Sadly, stress can be the trigger of a psoriasis outbreak. As such, Psoriasis Revolution also examines the mind-body connection, and provides ways to reduce tension and anxiety.

Once again, forget the symptoms! Tackle the cause and the symptoms will go away. Perhaps that idea is not revolutionary but getting rid of psoriasis insurgency sounds great.

In the interim, Dan Crawford promises that your blood will become purer and that your body will more readily eliminate waste. In addition, you’ll experience less hormonal-related symptoms, improve digestion and intestinal health, repair internal organs, enhance heart and lung function, and simply look better. You’ll not only be psoriasis-free, according to the author, but experience thicker hair and healthier skin and nails.

Is all this plausible? Yes, it is within the realm of possibility as internal adjustments can lead to external change.

Psoriasis Revolution Review – Examining the Pros

This book is extremely thorough and gives the reader a strong foundation as to the symptoms, causes, and remedies of psoriasis. I learned more about the ailment than just about any other source.

There is a logical flow to the guide. The author provides a step-by-step, systematic approach that should be easy to follow.

The book provides a host of possible remedies – both internal and external. You’re going to have a lot of options to exercise.

Psoriasis Revolution reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s such a well-written, comprehensive guide that I can’t imagine anyone dismissing it as worthless or a scam.

While you’re addressing a skin condition, you’re truly tackling a whole body issue. You overall health should dramatically improve by following Dan Crawford’s suggestions.

The suggested foods, supplements, and teas are easily accessible.

The book provides clear guidance and direction. The author even provides daily sample meals at the end of the resource!

The author does not just list his recommended course of action. He tells you WHY to embrace it.

He also tackles the often-overlooked emotional aspects of psoriasis. You have to learn how to deal with the condition from a mental standpoint as well.

A number of bonuses are included. We also will add our own Psoriais Revolution review bonuses if you purchase this resource through our link.

The resource is priced at a reasonable $47 backed with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

The Downside

This is not an overnight solution. Dan Crawford estimates that it can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to see tremendous benefits of his protocol.

The program requires work on your part and you’ll have to exercise some willpower to use diet to your advantage.

The individual supplements are affordable but if you take all the recommended supplements, the expense can add up quickly. (Still, it seems a small price to pay for getting rid of this ailment.)

The protocol may not work for you. Individual response will vary.

Final Word

Dan Crawford deserves a pat on the back and hearty congratulations for compiling such extensive information on psoriasis, presented in clear layman’s terms. You’ll learn about skin function, immunity, gut issues, and a host of other components that hold the key to solving the psoriasis puzzle.

The 7 step program will simplify the curative process. You’ll discovery how to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify your system (fasting is advisable), flush your liver, discard heavy metals, restore gut balance, and more. You’ll even be able to harness the powers of positive thinking and control your emotions – all in an effort to beat the malady.

Dan Crawford even details his ‘Holy Grail of the Psoriasis Revolution,” but you may find that the book itself will be your holy grail.

Psoriasis indicates that something has gone haywire in your body. You’ll now have the means to treat and defeat the root cause.

Imagine Life Without Psoriasis – Learn What You Can Do

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