Tribe Writers Review – Join Jeff Goins’ Clan of Wordsmiths in 2019?

This Tribe Writers review is imperative as there are too many writers who are writing for an almost non-existent audience. There are too many writers who are skilled with content creation, yet are clueless as to how to monetize their work. And there are too many writers who are so fixated on getting published that they’ve lost their own perspective and style along the way, copying other authors or dramatically changing their prose to conform to what they think the public demands.

But the writing is on the proverbial wall: There is no better time to launch a career as a wordsmith. With the advent of blogs, social platforms, and mobile connections galore, you can connect with a wider audience than ever before … whether you get your work published by an outside entity or decide to self-publish.

Moreover, content is consumable and the demand and need for compelling prose is at an all-time high. Admittedly, competition may be severe, but with your own innate talent coupled with Jeff Goins’ secrets, spelled out in his training course, Tribe Writers, you’ll be at a distinct advantage over your counterparts.
Read Tribe Writers review to learn about Jeff Goins' writing program whose purpose is to create authors who can actually make a living

Tribe Writers Review – Kindred Spirits of Expression

I became immediately intrigued with this training program because of the name. I knew that ‘Tribe Writers’ had nothing to do with writing about the Zulu, Xhosa, Maasa, or the Pygmies. I anticipated that the title referred to successfully creating and building your own audience with you as the tribal leader, caring for the written interests of your community.

Your clan will have certain expectations about what they want to read, and have demands pertaining to the quality of your work. They may want to be informed, educated, entertained, influenced, fascinated, intellectually stimulated, emotionally affected — or any combination of those reactions — so that they, in turn, can grow, flourish, and get more pleasure in life or diminish their pain.

You are creating images within your readers’ minds, and it’s these images that will either tell a story in a compelling and captivating way, or completely bore and disinterest your audience.

Prominent marketer and successful, prolific author, Seth Godin, writes: “A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

You will become the master communicator, writing in a way that will galvanize the attention of your tribe (e.g., creating those memorable images in the minds eye of the crowd). You will share your common passions, expressing your ideas with ingenuity, clarity, and with purpose!

Tribe Writers – The Substance

The course is designed to be followed in eight weeks. Depending on your schedule and time constraints, you may follow that prescription, or take longer, or even expedite your review, assuming there are sections that you’re already familiar with.

Jeff Goins’ training is via multimedia, with a heavy reliance on my favorite mode of expression, video. There are workbooks, video transcripts, and audio lessons, too.

All the lessons are listed in the main course page on the membership site for quick access, if you need to review a particular area again. But there are four primary areas of concentration that you must master to become the best writer within and, as you need to become outer-directed, too, the most financially successful. (Writing competence and cash don’t have to be mutually exclusive.)

The four primary elements include:

Module 1: Honing Your Voice
Module 2: Establishing Your Platform
Module 3: Expanding Your Reach
Module 4: Getting Published

Although there is a lot of material to cover, the videos are generally presented in short segments (most are under 10 minutes). I found myself nodding in agreement, yet thinking, “why didn’t this dawn on me before.”

There is also a logical flow and sequence to the lessons. One lesson builds on another until you really understand how to complete the mission of each module.

This is not just hypothetical information, but practical. My only complaint is that it would prove even more instructive if Jeff provided a complete case study of actually starting a tribe, and monetizing his efforts. (I suppose that he would have to retrace his steps as he has formed such successful tribes numerous times.)

Still, there are so many ‘golden nuggets’ for you to digest that after consumption, you’ll be able to become a wise tribal leader. You can easily put Jeff’s strategies into play and perform your own ‘rain dance’ where buckets of money flow down.

It’s imperative, however, to take notes, and APPLY what you learn. There is accompanying homework to do and you’re only hurting yourself if you choose not to do it.

Equally important, take advantage of Jeff’s introductory conference call as well as two mid-course calls. These will serve to reinforce your instruction. During these times, you’ll be able to ask questions to your mentor.

Quick Synopsis of Module 1, Honing Your Voice

According to Jeff Goins, you already have a voice. You just need to fine-tune, hone it, and make the most of it. Ultimately, you have to understand that you’re a copywriter — using persuasion and influence to impact your tribe. The more you write, the more you can discern your voice, and how to improve its quality and reach.

The goal is to not be ‘All things to all people.” You need to tailor your message to members within your tight community. To this extent, you have to know your audience, almost akin to ‘walking in their shoes.’ Connect and establish rapport with them by answering their questions, sparking other questions, using vivid imagery (creating memorable images), and infusing your own brand of personality while informing and educating them.

Take your interests and passions, and form connections with your people. You can’t just concentrate on what resonates with you. On the contrary, you have to find the intersection of commonality where your message resonates with others.

You’ll learn to write with a ‘worldview’ and not rely on any systematic writing formula that is bound to fail.

As an added bonus, Jeff will uncover how to write effectively with brevity by revealing how to tighten your content. He will also expound on powerful copywriting techniques (e.g., strengthening headlines) — not only useful in copywriting, but in all forms of writing.

While honing your voice, you’ll also discover how to find your tribe. Jeff guides your search for a viable tribe. He helps you avoid the pitfalls of the traditional approach to finding followers (i.e., choosing a given topic and speaking at length about it).

Establishing Your Platform – Developing an Online Presence

Welcome to the new writing era. It’s not just offline where key players in the publishing industry decide the merits of a written piece.

Now anyone can hang a shingle and get their writing noticed. A simple blog or any type of website can serve as the springboard to connect a writer with his/her followers. Add social media and connections can form as quick as a click.

Jeff Goins reminds us about the importance and value of building an online presence where you can post regular content. In particular, a blog is essential to create and build as it provides a way for you to continuously interact with tribal members.

It’s just about free to start (although it’s better to host your own blog, requiring at least domain and hosting expense, which is also affordable). As you have something to say, blogging is an ideal way to quickly communicate ideas. As you become more adept at search engine optimization (Jeff provides the basics of SEO), you can enable your blog to rise in the ranks where you’ll attract more visitors.

Tribal Writers also emphasizes the need to write consistently. Jeff provides tools that will motivate you to keep writing! You’ll soon develop a management schedule where you can remove creative barriers and optimize your productivity.

As you write, you’ll begin to develop a ‘platform personality.’ Are you going to serve as a journalist with a worldview (curious as to why something is happening)? Do you prefer assuming the role of a critical prophet who is going to report the ugly truth of the world? Does a professor role resonate with you where you like to detail facts, data, and systems. In contrast, perhaps you want to share the beauty in the world and open our eyes to the wonders of it, or do you wish to become a STAR, attracting others to you with your charisma?

Once you uncover your platform personality, you’ll learn how to build a brand. Subsequently, you’ll acquire strategies and methods to focus your platform to establish authority and draw interest.

Are you unsure of how to write an effective blog post? Tribal Writers will provide all the elements of an effective blog post (including captivating headlines), and detail blog post formats that work. This kind of writing process will become demystified.

Expanding Your Reach – A Growing Tribe is a Healthy Tribe

Jeff Goins reminds us that a platform may sound like an impersonal, clinical name, but it really should be perceived as your intimate home, where your tribe feels like honored and respected guests.

In this module, you’ll learn more tips and tricks to connect with the crowd, and make the tribe members want to return to your sanctuary (and theirs).

In conjunction with learning how to construct a welcoming and friendly online place to visit, you’ll receive pointers on email list essentials. It’s necessary to build a list and not just rely on Google traffic. (A list is an asset you own where you need not solely rely on search engine traffic where SEO algorithms can quickly change.)

If you own a list, you can immediately broadcast your message to your group, and not wait any duration of time. You should write non-promotional messages (adding value and building trust), and promotional ones as well.

Always look within the prism of reader benefits to better convince subscribers to take action, and new prospective members to join. Again, it’s imperative to give value so folks see the value of joining your group, and staying in the group. Write your manifesto, succinctly expressing what you’re about, and how others can gain solutions to problems.

You’ll then be privy to spreading your message on social media. (Jeff has particular expertise in Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll discover the nuances of succeeding on these platforms.)

As you become more social, you’ll see the drawbacks of false persona, and why you need to be authentic in all your interactions. Using a variety of social platforms, you can strengthen your brand and network with other ‘movers and shakers.’

It’s not enough to connect with others, but build upon your networks with a strategic plan. You can’t be fearful of making ‘bold asks,’ but your timing has to be impeccable. You also can’t be apprehensive about leveraging your relationships to get even more people interested in your tribe and associated offers.

Furthermore, you’ll see how to successfully launch your product (with your networks’ help). You’ll learn how to arouse your fans’ anticipation, generate mass momentum, and use social currency to heighten interest and expand your customer base.

You’ll learn what to do during post-launch as well, spreading your influence. Guest posting works well to add to your credibility. See how to pitch editors and even guest post for celebrities.

Getting Published and Getting Paid – Profitable Writing

Discover tribal secrets to gaining popularity and getting published

While it can be unnerving to share your work with the outside world (criticism and rejection can be immobilizing), ultimately, you have to showcase your prose to earn financial success.

Clarity, commitment, and courage will be your building blocks to complete this process of writing, and earn a living from it.

Blog and guest post, but also publish in high caliber publications to ‘earn your stripes.’ You will soon be seen as an authority and serious contributor (e.g., ‘as seen in’ Forbes, Time Magazines, Business Online, etc.). Any article of yours that takes off can empower your brand and legitimize your platform.

As publishing in a prestigious venue can jump-start a literary career, Jeff shows you how to pitch publishers. Simultaneously, he shows you how to avoid mistakes on your own platform, and how to syndicate your own content to expand your audience.

Another Tribal Writers goal: to show you how to self-publish your own book. You’ll discover affordable means to bring your work to the masses, especially if you use the power of Amazon.

Learn how to create an outline, write the primary sections of the book, and pull all the loose ends together to create a masterpiece. Can you see your first book as a Kindle best seller? Follow Jeff Goins’ training and that result is within the realm of possibility, especially as you learn all facets of an influential book launch.

(You need not confine your goals to self-publishing. Jeff also shows you the way to get your manuscript to the top of the heap in the publishing world. This endeavor can more readily come about by finding a literary agent, and Jeff shows you ways to connect with these advocates.)

Reasons not to Purchase Tribe Writers

This is an all-encompassing program, designed to make you a more proficient writer, and as important, establish a financially rewarding career.

However, if the following conditions apply to you, don’t purchase the Standard ($497) or Premium versions (997) of Tribe Writers if:

  • You’re not a serious writer, only dabbling in this craft.
  • You’re expecting an all-telling case study of how to go to from Point A to Point Z, where every single detail from idea creation to book publishing is intimately shared.
  • You’re anticipating in-depth knowledge on how to capitalize on search engine traffic, and exploit other venues to make money online through writing.

Tribe Writers Cost

The Standard version costs $497.

The Premium version costs $997.

Premium students receive additional content, including hours of interviews that other students can’t access. Jeff Goins will also conduct live video calls with Premium tribe members, giving them more personal attention from Jeff. Individual questions and concerns can be addressed and answered.

On a positive note, if you sign up to Jeff Goins’ tribe through any of our links, and then purchase one of these products, you will receive a generous 15% rebate! (If you sign up to Jeff’s list from someone else’s link –even if you buy one of the products through our link) — we will not be able to credit you this 15%.

The rebate will be sent to you after the 60 day money-back guarantee period is over. Please let us know if you are one of our referrals by writing to us at info@prominentoffers. Include your name, the product you purchased, the date of purchase, and the unique transaction ID, if you have that available.

Jeff also includes a wide array of bonuses, a Facebook group and forum. He offers discounts as well (e.g., 50% off a custom-built WordPress blog theme.)

Tribe Writers Review – Final Words

Locate the financial power hidden in your words' writing program whose purpose is to create authors who can actually make a living

This is a serious program for serious writers. That said, the material is presented in an entertaining way where Jeff seems very relaxed and casual as he dispenses his wisdom.

The training is designed to enhance your writing skills, and help you hone your voice and persona. It will help you build a platform and presence where your reach and influences knows no bounds.

In addition, you’ll know the best ways to communicate with your growing tribe, and move in rhythm with them to optimize your profit margins.

You can soon become the voice of authority, get your work published in multiple sources, or self-publish if you prefer, and earn more money through your writing than you ever thought possible..

Become a tribal leader as the view from the top is extraordinary.

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