Manifestation Life Coaching Experts

I would like to publicly thank all the following manifestation experts for contributing their insight and keen perspectives on how to navigate life and process thoughts and emotions to attain the abundance of the universe.

You can contact them directly should you need life coaching.

Picture of manifestation expert, Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes - Life Coach
Picture of enlightened soul, Therese Prentice

Therese Prentice - Manifestation Consultant | Soulful Living Curator
Picture of Law of Attraction Life Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Sharon Ballantine - Law of Attraction Life Coach
Picture of an expert in manifestation, Coach Keya

Coach Keya - Hypnosis | NLP | Reiki | Huna | EFT | Meditation | Emotional Freedom Technique | Handwriting Analysis
Picture of truth-seeker, Andrew Michael

Andrew Michael - Student of Life and Spirit
Picture of Law of Attraction Life Coach, Karl Gruber

Karl Gruber - Law of Attraction Life Coach
Picture of Life Coach for Women, Mari Mitchell

Mari Mitchell - Life Coach for Women
Picture of Universe Co-Creator, Vanaja Ananda

Vanaja Ananda - Co-Creator of the Universe
Picture of Dolores Ninerell as she smiles, anticipating an exciting spiritual journey

Dolores Ninerell - Spiritual Path Walker
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