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I provide the details that are lacking in other His Secret Obsession reviews. Moreover, I provide honest feedback, including some of the themes of the book that I don’t embrace.

Take Advantage of a Man’s Mind Wiring

James Bauer is a prominent relationship coach, but he can also offer a distinct male perspective. For example, in this book, you’ll finally understand why so many men seen to get bored in their relationships.

It’s not that women are inherently uninteresting. They may just unknowingly sabotage their relationships.

Case in point: They may converse about people in their lives, some of whom their partner does not even know. While women may feel this draws their men closer to their “inner world,” men may react dispassionately.

Here, men may be concerned solely on what they consider important — their “mission.” If a given man is preoccupied with a challenging mission, talking about others, especially when it involves gossip, may be a turn-off.

According to James Bauer, women have to transform thoughts and actions. In the case above, instead of feeling offended and disrespected, women don’t have to take silence or lack of interest personally.

What they have to do is try to understand this common male reaction, and then fill a specific obsessive need. Here, assume the role of unequivocal supporter and confidante. Encourage him to talk about concerns and worries, and become his positive emotional anchor.

(This is not to suggest that life should always be about him. Bauer just wants women to know that when men are consumed with a mission, women need to help their men navigate through it.)

Another example to meet men at their level is to be aware that most men have very poor decoding skills. They don’t have the acumen to figure out the signals that most women convey.

For instance, if your relationship is brand new, too many men don’t know where they stand. They’re uncertain whether they’re in the “friend zone,” or in a pairing that has potential. This is why women have to be so obvious with their nonverbal communication. Their attitude and feelings must be worn in an obvious manner.

Is a smile readily visible? Is enthusiasm clearly discernible in the eyes? Is the body stance open and inclusive? Are the hands open or clenched?

If women want to signal that they’re interested, clear nonverbal communication can prove effective.

But even more important, according to James Bauer in His Secret Obsession, are the phrases and text messages women use … or don’t use.

Transforming Your Man Into a SuperHero

One of the main tenets in His Secret Obsession underscores the importance of making your man a superhero in your eyes. James Bauer urges you to capitalize on the “hero instinct” within any man.

Remember, a man’s erogenous zone includes his mind, especially when he feels needed, appreciated, and valued. If a woman acts as a “damsel in distress” at times (and one of the training modules shows you how), he may assume the role of protector and helper. He may become a better partner as he feels more empowered and capable, feeling the vibe of being “in control” and validated.

Perhaps he is at his most masculine and self-confident when his woman asks him for protection. He can inspect noises you may hear in the house; he can give you his jacket on a cool day, when you’re ill-prepared for the weather; he can speak to another man who may be making inappropriate advances to you; he can hug and comfort you when you confide to him that you’ve had a difficult day.

There are so many other subtle ways to make a man feel needed: ask him to open a jar that’s too tight, hang up a picture, fix an appliance, make an important call, and the list goes on. (James Bauer is far from sexist; he just wants to remind women to try to empower men whose egos are all too fragile.)

His Secret Obsession Phrases

His Secret Obsession review includes the importance of communication, and giving answers on how to best communicate with others

Part of empowering a man is to serve as his most loyal cheerleader and advocate. And while you’re making certain that your nonverbal communication is congruent to that goal, you’re finding the right words and phrases to underscore your admiration for him.

Make no mistake, but your praise must be sincere. If you don’t believe the accolades you offer to him, he may not believe them as well.

Here are just several examples of phrases (some directly from James Bauer and others from me):

Consider how a man may react to the following: (I’ll offer my brief reaction and see if it matches your thinking.)

– “Where have you been all my life?” (The man is feeling special, perhaps a kindred spirit to you where that deep connection has finally occurred.)
– “You’re the only man for me.” (He becomes more confident that he has won your affection, and need not be concerned with any possible roving eye. Perhaps he can show you that he’s worthy of trust, too.)
– “Have you been working out?” (His self-esteem climbs and his confidence may propel him to make greater advances towards you.)
– “Have you grown?” (A little risqué, but such a question may make a man feel more comfortable and adventurous in the bedroom and beyond.)
– “I’m there for you.” (Even a man needs a staunch advocate and an “emotional rock.” You’re in his corner all the way, and he is more likely to be in your corner.)
– “Ive been thinking about you.” (The man knows that he has a place of importance in your heart and mind. This type of declaration helps crystallize the concept that you should be important to him. James Bauer offers many suggestions to help you become the central figure in his life.)
– “I love you.” (The insecure and commitment-phobic man may be repelled by such a comment. But a man who is sincerely looking for a relationship, or wants to build a deeper connection, may salivate hearing such a comment. Moreover, a man may verbalize a similar sentiment to you, or at least start to feel more passionate and loving towards you.)

His Secret Obsession 12 Word Phrase

In His Secret Obsession, James Bauer reveals countless phrases that can unlock his heart, and convince him to build a relationship with you. The phrases are meant to melt a man’s heart, bridge the divide between potential lovers, and motivate him towards constructive action (from your perspective).

Are they manipulative? The short answer is yes, but there are underlying motives, often self-centered ones, in any conversation. These words are simply a means to an end … hopefully, a happy ending.

But again, I’m not on board if the phrases are disingenuous, or not authentic.

Consider this Secret Obsession 12 word phrase:

“Hey babe, I need your help, I have got a flat tire.”

As you may recall earlier in this Secret Obsession review, I mentioned how James Bauer encourages women to tap into her man’s “hero instinct.” The phrase above definitely accomplishes this objective.

Here, the woman purportedly needs assistance. She relies on the man to offer support.

However, if this comment is not a sincere one, and just orchestrated via a vivid imagination, then a woman is merely playing games. The basis of any healthy relationship revolves around trust. A fabricated lie only undermines a relationship.

And if a woman actually deliberately causes a flat tire, then such desperation will ultimately undermine the relationship.

So I’m all for persuasive and influential communication; I’m not in favor of white lies and insincere compliments.

Here is an alternative 12 word text, perfectly suited for a woman who has broken up with the man of her dreams:

“I’m with friends at the park where we had that amazing weekend.”

You’re not calling to rehash drama. You’re not lacing into him for his so-called inadequacies. Your message is light and welcoming, and may even bring laughter to a tense moment. Such a phrase or text can spark the embers of reconciliation.

Another Secret Obsession Con – Are Clever Phrases Enough to Gain His Interest?

I commend James Bauer for his out of the box thinking and deployment of creative phrases. They’re rooted to capitalize on men’s mindset and behavior based on psyche.

But they’re not a panacea. There are too many other moving pieces and variables in play to ensure success.

For example, a phrase that stirs hero instinct in one man, may not do so in another. The individual who does not respond favorably may feel his woman is too reliant on him. It’s even possible that he may regard her as too much of a burden, adding to a list of his mounting responsibilities.

While I feel the Secret Obsession phrases can turn the tide in a woman’s favor, it may produce the opposite effect, or no effect at all.

But it’s my strong contention that the phrases and text messages offered are worth a try. A discriminating woman should use her own intuition when deciding which ones to use.

Who is His Secret Obsession PDF designed for? – Who is the Ideal Audience?

This is where the book is so practical. Any woman can benefit from reading it as it literally gives you a cheat sheet into the mind of (most) men.

The readers who may benefit the most are those who are looking towards reconciling with their men. Often, the chasm between exes can be too great to bridge. But James Bauer gives ample ammunition to those who really don’t know what to do or say in these tough circumstances.

He provides the actual verbiage to use and the signals to employ. Such signals include “silent action signals,” “the fascination signal,” and “the IOU signal.” These are used to take advantage of men’s visual learning prowess and tendency towards selective hearing. They can increase men’s “tunnel vision,” directing them towards the women who are signaling them.

But His Secret Obsession is not just for women who are looking to reconnect with an ex. It’s for women who want to build stronger relationships with their men, or those who want to take the relationship to the proverbial next level.

It’s also perfect for those who are just beginning to date. Here, Bauer offers guidance and direction on how to find the right men … and in the right way.

Who is James Bauer – Is He Someone Worth Following?

James Bauer is a recognized leader in the relationship field. He has provided personal coaching to a myriad of women. But it’s his books and reports that have touched the most lives.

He is the author of What Men Secretly Want and the Relationship Rewrite Method. And now, His Secret Obsession book is generating the same kind of interest and sales, and earning the same high accolades as his other work.

A noted relationship expert, he continues to explore how best to build relationships, and help repair those that seem irreparable.

In this work, his goal is to make women irresistible in the eyes of their men.

The Secret Obsession Book Content

In over 220 plus pages and 17 chapters, James Bauer covers the dynamics between men and women in a very entertaining, informative, and complete manner. He provides a road map to the mind of men (not an easy map to navigate).

He answers questions, such as:

– What do men really want?
– What fascinates them?
– What turns men off (although women already know the answer to that section)?
– What are the secret ingredients to happy relationships?
– What women must do to achieve deeper intimacy, a lasting connection, and transform into his secret obsession?

This is primary covered in part 1 although there are overlaps in the material.

The second section of His Secret Desires unravels the mystery of signals. He provides vital insight into what signals to send, how to send them, and even when to send them.

He shares relationship-building phrases, questions, and texts. At times, he plays the role of Cyrano de Bergerac, this time helping women seamlessly communicate and get closer to men.

Although the writing can be superficial and glib, at times (I hope that’s not the case in this His Secret Obsession review), the overall presentation is a winner.

Women who read this primer on what men are all about will be so much further ahead than those who are not privy to the inner workings of the male mind.

His Secret Obsession may be a relationship-changer for you (maybe not, depending on your guy). Guarantees cannot be issued.

But if James Bauer helps you form a significant relationship, or builds or rekindles an old one, this material may be regarded as a life changer.

His Secret Obsession Download – Is There a Free Download?

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