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Are you looking for information about Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School? Please take the time to read my candid and honest review about this Self-Publishing School to better evaluate its program. Is it worth enrolling and expending time and energy on its lessons? It seems to be getting a lot of buzz in the online writing community but is such attention warranted or misplaced?

You’re now summoning the author within. Like 200 million Americans, and millions of those outside the States, you know that there is a book emanating from the recesses of your mind. You have confidence in your story-telling abilities but there are so many seeming obstacles between idea germination and getting that best-seller out to the masses.

Best-selling author and mega successful entrepreneur, Chandler Bolt, has already navigated the self-publishing journey multiple times. His experiences have given him expertise in how to create and produce a book that sells (and within 90 days!). Bolt’s vast knowledge base on book creation and marketing is now detailed via his Self-Publishing School (SPS) training. This comprehensive review will focus attention on this online education and provide course curriculum details.

Self-Publishing School Review – It Starts With Accountability

This Self-Publishing School review highlights the system created to make your writing career soar

The school’s orientation checklist underscores the concept of accountability. Indeed, too many would-be authors may not even write that first word. The process may seem overwhelming, there may be too many other responsibilities to undertake, there’s that nagging feeling of perfectionism, and a host of other reasons that get in the way of becoming a published author.

So one of the mandates of the Self-Publishing School is to become more accountable – to the school (after all, they want their students to become successful), to other enrolled students, and to yourself.

Towards that end, you’ll sign a ‘contract,’ where you’ll affirm that you’re dedicated to completing your written work and that you’ll take action. (This is not a standard contract, of course, so any violation, such as inaction, will not open you up to a lawsuit; the only party that you’re really victimizing is yourself if you do not live up to the promises cited in the contract.)

You’ll also sign an ‘Accountability Buddy Contract’ where you’ll connect with another student, helping one another keep on track. Yes, there is a MasterMind Community section of the member portal. Students will list their names, email addresses, best way of getting in touch, their availability, their book genre, and the Self-Publishing school level in which they’ve enrolled (either Pro or Master).

Of course, it’s best to pair yourself with someone who is writing in the same niche as you, and who is easily accessible. But you can pair up with anyone you wish. You’ll ultimately find your counterpart, and serve each other well, making certain that projects are completed within an agreed upon schedule.

Building from the Accountability Team to a Launch Team

As you can see, SPS values collaboration. You’ll start with your accountability buddy. As mentioned above, he/she will help you keep your eye on the prize (i.e., a completed manuscript). But if you think about it, this person will serve as a great book reviewer after your project is complete.

Similarly, all the pupils in the school (there are hundreds of them) may serve as potential book reviewers. The Mastermind Community has many cooperative members who will be happy to contribute to your launch initiative. Towards this end, you’re allowed to post a review request.

Your launch team may not only serve as critics (hopefully ones who are very impressed with your work), but may also serve as marketers of your material. The school also supports all the pupils’ efforts by listing everyone’s work in the SPS Book List in the Membership Portal and as part of a community post.

The School also offers Weekly Hangouts (more on this later), and your book will be mentioned on air when it’s ready to be released. There’s nothing like free publicity and the groundswell of support you’ll receive from SPS.

Overview – Positioning and Outlining

Make no mistake. In order to succeed in any endeavor, you need a systematic plan. Sure, there are success stories of those who fly by the seat of their pants. But achieving goals is so much easier when you devise specific strategies and implement each step along the way.

And so it goes with self-publishing. A strategic plan will serve as a foundation for you to write a book with massive visibility and appeal.

The first step, for example is to determine the ‘why’ of your book (i.e., the reason that you’re writing this book). This will give you clarity as to the purpose of your book, your objectives, and where you’re going.

There are several reasons, for instance, why you wish to become an author. It could be to make money or list build, enhance your reputation, grow your brand or network, or because you have a particular passion.

Your motivation will ultimately determine how you should approach the project. For example, if you’re only concerned with making money, you may be more focused on choosing important keyword phrases. Your content may reflect what’s trending or popular. If you wish to grow your brand, on the other hand, you should already have a firm grasp of what content you need to feature.

But even if you’re writing for profit, this course material makes it clear that authorship can serve as so much more than a residual stream of revenue. You can make important connections and gain status as an expert which can lead to speaking engagements and interviews. You can gain prestige and respect, and stimulate all those creative juices and grow exponentially in knowledge and wisdom, leading to a more evolved you.

So understand the potential, but once again, view book creation as a big project comprised of smaller components.

Again, you’ll be ruminating about the reason for your work. You’ll then envision your target audience, and narrow in on a subject.

Even if you only know that you want to write but don’t have a clue as to the topic, Chandler Bolt demonstrates how to come up with a best selling idea from scratch.

Introductory course work will also examine how to refine your idea by creating a book mind map (you’ll see actual student examples). Subsequently, you’ll discover how to take this mind map and convert it into a book outline. In this manner, the book is writing itself.

Words, Words, Words – Writing Tips and Tricks

Once you have the mind map generated and the outline completed, you’re well on your way to writing your rough draft.

Next, you’ll explore the type of book framework that you need to use to write your book. You’ll learn about different formats – the modular framework, the sequential framework, and the problem and solution framework are among the most common. The one you select depends on your topic and the scope of subtopics. This is perfect for those who are uncertain how to structure their book.

Next, it’s all about creating compelling content. Calling out perfectionistic writers: Stop trying to create a masterpiece in your first attempt. Chandler Bolt and team want you to get the words down first. Revisions come later.

It’s all about writing with consistency, focus, and even speed. The course curriculum includes how to accomplish these tasks.

I was particularly amazed with the video module on how to become a speed writer. SPS offers an idea that I’ve never been exposed to before. I’m going to start using this trick even for reviews that I post on this blog.

The video that reveals how to write a page-turning introduction also captivated my interest. After all, you need to instantly galvanize your audience’s attention so this intro has to compel readers to continue reading. But writing a powerful introduction does not just have to be a hit or miss proposition. The school shares its secret 8-step formula to immediately build audience intrigue.

And predictably, SPS students will also learn how to keep readers glued to their seats. Their concept of transitions is brilliant, and the secret exposed here will tie all your writing together in one fitting knot, expand the length of your book, and please your readers beyond measure.

A Primer on Editing

You’ve added the finishing touches on your brilliant manuscript, tipping your hat to SPS for their invaluable help in the process.

Editing awaits which can be daunting and humbling to any writer. However, it’s an essential task that will make or break your book, depending on the quality and care of editing.

SPS will guide you through the editing endeavor. While you can perform this job yourself, it’s recommended that you outsource it to a professional editor. (Before you do, a verbal read through of your rough draft is required!)

Thankfully, you need not pay top dollar to find someone with editing expertise. The school will direct you on how to hire a top-notch editor for pennies on the dollar – someone who will fix mistakes, recommend specific changes, and ask you to expound on particular concepts or clarify meaning, when necessary.

You’ll see how to exchange information with your editor (e.g., Google Docs), and how to make the editing process work to perfection. You’ll also see what you should be doing as you wait to hear back from your editor.

Launch, Publish, Market – Ready, Set, and Go

This Self-Publishing School review would be incomplete if I did not mention that this online education includes detailed discussion on how to ensure a successful launch, a pain-free publishing experience, and vast marketing exposure.

Once you complete editing, formatting, and other wrapping it all together touches, such as writing your author bio and book description, you’re ready to get this book noticed.

Every conceivable facet on gaining attention is provided. You’ll assemble a launch team, get your book reviewed, reach out to podcasters and other influencers, and get your email marketing templates in order. You’re going to start sending messages to those folks who have already expressed an interest in receiving notification about your completed book.

Fear not, you’re going to get detailed instructions on exactly what to do and the timetable to do it. Simultaneously, you’re becoming a savvy social marketer who is adeptly manipulating social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

You’re also going to become extremely knowledgeable on all things Kindle. After all, this is one of the most important platforms for self-publishers to use. So while other authors are baffled on how to use Kindle to their advantage, you’ll know its ins and outs. This knowledge alone may propel your book to the top of the charts.

But just to make sure this is a best seller, Self-Publishing School shares a host of other ways to jumpstart book sales using blogs, podcasts, sites, such as Fiverr, and more. The powers that be even show you how to get scores of leads through your books.

Their complete secret marketing arsenal lists all those “I never knew” ways to get book sales consistently high. This information, like other material presented by the school, is in the form of PDFs, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and hangouts.

I have to give a special shout out to those hangouts because they’re done so well. Chandler Bolt and his guests (SPS coaches, students, and all-around book smart folks) are very articulate and informative. The sessions are not fluff but revolve around important publishing aspects, such as how to choose the best title for your book, how to resolve writer’s block, etc.

Are you a Self-Publishing Pro or Master?

The school offers two programs, the Pro and Master. The latter entails individualized coaching where an assigned coach reviews all aspects of your project. He/she is there at your beck and call to offer insightful feedback, offer suggestions, and answer questions. You’ll have your personal Yoda, supporting your efforts and walking you through the entire process.

While the Pro version does not encompass such 1:1 assistance, you’ll still be able to pose questions in the Mastermind community that’s moderated by one of the school’s coaches. You’ll receive information this way but it will be much more limited in scope.

The Cost of the Programs

While the information is priceless, there is still a cost associated with each program, indicated below:

The Pro Level – 1 payment of $597 or 3 payments of $225/month
The Master Level – 1 payment of $1,997 or 3 payments of $750/month

Reviewing the Benefits

So you know there is an author’s voice within you but it’s only a whisper because you feel the entire process of book creation seems too complex. After enrolling in this training, your words can easily come to life.

Here is just a sample of the course’s benefits:

* You’ll become a book cover maven who will develop a cover that beckons potential readers;
* You’ll discover how to write thousands of words in a couple of hours using tricks of the trade;
* You’ll see the intelligent writer’s guide on structuring and formatting your book;
* You’ll transform into a Kindle expert and learn how to use the platform to your competitive advantage;
* You’ll understand how books are listed on Amazon and choose the right category to get your book ranked on the coveted top spot;
* You’ll see how to incorporate sales psychology to multiply your sales;
* You’ll be privy to a savvy 8-step formula on writing a can’t-miss introduction;
* You’ll receive bountiful marketing tactics that will put the buzz behind the book;
* You’ll know the step-by-step process on what to do during the all-important launch week;
* You’ll see how to generate free publicity and free, organic traffic that will dramatically build your audience;
* You’ll learn how to convert your book customers into lifelong customers through the power of list building;
* You’ll get a blueprint on how to assemble a team of knowledgeable and helpful outsourcers (including the all-important editor) on the cheap;
* You’ll become a much more polished writer and marketer;
* You’ll receive inside secrets on how to reach the top of the book charts;
* and you’ll acquire even more insight

Are There Any Negatives?

While SPS does everything within its power to ensure your success, it cannot guarantee it. There are students who are making incredible incomes from their books. You may or may not be able to duplicate their success. But once again, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to put the odds in your favor.

Why You Should Listen to the Powers that Be

School headmaster, Chandler Bolt, has developed the protocols reflected in this course curriculum. He has written 4 best-sellers and he still accrues thousands of dollars each month as a result. In addition, his Self-Publishing School is generating hundreds of thousands of dollars, and counting, proving popular with the community of writers.

Featured by a number of popular entrepreneurial sources, Chandler Bolt is a young, rising executive who has his finger on the pulse of how words can sell. He continues to refine ideas as he adapts to the book marketplace.

The school is also supported by co-founder, James Roper, who has also co-authored several books with Bolt. The two entrepreneurs met in college and realized they shared similar interests, goals, and dreams. They’re now part of an unstoppable team, leading the way for other authors to ascend to the top of the book charts.

Self-Publishing School Review – Final Determination

Admittedly, I was already impressed with Chandler Bolt’s accomplishments before I even started to review this program. A college dropout, he pursued his dream of becoming a literary star and in the course of just a couple of years, realized this feat.

His first book, written with James Roper, called “The Productive Person” generated $7,000 in its first month. This is quite impressive as the book is only 86 pages (who says that you have to write a long book for it to become a best seller?), and only took a couple of months to write. The book continues to be an income-earner, bringing in $2,000 to $5,000 a month, years later.

This is the kind of success that you can mirror, especially as you have experts, Chandler and James, in your corner. They have developed a unique and comprehensive course curriculum that will transform you into a professional book creator and seller. They address writing, editing, marketing, and all the technical aspects you need to master so that your book will go front and center. (The course is particularly geared for non-fiction writers but those who prefer to write fiction will also benefit.)

There is a huge potential return on investment, and the process is made easier with the information at your disposal and collaborative opportunities with the school’s coaches, other students, and even your accountability buddy.

SPS has eliminated ‘Writer’s block’ as there are no longer obstacles that are blocking your way to authoring a #1 best seller … except yourself.

Final Self-Publishing School Consideration – There’s Nothing to Fear if You Don’t Even Have a Book Idea

The school, founded by Chandler Bolt and James Roper, continues to gain accolades from its graduating students – even those who enrolled without a book concept. This, in and of itself, is very impressive because it demonstrates the potential promising end result, even if the starting point is amorphous.

Here are just some brief glimpses of student success stories:

Lisa Cartright – An alumni of the Self-Publishing School, Lisa has now penned 5 best-selling books, including No Gym Needed. A full-time consultant who ran a content creation and social media business, Lisa was attracted to the passive income opportunities available to a self-publisher.

Before the training, she did not have a definitive route towards accomplishing her goals. Her words came to life after enrollment, and she amassed over $5,000 just months after the training ended. She now has a bright future as a self-employed author, publisher, and entrepreneur.

Charlotte Hendrix – It’s not easy to write a bestseller while balancing 3 jobs. But this is what Charlotte managed to do, gaining recognition and profit from her book, Low-Cost to No-Cost Labor, while (overly) employed.

Despite her time constraints and initial vague idea of what topics to cover, she followed the Self-Publishing system, and hit gold on her first attempt.

Chelsea Miller – Despite her youth and relative inexperience (Chelsea is a college student), while receiving the limiting message that she’ll never become an author, Chelsea defied all odds. Her popular best-selling book, “Perfectly Imperfect,” continues to draw a horde of news readers.

So even if there are 101 reasons why you think you can’t become an author, draw upon the success stories above and your own inner strength.

There’s no reason why you can’t become the next best-selling author, and just think how your life could change as a result. Please watch this motivating video, and imagine yourself in these folks’ shoes.

All you need are the marketing blueprints, actionable steps, insightful strategies, and accountability, and writer’s toolkit, offered by the Self-Publishing School.

Self-Publishing School Review recommends that you matriculate to this online self-publishing university