Email Swipe Generator Review – Converting Clicks to Customers

Email Swipe Generator Review
Resource created by: Daniel Madeira and Scrembo
Launch date: October 23, 2014
Price: $19 for one month membership; $51 for three months; $84 for 6 months; or $120 for a year. There’s also an alternative 3 days trial option for $1.

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This Email Swipe Generator review reflects the fact that too many marketers gloss over the importance of their email or solo ad messages. Yes, much time is allocated towards product creation, developing the sales page, or laying out attractive sales funnels. Opt-in forms have to be aesthetically-pleasing, call to action buttons obvious and professional-looking, and copywriting, compelling and enticing. But too many marketers do not put in the time and effort to perfect their email messages and ads. This is what prompted successful marketers, Daniel Madeira and Scrembo, to create Email Swipe Generator.

Email Swipe Generator Review – Improving Click-Through Rates

Review Email Swipe Generator and get access to high-converting email swipe files

As Internet and affiliate marketers, our profit is hampered when folks ignore our email messages and ads. Regardless of the amazing offer we’re showcasing, it really is meaningless if folks choose not to know about it.

Ignoring online messages is common. Think about your own glutted inbox. How many messages do you just skip over, literally making a split decision as to whether a click is even worth your time?

But you’re more motivated to open a given message if it sounds promising and captivating. Then once you review the offer, you’re then a prospective customer who very well may purchase a product.

Daniel Madeira and Scrembo are fully aware of the power of effective email swipes and profit-pulling solo ads. They want your click and after countless hours of research and marketing trial and error, they usually get what they want.

Email Swipe Generator reflects the team’s experience, and those who purchase this product, will now have at their disposal the equivalent of a top-notch ad agency. We need to attract attention. We need to stand out. We need a motivated audience. You can accomplish these objectives by sending the right messages.

What is Email Swipe Generator?

Daniel Madeira and Scrembo have tested over 5,000 swipes. That’s a lot of verbiage to go through and chart results. Based on their exhaustive study, they’ve determined the best 1,000 swipes – those that get high open/click rates.

According to the product creators, this Email Swipe Generator “provides top content at push button.” Specifically, it offers a portal to monthly members who can then avail themselves to these 1,000 irresistible email swipes. These swipes have been proven effective and can be quickly used and tailored in your own campaigns. The interactive system also includes the favorite, most successful swipes, determined by Daniel and Scrembo

Members receive further benefits as 250 new swipes are added each month. Moreover, there will be discussion on generating sales and boosting your click-through rate (CTR). You’ll also have access to our resident experts should questions arise.

Email Swipe Generator Review: Click-through Tips

You’ll be able to draw your own conclusions as to the best email swipes when you gain access to the product. The following are a couple of quick observations as to the most effective swipes, according to Daniel Madeira:

a) 4-6 line emails tend to produce the best results;
b) The link to the offer should be visible at least two times;
c) A P.S. line can draw more unique or raw clicks;
d) They’re has to be congruency between what the swipe file indicates and the squeeze or landing page highlights;
d) Sending these messages in the early morning and about 4-5 PM may work best. (This will require experimentation on your part, and depends on your audience.)

Email Swipe Generator: Final Word

Elite email swipes can really accelerate your business’s profits. Consider this scenario:

– List of 10,000, Click-through rate, .5%
– List of 10,000, Click-through rate, 1%

(You can have access to even larger lists if you go the solo ad route.)

In the first scenario, you’ll have 50 prospective customers (10,000 x.5%).
In the second scenario, you’ll have 100 prospective customer (10,000 x 1%).

Even this difference can translate to hundreds of extra dollars and that’s just for one offer. Rinse and repeat with an email swipe that works, and your profit margins will really expand.

Now I have not seen too many Email Swipe Generator reviews, but creators Daniel Madeira and Scrembo seem to have impeccable credentials. They’re considered expert email marketers and solo ad practitioners.

Both Daniel and Scrembo share their expertise in this article, providing their best tips for successful solo ad creation. You’ll even learn from others about high-converting email swipe examples and email swipe files.

Membership to Email Swipe Generator is affordable at $19 a month. A type of volume discount is also offered – 3 months at $51, 6 months at $84, and 1 year at $120. (There’s also a 3 days trial option to try the product for $1.) Regardless of which option you choose, if any, here’s hoping that you’ll soon become an email swipe master.

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