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Social Media Fire Sale Review
Resource created by: Dr. Amit Pareek, Er. Ashu Kumar, and T. Gross
Price: $37 (60-day money-back guarantee)

Social Media Fire Sale bonus available

Before I fully thrust myself into this Social Media Fire Sale review, I should mention that reselling private label rights (PLR) information is new territory for me. My only experience with PLR is offering it as a bonus. But the direction of my business may very well change as a result of Social Media Fire Sale. The creators of this PLR content, Dr. Amit Pareek, Er. Ashu Kumar, and the ubiquitous Todd Gross, have created an info product that is sure to create a stir. It already has.

What Exactly is Social Media Fire Sale?

As the name implies, this product centers on social media mastery. The term, ‘Fire sale,’ is just as self-explanatory because this item is priced at only $37.

The team of product creators astutely labels their work as a ‘business in a box.’ Here, the customer can offer it to his/her customers without changing any of the content or adding to it.

The main component of the product consists of 5 thorough, all-encompassing video trainings on 5 of the most important social media platforms. Training covers the latest secret techniques, tips, and tricks to capitalize on social media. Through the training, you’ll build a strong presence and foundation on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • Social Bookmarking sites

Read and review Social Media Fire Sale, and start profiting from a ready-made business-in-a-box

Our formidable Social Media Fire Sale team tackles a myriad of ways to capitalize on these platforms. They underscore why they’re indispensable to your business’s growth, how to set up pages for maximum conversion, what tools to use to automate the marketing process, and tips to get an avalanche of potential sales-converting traffic.

The powers that be coin the program a “2-H product system,” standing for hot and high-quality. Here, the program covers a hot button in the Internet and affiliate marketing communities, social media. After all, Google continues to give higher ranking to those online businesses that have a massive social presence. It really is imperative for business entities to figure out social media best practices. Social Media Fire Sale provides an intimate look on optimally utilizing social media platforms in a systematic, actionable way.

The resource also anticipates the problems and concerns that their customers have pertaining to the use of these platforms. It may not be difficult to set up social media pages, but it’s much more challenging figuring out HOW to get the most exposure using them. After viewing the step-by-step formula presented for each of the platforms, the customer will no longer be intimated to create campaigns on them.

Are There Other Supporting Materials Provided in this Fire Sale?

Dr. Amit Pareek, Er. Ashu Kumar, and Todd Gross know how to over-deliver. The Social Media Fire Sale business-in-a-box includes the following:

  • Professional sales pages – These have the ‘wow factor.’ The 30 templates are all very stylish and professional, and come in 6 different colors for each of the 5 main videos. You can even use them as templates for other sales pages, but of course, you just need to change the verbiage.
  • Sales copy that converts – Effective copywriting can be very challenging. Now, it will be easier for you to write your own copy for other projects just viewing the Social Media Fire Storm sales copy. However, the primary reason that it’s given here is that you’ll have a much easier time reselling this product when you’re ready to do so.
  • Doodle style sales videos – These attention-drawing marketing videos will attract your potential customer base, especially as they will appear on the sales pages.
  • Sales graphics – Here, you’ll have access to all the graphics you’ll ever need to resell Social Media Fire Sale. It’s not just text but images that help convert prospective customers.
  • Eye-catching minisites – You’ll also receive minisites for each platform – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and social bookmarking sites. You can share this with your own affiliate team.
  • An assortment of high-quality affiliate tools – You can resell the product yourself and/or develop your own affiliate army. You’ll get instant access to professional affiliate pages, including email swipes, animated banners, and other tools.

Are There Any Social Media Fire Sale Bonuses?

Yes, happily, you’ll also receive bonuses which will make people buy. You’ll get 15 bonuses in all, including:

  • Cheat sheet that covers all 5 trainings – In essence, this will give your prospective customers a check list of each training.
  • Mind map covering all 5 trainings – Prospective customers will get an overview of each training. This will make it even easier to review the instruction.
  • Top resources for all 5 trainings – Special niche reports will be accessible for each of the 5 trainings. You and your customers will learn about platform demographics, best tools, forums, blogs, and other niche/platform-related insight.
  • Oh, wait … you’ll get an additional very generous bonus package if you order through our link so the total amount of bonuses will exceed 15.

Social Media Fire Sale – Who is it For?

These training courses are perfect for the new or struggling affiliate marketer who is looking to possess their own high-quality product or ready-made business. Thousands of folks are in desperate need of up-to-date, reliable information on social media and this program will easily satisfy that need.

Moreover, an added advantage is that you don’t have to rely on fickle search engine ranking. You’ll first learn how to become a social media master, and utilize the strategies to establish your own set of affiliates and customers.

The course is also perfect for those looking for relatively quick cash. Again, you’re not relying on ranking but on the quickly accessible social media audience.

Of course, the training is also perfect for those who already have established PLR businesses or those, like me, who are looking to enter the field.

Final Word on Social Media Fire Sale

In this Social Media Fire Sale review, I’ve mentioned the complete content of the program, and its benefits. The only negative is that you may wish that you were the only one who had possession of this program … but then again, PLR already indicates public. Still, there is a vast audience and the pie is big. All interested parties can enjoy a piece of profit pie.

Again, the program is only $37 and comes with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. While this reviewer cannot provide a money-making guarantee, Social Media Fire Sale looks promising.

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