Cold Sores – Beyond Skin Deep Psychological Ramifications?

Woman with closed mouth. Female covers her mouth with her hands. Silence, fear, violence.

Cold sores and fever blisters are caused by a viral infection in the early childhood years. According to Louise Hay, cold sores are due to “festering angry words and fear of expressing them.” It is very contagious and usually forms around the mouth and nose.

This infection is thought to never leave one’s body although this Ultimate Herpes Protocol review provides a synopsis of a resource that outlines steps to eradicate the herpes simplex virus.

By all means, try to get rid of herpes but first discard shame and feelings of not being good enough

After the first outbreak, the virus moves from the skin cells to the nerve cells called the ganglion to await the next outbreak. Stress, fever and sun exposure are some of the ways to activate this sleeping virus.

I have had severe outbreaks of cold sores, fever blisters and sun poisoning my entire life. I know immediately when those oozing cluster of blisters are about to form. There is a tingling sensation the day before. Then, small bumps appear. By the third day, it is a massive, grotesque bump. It takes about 10 to 14 days to disappear and during that time I truly wanted to hide. These disfiguring skin sores contributed to my feelings of unworthiness.

There was no way to hide as a member of society. School and work were mandatory even with this deformity. I knew people were talking about it and some people wouldn’t come near me. I felt like an outcast.

According to Dr. Wayne Topping, every illness is associated with a negative belief. Dr. Topping learned this information from the Biokinesiology Institute in Oregon. I learned directly from Dr. Topping. He is also discussed in the ADHD article. There are a few negative beliefs related to the skin. The two from the list that resonated with me are “I must not show myself and I no longer feel secure.”

Fear of public speaking often brought on these unwanted visitors. Also, fever definitely awakened the dormant virus. Furthermore, my skin was extremely sensitive to the sun so if my nose was exposed without sun block, I usually ended up with a cold sore. In addition, any shock to my system, even a celebratory shock, brought on a cold sore.

The words that come to my mind to describe my feelings during these outbreaks are humiliation, embarrassed, ashamed and mortified. The mental pain was torturous and once again it confirmed my beliefs of not being good enough.

How did I get over this? When I was in Madurai, India I went out to walk to temple never thinking about sun block. The next day the tingling occurred and the huge defect appeared. This time I didn’t care. I stood tall with a lot of confidence. I flew to Nepal to stay with a friend I never met in person. I noticed people staring at me at the airport. Also, my friend’s family mentioned it. However, I told them it will go away in 10-14 days and actually laughed about it. I said it was a reminder of past beliefs. I had a totally different reaction and I felt happiness and ecstasy escalate within me. I learned an invaluable lesson. Once I didn’t care about the huge sore, nobody else thought about it either. Even though it was physically present, it somehow became invisible to the naked eye.

I had the opportunity to do healings at a Leprosy Colony in India. I realized if the cold sore didn’t go away after 10-14 days, I would be considered a leper. My heart went out to this population. Leprosy was once feared as a highly contagious disease. However, the disease is easily treated with early diagnosis. Also, according to medical doctors, “one would need to have close repeated contact with nose and mouth droplets with a person with untreated leprosy to contact the disease.” There is a stigma and fear regarding lepers that is unwarranted. These people are rejected by society and they are suffering immensely from the disfigurement. More important, they are tormented by their own thoughts that are creating their organs to shut down. I pray we welcome these people back into our society. It is the inner beauty that matters.

When our masks are gone, it is our inner beauty that shines. The most gorgeous person on the outside appears ugly when their heart of stone is exposed. The person with a heart full of love and forgiveness outshines any external aberration. I believe it is time to stop judging people based on external appearance and embrace the light that emanates in all.

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