The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – Can You Erase Herpes Simplex?

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There are no taboo subjects for to tackle. Need proof? We’re focusing attention on the Ultimate Herpes protocol. This ever-popular book by Melanie Addington has generated a lot of reviews but this Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review will be a real one, offering insight. This resource has gone viral because it holds promise in defeating a challenging virus – to erase herpes once and for all.


Product’s Name: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Author: Melanie Addington

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All About Herpes – Getting Rid of Preconceived Notions

Learn how to obliterate herpes using a holistic system

Several years ago, a friend confided in me that she was diagnosed with herpes. Completely alarmed and distraught, she felt helpless and vulnerable, and infuriated with her partner. Her condition was labeled, Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2 or HHV-2). It’s a common sexually-transmitted disease (STD), and is the principal cause of genital herpes.

It can simply be spread by skin-to-skin contact, and may even be contagious when no open sores, a common symptom, are present. While there are periods of remission, Herpes simplex 2 is considered a permanent condition. But don’t express that sentiment to the Ultimate Herpes Protocol expert, Melanie Addington.

The popular author believes that she has found a cure for Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV-2 or HHV-2) or genital herpes. This is potentially miraculous news for herpes sufferers who are dealing with very uncomfortable symptoms: blisters that are predisposed to breaking open, producing painful scabs near the genital area. (Scab location can be just about anywhere on the body where the infection entered or was spread by touching.) Such sores may be accompanied by fever and swollen lymph notes, and painful and/or problematic urination.

Moreover, genital herpes can be physically troublesome, noticeable and unattractive, and even psychologically scarring. It’s also the so-called permanency that is so disconcerting.

And even Melanie Addington will concede that both forms of Herpes (2 and 1; 1 refers to oral herpes) are formidable adversaries. They’re not just part of a virus family that will readily leave by sipping hot chicken soup, drinking orange juice, or taking some adaptogen, such as echinacea. It’s almost as if it barricades itself inside the body, like a soldier inside a foxhole.

As such, a powerful anti-herpes protocol is necessary to implement. This type of program is in greater demand today than ever before. Indeed, there are actually 8 members of the herpes family – oral herpes, genital herpes, herpes varicellus-zoster, the Epstein-Barr virus, and the list goes on. (The entire herpes spectrum is broached in the Ultimate Herpes Protocol.)

Moreover, herpes is a contagious disorder that can be transmitted from one person to another through direct contact. Even children may contract HSV-1 through direct contact with an affected adult.

But Melanie Addington is battling the preconceived notion that herpes is forever. She asserts that her system will clear herpes, particularly HSV-1 and HSV-2 from your system.

Erasing a Viral Intruder

What do most people do when they see symptoms arise? They go to their primary care physician to get an official diagnosis. Subsequently, they’re provided a prescription for a drug that can fight the condition.

Herpes is usually an easy symptom to diagnose. However, it’s not so simple to treat. Valtrex, for example, is used to treat those insidious infections caused by herpes viruses. (There are many other drugs designed to erase herpes … at least in principle.)

But sadly, the medication generally tackles the symptoms and not the underlying cause / root virus. A bout of herpes may no longer be noticeable after drug use but that does not mean it has gone for good. No doubt, it will raise its ugly head in the future, and probably do so at the least opportune time, such as right before an important event.

Now the doctor may start you out with one drug (Valtrex) and change to another (such as Acyclovir and Famvir), depending on your unique reaction. The drug of choice will be the one that best gets rid of the symptoms. But we’re still waiting for the drug that ultimately wipes the virus clear out of the body. We may be waiting for a long time.

As you can imagine, over-the-counter treatments are even less effective than prescription medication. Many products, like Abreva, target oral herpes, but while symptoms may be alleviated, the virus happily continues to take residence in the body. It’s time to destroy the source of discomfort!

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Ultimate Herpes Protocol – You Can’t Stay Hidden Forever

Lyme is an insidious disease because the tick’s spirochetes can actually hide in the body. Similarly, the herpes virus cloaks itself from our immune system.

How does it do this, and play this hide-and-seek-game so well? It encodes a protein, ICP47, that enables the virus to seemingly vanish. Our immune system’s fighter T-Cells cannot detect it on its radar. And without our natural defenses marshaling war on the virus, it’s left unchecked and flourishes without much resistance.

So before even eradicating the virus, any potentially worthwhile program has to uncover it.

Melanie Addington, waging her own war against genital herpes, discovered how to dissolve this protein coat and make the virus visible and vulnerable. The virus can no longer hide! It is now susceptible to a holistic protocol.

In contrast, when the virus can cloak itself under a lipid-coated shield, standard medication is rendered somewhat ineffective. After all, meds cannot target an enemy that hides.

So Ms. Addington created a three-pronged program:

1. Boost the immune system and natural defenses to get ready to attack herpes. In essence, you’re preparing the troops for battle.

You’ll obtain a diet protocol to elevate your immune system to its strongest state. At peak performance, the immune system can conquer this herpes foe.

In addition to getting sound nutrition enlightenment (you won’t need a nutritionist after reviewing this section), you’ll also be privy to immune-suppressing habits. A sedentary lifestyle, for example, is not helpful when battling any ailment. Dental procedures can compromise the immune system as well, especially one that is already fragile. Get those amalgam fillings out, if possible. Beware of household chemicals, too! You’ll soon know the do’s and dont’s in the quest to fortify your immune system.

2. Dissolve the virus’s protective lipids and unleash fighter T-cells to obliterate the virus.

The plan is to destroy the virus and not just suppress it. After countless hours developing the protocol, Melanie Addington found the right combination of substances to remove the virus’s protein coat. These substances also encourage the virus from leaving their favorite hiding spot, nerve cells.

Melanie Addington provides clear instructions on how to consume these substances – staples that can be metabolized by the body, imparting its anti-virus benefits.

3. Once the now vulnerable virus is out in the open, assailed by a reinvigorated immune system, the virus can be destroyed, prevented from replicating and returning. Just when you think you can declare victory, however, you must make certain that no hidden virus remains. You want to avoid any future outbreaks, and say goodbye to the virus forever.

Here, Ms. Addington provides her plan to ensure that no future herpes cycles can develop. Fortified by the right vitamins and supplements, you can vanquish the enemy for good. For instance, some studies have revealed that L-lysine can help manage herpes and especially help prevent a reoccurrence. Here’s one such study.

This 3-pronged program is not just guesswork. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol has been tested and used by thousands of folks, all who have had varying forms of herpes, suffering from the virus from months to years. Favorable reviews continue to pile in. Many herpes protocol users assert they no longer have any traces of the virus!

Revving Up the Immune System

In the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, you’ll learn how to:

Separate the virus from your nerve cells and dissolve its protein coat. You’re uncloaking the virus so you can target it.

You’re using a special combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nutrients to improve your immune system so it will be in tip-top shape when battle begins. You’ll discover great lifestyle choices to make and realize why you must abstain from processed, junk foods and alcohol to become a ninja warrior.

You’ll also receive a healthy diet prescription. Here, you’ll learn what foods must be on the menu and what new supplements have to be added to your regimen. The instructions are straightforward so you’ll know exactly what to consume and when to do so.

This natural plan harvests the power of healthy eating and proper supplementation. Can you do this on your own? It’s very hard as you need the right combination of power foods and supplements. Remember, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol methods were the culmination of many failed attempts and trials.

But now you have the right prescription to put a red bulls eye on the virus. With this PDF, you’re getting the winning formula.

The Positives of This Ultimate Herpes Program

The anti-herpes formula is quick and effective. Can you imagine being herpes-free one day?

The program is holistic and natural, and may yield permanent results.

The ingredients are readily available in groceries and health food stores.

The protocol is based on scientific facts and actually tested by thousands of people.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol presents a thorough examination of herpes and how best to eradicate it. The information is clear, concise, and actionable.

The guide will not only help your medical condition but also foster health-promoting dividends, such as flushing toxins out of the body.

The protocol can be used by anyone, regardless of how long herpes has been present.

There are purportedly no side effects although I recommend discussing this treatment plan with your doctor before you implement it. Those on medication or pregnant or nursing women should always exercise the utmost caution.

Other Ultimate Herpes Protocol reviews have been glowing. This guide has already helped countless people.

You’ll receive bonuses from the product creator. These bonuses will help to change your mental outlook (a positive mindset is so important when plagued by herpes) and enhance your social skills. One guide is called Meeting People Online. The second resource is called Happy Now– Leaving Negativity and Depression Behind. As an added incentive, by purchasing this PDF from us, you’ll also receive our health and beauty bonuses.

The book is very affordbale at $37 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – Any Negatives to Report?

The sales page includes a little too much hype for my taste. The program seems very worthwhile without marketing buildup, portraying Big Pharma as the enemy.

Individual results will vary. I can’t imagine that these methods will work for all. But even if you remain herpes-positive, your health and immune system should get much better.

Supplements can get expensive but if they contribute towards herpes suppression, they’re priceless.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – Final Determination

My friend’s reaction was not unique. Those diagnosed with herpes experience a lot of pain – both physically and emotionally.

The assertion that herpes lasts forever can also be devastating. Some people truly feel completely flawed as a result of the condition, and envision a lifetime of loneliness

For these herpes sufferers, the Ulitmate Herpes Protocol can be a godsend. You’ll gain a complete understanding of your nemesis, and how to defeat it in layman’s terms. The information is well-organized and presented. It’s an easy read where the necessary details are included

By and large, this Ultimate Herpes Protocol review endorses Melanie Addington’s book. I hope that you will triumph over this virus, and live a happily-ever-after herpes-free life.

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