Athletic Greens (SUPERFOOD COCKTAIL) Review

Talk about going green! You may have heard all the marketing buzz surrounding Athletic Greens, a superfood cocktail that promises to load your body with a myriad of antioxidants. With claims that it can boost health, jumpstart energy, and even reduce weight, I thought a comprehensive product assessment was just what the doctor ordered.

In this Athletic Greens review, I will pinpoint the power source behind this popular, nutrient-dense product – its eye-opening ingredients. I will broach the positives of the formulation, and unlike other reviews, its negatives. After you finish this article, you’ll be in a much better position to decide whether it deserves a place in your kitchen cabinet.

This is an independent evaluation. If you’ve already done your research and are looking for the actual Athletic Greens product, or for discount coupons, please go here. You’ll then be privy to sales literature and an on sale offer.

But for those who are thirsty for new, insightful knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. Green may soon become your favorite color.

About Athletic Greens & Its Quest to be Your Go-To Health Formula

This Athletic Greens review highlights a whole food green supplement powder that boosts immunity

Athletic Greens is a mega-nutrient that contains over 70 whole foods. There’s a smorgasbord of nutrients represented. With each scoopful, there are raw superfoods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, digestive enzymes, probiotics, organic produce, and even super mushrooms. It seems to have everything but the kitchen sink. (I’ll soon inspect the ingredient base very soon.)

This powerhouse product has been formulated by a team of nutritionists and research doctorates with years of experience analyzing effective health food supplements. Each ingredient has been included to work synergistically, providing an arsenal of antioxidants that have been known to offer health benefits.

As an added measure of reassurance, the formula is manufactured in a TGA-registered facility. TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration, a regulatory body that conducts assessment and monitoring activities for therapeutic goods, such as medicines and health products, in Australia and New Zealand. (Athletic Greens is a New Zealand-based company.) According to prevailing wisdom, a TGA facility has even more rigorous standards than an FDA-registered facility.

There are several possible benefits you can derive from taking this product: 1) You can enhance your immune system and build up your natural defenses; 2) You can feel more energetic with a spring in your step; 3) you can make your body more alkaline and help regulate your blood pH levels; and 4) You can boost your metabolism and perhaps lose unwanted pounds.

Looking at the long list of ingredients, and in context of the health-related knowledge base that I possess, I feel Athletic Greens is more a health supplement than a weight loss supplement. Still many Athletic Greens reviews tout the product’s efficacy against the battle of the bulge.

But if you feel and look healthier, you may be inclined to optimize your health, and thereby shed pounds on your own. But make no mistake: Regardless of your interest in improving health and/or losing weight, Athletic Greens is not a 100% cure-all. Even the product creator underscores the importance of eating well, exercising right, and eliminating substances that can harm you.

The goal is to get into balance and orient yourself towards becoming your best self. Becoming an Athletic Greens user may just be a critical step in achieving this objective.

Athletic Greens Review – Why Take a Whole Foods Supplement?

I take a host of supplements, including those packed with whole foods. However, I still assert that there is nothing healthier than nature’s bounty. Yes, eating broccoli, for instance, is preferable to ingesting it by pill – and not just because of taste.

It’s all about maintaining a food’s active components (in broccoli, it’s the anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer phytonutrients, such as glucoraphanin). When we tamper we these staples (heating, processing, etc.), a large percentage of these nutrients are lost along with their health dividends.

But according to whole food product vendors, such as Athletic Greens, the whole foods they contain do not lose their potency. Consequently, their nutritional value and positive impact on health is safeguarded.

In addition, these vendors aver that absorption can more readily take place – much easier than say, ingesting synthetic vitamins. Athletic Greens promises that their nutrients will be absorbed because the ingredients are sourced from whole foods.

As the good stuff is taken in, your digestive health improves, your body becomes more alkaline (a seeming advantage), and perhaps you’re even less prone to disease.

Athletic Greens Ingredients – The List is Long

Well, if you’re going to formulate an easy-to-assimilate whole food supplement, you may as well include as many superfoods as possible. The makers of Athletic Greens must embrace this philosophy due to the fact that their formula has over 70 whole foods!

It’s beyond the scope of this Athletic Greens review, to go over each and every ingredient but I thought it would be instructive to list several:

  • Raw superfoods – Look at health magazines and you’re bound to find articles on the mega health properties of some of these ingredients: organic spirulina, lecithin, organic wheat juice, organic flaxseed powder, organic barley, and so much more. (Please note that while Athletic Greens has many organic ingredients, not all of them are.)
  • Vitamins and bio-available minerals – Throw away your multi vitamin/mineral pills! This formula has beta-carotene (Vitamin A), a full range of the B Vitamin family, Vitamin C, and a host of minerals, such as selenium and copper.
  • Herbs and antioxidants – It contains things like alkaline pea protein isolate, an alkaline ingredient that will restore balance to your system. Rosemary leaf extract, milk thistle leaf extract, dandelion root extract, and more promise to help body, mind, and spirit.
  • Digestive enzymes – Bromelain and burdock root powders are sample digestive enzymes in this mix. These perform the same type of digestive function as our naturally occurring enzymes.
  • Probiotics – These ingredients are known to enhance immune functioning and help us assimilate nutrients from foods. They introduce the so-called ‘good bacteria’ to combat problematic microbes. This formula contains lactobacillus acidophilus and freeze-dried bifidobacterium bifidum, common probiotics that already exist in our bodies.
  • Organic produce – Yes, broccoli is present in Athletic Greens. Moreover, cherry powder, papaya, carrot, pineapple, carob, and natural vanilla round out the list of organic produce.
  • Super mushroom – Do you want to ward off bacteria and viruses? Reishi mushroom powder may possess this capability.

All in all, this is an impressive array of ingredients that should support optimal immunity, increase energy levels, and may even trim that waist.

Athletic Greens Cost – The Price for Better Health

One of the negatives of Athletic Greens is its price. This is on the expensive side but that’s not surprising in light of the product’s all-encompassing ingredient list and value.

For a 30 day month supply (30 servings), the cost is $127. This comes out to $4.23 per serving.

You can opt for their loyalty program (where you receive the product each month) and the cost is reduced to $97 per month. This represents a 24% savings.

Another option: If you’re on their recurring program, you can receive a two month supply for $177. Here, automatic shipping represents a 30% discount vs. ordering on your own each month.

It looks as though at the time of this review, they’re running a 50% one time special offer for the loyalty program!

So for the first month, the cost is $97/2 or $48.50 for 30 servings; the cost is $177/2 or $88.50 for 60 servings.

While I’ve seen cheaper green powders, I’ve seen few products match the variety of wholesome ingredients in this formulation. The company also seems to trumpet their excellent quality control.

Of interest, this product is actually the preferred greens brand of Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Body. He consistently mentions Athletic Greens in his 4 Hour Body. Tim talks about nutrition below:

The Negatives of this Athletic Greens Supplement

While this review has been overwhelmingly positive, there are definite negatives to purchase. Here they are:

  • Again, the product is on the expensive side. I wish it would be a little cheaper but I don’t want the product manufacturer to compromise with the potency and efficacy of their powder.
  • This is not a strictly organic product. I’ve seen other reviews claiming that Athletic Greens is all natural and completely organic but it is not. There are organic ingredients but there are others that are not.
  • The company has received billing complaints. Most seem to be related to their recurring monthly plan. It’s important to read the fine print and be sure to cancel the order before they ship the next month’s product out.
  • The company cross-sells other products, offering a Vitamin D formula, for instance. Some (prospective) customers don’t like to receive info about other products.

Final Determination

This product is not a meal replacement. However, it serves a supportive role in all the following ways:

Losing weight – It’s diet-friendly and you don’t have to worry about the extra carbs ingested by including this product in your daily regimen. In fact, it may help you to find the thinner you by boosting metabolism and perhaps balancing your hormones.

Improving gut health and digestion – What good is adding nutrients if you’re not totally absorbing them? The digestive enzymes and probiotics will help you absorb these vital nutrients.

Increase energy and alkalize the body – What happens when you place over 8 grams of raw, green superfoods together with enzymes and co-factors? Your energy levels surge and balance is restored in your system. We tend to eat and consume acid-forming foods; we need to introduce ingredients and staples that are more alkalizing to fortify our body’s natural defenses.

The biggest advantage that Athletic Green powder offers is its ability to keep you healthy and strong. The vitamins, minerals, herbs, and mushrooms, along with their chock full of antioxidants, should keep your body humming.

This is not a scam product. In fact there are few complaints about the product itself. This formula contains a ‘what’s what’ of healthy ingredients, and it does not contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. As an added plus, there are no GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) which other green powders contain. It’s also egg, dairy, wheat, gluten, peanut, and corn-free with no synthetic chemicals included. (Pregnant women and those who are nursing should still speak with their physician before taking the supplement.)

The taste gets a thumbs up as well! I would rate it as very good but not great.

The company seems reputable but there are several complaints about billing practices. You have to be sure to cancel at a certain time to avoid any such billing issues. Just read the terms and conditions to avoid any problems.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Athletic Greens review, and I hope you found it informative. I’m a green enthusiast, and if you are as well, you’re only a few clicks away from a tasty and very healthy supplement.

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