Flawless Complexion – Picture Perfect Skin Serum?

Flawless Complexion Review
Product formulated by: Flawless Complexion Company
Price: Free trial but conditions apply; 1 month supply (membership program) is $67

I have a friend who has trained herself to look in the mirror and say this positive affirmation: “I love myself unconditionally.” I spoke with her today and she remarked that it’s getting more difficult to embrace herself without conditions when she visibly sees wrinkles and other imperfections. But while we can love ourselves without a flawless complexion, it’s much easier to gain love and admiration from others if we have one. 🙂

Towards that incessant quest for unsullied, unblemished, and wrinkle-free skin, we look for the next, best skin product. As I reviewer, I feel compelled to explore these ‘turn back the clock items,’ so I thought I would conduct this Flawless Complexion (FC) review. Does FC live up to its name and contribute to a countenance both fair and youthful?

Read this Flawless Complexion review to learn about this promising beauty product


The Flawless Complexion Review – Analyzing the Product With the Promising Name

Alright, so we know what a flawless complexion is, and can easily picture the untarnished skin of a child or that genetically-favored friend’s face that we secretly envy.

But what about the formulation optimistically coined, “Flawless Complexion.” It’s a skin care product that claims to be a ‘Botox alternative.’ Containing the vital ingredients, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7 and Matrixyl 3000 Peptides, this item may foster remarkable results, at least from gleaning the best before and after pictures that I have ever seen.

The ‘wow effect’ is produced by the two above ingredients, and other anti-aging components, such as Vitamin C. Its dermal power lies in the fact that it increases collagen synthesis, elastin production, and the skin’s shedding rate. Yes, its out with the old and in with the new, and the new skin should be immaculate.

Glowing reviews have been pouring in regarding the ‘FC transformation.’ But make no mistake, even its most loyal customer base would admit that this is not an overnight miracle.

But over a couple of weeks, dramatic changes may be observable. However, to work optimally, your lifestyle habits should really be health and beauty-promoting, too (e.g., you should consume a well-rounded diet, get ample sleep, undertake a solid exercise regimen, etc.)

Flawless Complexion – Let’s List the Benefits

The buzz is loud! The creators of the product, the Flawless Complexion company, asserts that its brand can zap wrinkles in 2 minutes flat. They claim that injection with Botox is an unnecessary procedure when a mere topical application of FC can produce the same effects.

Here is just a list of purported benefits:

Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines – The product manufacturer provides an impressive statistic: an overall reduction of those pesky wrinkles and lines of 84%. The product seems to give a lift to the skin, and hydrate it, plumping it up to make grooves less noticeable.

Skin is repaired and replenished – Our skin is assaulted by the elements on a daily basis. Free radicals weaken the skin’s structure and compromise appearance. Flawless Complexion, with its powerful vitamins and antioxidants, to the rescue. The ingredients soothe the skin, enhance its texture, and promote healing.

Fortifies skin – Collagen, a structural protein, can increase 95% when using this topical formulation. When collagen density improves, facial skin becomes more resilient, young-looking, and glowing.

Counteracts stress – The effects of stress are most visible on the face, especially if you’re like me and wear your emotions on your sleeve. FC encourages the skin’s turnover rate, uncovering the more attractive underlying skin. As mentioned above, free radicals are also thwarted, preventing wrinkles and sags.

Dark circles diminish – The thin skin underneath my eyes is my most pressing beauty concern. My fellow beauty aspirers may have the same issue. Nothing ages you like tired-looking eyes. Fortunately, this Flawless Complexion anti-aging serum combats under eye circles, making you look more vibrant, awake, and alive!

A Quick Look at the Key Ingredients

A skin product is as only as good as its ingredients. Here are the key players:

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7 – Here, envision 4 amino acids able to penetrate the dermis with the help of palmitic acid. This peptide ranks well among anti-aging peptides, and may be able to reduce skin inflammation. This ingredient may not only decrease inflammatory responses but work as a skin rejuvenator – perfect for zapping wrinkles.

Matrixyl 3000 Peptides – If you’re looking to replenish the skin matrix, this peptide may come in handy. It’s the combination of 2 peptide groups (the aforementioned, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, and palmitoyl oligopeptide). This ingredient purportedly strengthens collagen, the skin’s structural support, and protects against UV radiation.

Topical Vitamin C – It’s not only a good idea to take Vitamin C orally but also apply it topically on your skin. It, too, can shield us from UVA and UVB rays, build up collagen, and even reduce the skin’s inflammatory reactions.

Flawless Complexion tries to battle aging skin, in a variety of ways, using such top-notch ingredients and other antioxidants.

Sounds Great, but How Long Will I have to Wait for Results?

As mentioned previously, your skin will not be miraculously transformed overnight. But the serum has a cumulative effect and over the course of several weeks, you should see a difference. As important, others may see a difference, too, and give you those compliments that will motivate you to continue to use it.

At first, any changes will be subtle. Your skin should seem more moisturized and even-toned. Your skin should then start to look ‘thicker,’ and even more supple.

For optimal results to appear, 3 months of Flawless Complexion use is advisable. At the time, you may notice that you appear a decade younger as fine lines and wrinkles seemingly disappear, and frown lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles become less problematic!

How Much Does Flawless Complexion Cost?

At the time of this writing (late January, 2016), a FREE TRIAL is now being offered. Please note that you can try out the a month’s sample of product free of charge, not counting the modest $4.95 shipping/handling charge.

However, you will ultimately have to pay for this first shipment of product, $87.63, if you decide to keep the product. Ultimately, the free trial means that it’s free for only 14 days – the amount of time you can return it after ordering. My only complaint is that 2 weeks is not enough time to experiment. Consequently, if you order the Flawless Complexion trial, be prepared to spend the above amount.

Assuming you like the product, you’ll then be automatically enrolled in their Membership program and be billed $67 every 31 days.

You have the option of cancelling any time but you would first have to call the company to get an RMA number.

You can purchase bottles separately if you wish. The prices follow:

1 month supply_1 Jar: $67
2 month supply_2 Jars + 1 Free: $97
3 month supply_3 Jars + 2 Free: $147
4 month supply_4 jars + 3 free: $197


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The Flawless Complexion Review – Final Determination

On the surface, this looks like a find. Countless women and men have improved their skin by using Flawless Complexion, and its popularity continues to widen. Still, before using it, I recommend speaking with your dermatologist. While there appears to be no serious side effects from its use, your skin condition may be unique, and so it’s best to seek counsel from a professional.

The price tag is affordable and its list of benefits are impressive. This alone makes it worth trying. Hopefully, after several weeks of use, your skin will improve dramatically. Sun damage should be minimized (but still use sunscreen) and you should see a serious reduction of lines and wrinkles. You may also see a more radiant, healthy glow with diminished under eye circles, crow’s feet, and less of those noticeable nasolabial folds.

That alone should give you reason to smile, and show the world your new flawless complexion.

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