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Your First 10,000 Readers Review
Training course created by : Nick Stephenson
Price: $597 (one-time fee) or $59 per month for 12 months

Before you purchase Nick Stephenson’s, Your First 10K Readers system, please read this comprehensive review. I’ll pinpoint some of the principle points in his training, and let you know how to purchase the resource at its lowest price point. I’ll also reveal exclusive bonuses that go along with the purchase.


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Your First 10K Readers Review – What’s the Story?

An author’s influence is only as vast as his audience. An author’s book revenue can only expand in proportion to the number of his/her readers.

You have just compiled your masterpiece and you’re ready to release it to the world … or at least to the world wide web. But it’s a crowded marketplace and just how do you get your book to leapfrog above the competition? For that matter, how do you introduce your work to the audience in a compelling, sales-savvy way?

Writing a book can be a challenge but knowing how to market it can even be more daunting. If only you could obtain a blueprint on how to get your books into the hands of an enthusiastic public.

Now you can thanks to the release of Your First 10,000 Readers, courtesy of mega successful author and businessman, Nick Stephenson. He has created a step-by-step road map for you to cross the finish line where all the other best- selling authors wait for you.

Indeed, Your First 10K Readers is a premium training course that is specifically designed for authors, self-publishers, and entrepreneurs, to accomplish these goals: build a brand and following, enhance audience engagement, grow a list of fans and subscribers, and simply sell more books and related products.

There is a wealth of information available (primarily in the form of video modules, mp3 audios, and PDF’s). But the bottom line is that it targets the topic of book marketing, and how to expand your net of present readers and future readers.

Your First 10K Readers – An Inside Look

You can think of Nick Stephenson’s training equivalent to a college course on how to grow readership. The main feature of the course is six course modules, each containing sub-modules. I’ll review the first two modules to give you a better idea on what Your First 10,000 Readers is about.

Rule the Retailers – Video/Audio – 25 minutes, 7 seconds
I know that writing is an all-encompassing process. It should be sufficient to just hang a shingle, introduce the book to the marketplace, and get throngs of folks clamoring to buy it. If only I could wave a magic want.

In today’s publishing/self-publishing world, it’s all-important to build a brand, gain visibility, and get your message front and center to your potential audience.

In order to do that, you have to know the ins and outs of the online retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. Specifically, you have to know how these platforms really work. (Hint: They’re more like search engines than book venues.)

My favorite part of this module is when Nick Stephenson discusses Amazon SEO triggers. This info is vital to increase your book’s ranking (i.e., where it’s listed in a given niche.)

Merchandising – Video/Audio – 21 minutes, 56 seconds – Merchandising is also part of the discussion and here you’ll learn how to get your book featured in ‘Deals of the Day’ and in other prime visibility spots – even on websites outside of Amazon. Remember, you have to branch out of Amazon even though this is a major sales channel. As Nick mentions, you don’t want the vast majority of sales to be dependent on one source.

As such, he shows you how to get merchandising deals with the likes of iTunes, Nook, and Kobo. He provides practical steps and some golden nuggets for you to get your book to the forefront of these platform. (Hint: One great idea is to start with a “First in Free” promotion. The trick is to eventually use your bargaining power to propel your visibility and traffic on a given platform.)

Exclusivity vs. Broad Reach – Video/Audio – 18 minutes, 50 seconds – Most self-publishers find Amazon to be their most lucrative sales channel. Now Amazon offers an exclusivity agreement (i.e., KDP Select) where an author’s work will appear only on Amazon.

As you can surmise, there are advantages and disadvantages with such exclusivity. Nick Stephenson provides the pros and cons of just establishing ties with one platform, and speaks from the benefit of experience.

Pricing Strategies – Video/Audio – 22 minutes, 51 seconds – Here, the marketplace conflict of volume vs. revenue rears its head. Sure, it’s likely that you’ll convert more sales at a lower price point. But will this increased volume make up for any potential lost revenue had your book been priced higher?

Nick Stephenson seems to be an expert on price points. For instance, he understands that he can sell a 45-page non-fiction PDF to his audience at $15. However, on Kindle, the typical reader will not pay more than $6.99.

In this sub-module, Nick broaches the topic of free manuscripts (limited time only), discounts (also limited), and when you should scale up the price. (Hint: Nick is in favor of boosting the price tag to obtain higher profits.)

Drive Endless Traffic
It’s time to get eyeballs on your book and tongues a-wagging about it. Your First 10,000 Readers will show you how. Here is the scope of info covered:

Keywords and Categories – Video/Audio – 28 minutes, 54 seconds – No, you don’t have to become a search engine optimization expert to get your book noticed. However, there are tricks of the trade that you need to master to get more clicks.

Here, Nick provides solid info on keywords and categories to enable your book to be featured high in a given niche, increasing the number of prospective customers. (Hint: Remember that Amazon and other online retailers use ‘relevance’ as a component in showcasing books, so make sure you use targeted metadata. It’s also crucial to study keywords and the potential traffic they foster. You’ll see how to use keywords to your best advantage.)

An added bonus, Your First 10K Readers will demonstrate how to choose the best titles which will directly impact your sales.

Boost Your Traffic With Permafree – Video/Audio – 27 minutes – Always remember the power of the marketing term, ‘FREE.’ Here, Nick Stephenson shows you how you can get even more readers to notice your work, using free work. As Nick mentions, this will be tantamount to “free advertising.”

You may object to giving away your intellectual property. But Nick provides a convincing argument to do so. Perhaps you can start with a free resource to acquire favorable reviews, and then start charging for it. Alternatively, you can offer a small book of yours for free, building credibility, and exposure for your other book with a price tag.

Also recall that free books can help you land merchandising deals.

Smart Promotion Tactics – Video/Audio – 11 minutes, 33 seconds – How does increasing book-related revenue by 50% sound? You’ll learn more effective principles of SEO and even be introduced to the idea of paid search concepts.

You’ll also gain more insight into how the world of e-retailing, and how you can piggyback off the marketing of platforms.

Build Your Dream Team – Video/Audio – 17 minutes, 24 minutes – You don’t necessarily have to be in competition with other authors. You can establish teamwork with them, establishing mutually beneficial business partnerships. (Hint: Why not use one another’s lists to grow your respective audience?)

This sub-module shows the monetary advantages due to collaboration, and how to best form a symbiotic relationship with fellow authors.

10K Details!

There are so many other topics covered. As I mentioned, this is tantamount to taking a university course, but much cheaper.

Other modules (and their sub-modules) include:

Convert Traffic Into Subscribers – You’ll learn how to use lists and email fans to get more fans, subscribers, and paying customers.

Engage Your Audience – This is all about converting sales. For example, you’ll learn how to get hundreds of 5-star reviews, use the very clever marketing ploy, and become a social media maven. You’ll also discover how to prime the sale and overcome a potential buyer’s objections.

The Ultimate Launch Template – It’s all about building anticipation and buzz. That launch week is all-important and you’ll see how to assemble a team and focus attention on your work of art. Nick gives his actual success system to launch a potential best-seller.

Facebook Profit on AutoPilot – This section of the course is invaluable as it relays Facebook marketing secrets. It not only can help help authors to fatten their wallets, but entrepreneurs as well. You’ll find out how to use Facebook’s advertising platform, tweak your ads, and use Ninja tactics to build an impressive stream of revenue.

Your First 10K Readers – Added Extras

Nick Stephenson is intent on over-delivering. In this training, he even shares interviews with other highly successful authors about facets of book marketing.

He ‘interrogates’ other authors, such as Mark Dawson, on how he was able to get Amazon merchandising for all 12 of his books. He discusses with Bryan Cohen how he was able to secure 60,000 sales in one day! Nick conducts 6 extensive interviews which you should find eye-opening.

There are also 3 additional bonuses:

Bonus #1: Tools of the Trade – Nick reveals the entire scope of everything an author would need for sales to soar. You’ll gain knowledge on how to set up an email system, how to create landing pages, how to run sales promotions, and how use tools to get a boatload of great keywords, perfect for your advertising.

Bonus #2 – Six Figure Swipe File – Your First 10,000 Readers shows you the actual email messages that Nick Stephenson uses to catapult his book sales. You, too, can sell thousands of books by knowing how to use sales psychology.

Bonus #3 – Q & A Sessions – Learn from other students’ questions. Here, Nick shares 4 quality coaching sessions where he answers a slew of the same questions you probably have. In two of the sessions, he teams up with other authors to add others’ insight and perspectives.

Why Should You Listen to Nick Stephenson?

Nick Stephenson is the ideal instructor because he has actually used and refined all the steps and tactics that he reveals. As a hugely successful author and marketer, Nick has employed these strategies for himself, and has witnessed firsthand how they work in the real world marketplace.

He has hit gold as an author of fiction, and is best known for his Leopold Blake crime series books. A prolific reader, his sole goal is to mesmerize his audience, get their hearts pounding, and their hands in their pockets to buy his complete repertoire of books, including his new releases.

Nick is also a writer of non-fiction. I particularly like his “Reader Magnets” ebook that shows you the exact methods that he used to grow his list to 25,000 subscribers in one year. He shows how to take ‘ownership’ of the popular book platforms and catapult sales. (The info in “Reader Magnets” is not nearly as detailed and comprehensive as shared in Your First 10K Readers.)

Price of the 10K Training

Your First 10,000 Readers cost $597, much more affordable than an equivalent college-level course on successful book marketing. There is an alternative pricing structure: $59 for 12 months.

First 10,000 Readers Review – My Final Determination

I really don’t know how Nick Stephenson has been able to accomplish all the credentials that appear on his resume. Aside from attaining best-selling author status, and a legion of thousands of fans, he also has developed an intelligent and inspiring course curriculum that is designed to help any author or entrepreneur build brand and book sales.

By designing a systematic, actionable plan, an author can now understand how the ecosystem of online retailers really work. In this way, the author can figure out how to best promote his work for increased visibility, traffic, and sales.

The course also shares SEO and paid traffic tricks, mailing list tactics, ninja-style promotional ideas, brilliant giveaways and adverting tweaks, and outside-the-box, clever methods on how to win new readers.

Here is another benefit: Nick continues to tweak the product because he keeps up with the latest self publishing trends, and modifies content to reflect any changes on the major publishing and search engine platforms. In this way, you may continue to reference and review his resource in a dynamic market.

Of course, be forewarned this takes commitment and effort on your part. While the material is presented in easy, digestible chunks, you must be diligent and focused to grasp key concepts. But rest assured, after purchase of the course, you will have a direct pipeline to Nick Stephenson if when/questions arise.

Moreover, aside from learning how to present your story in a way that engrosses your audience, you must acquire proficiency in certain technological realms. For example, you will need to master how to use an autoresponder, a tool that can automatically deliver messages to your fans. It’s also imperative to become comfortable in your joint role as social media marketer, harnessing the power of social media platforms in your quest for visibility and niche dominance.

Your instructor, Nick Stephenson, is leading by example. His growing list of crime thrillers and suspense novels are best sellers. However, his writing prowess is not the only reason for his unstoppable success.

Nick knows how to exploit all the tools and platforms, available to authors. He knows how to build an audience, and maintain their attention and loyalty. He knows how to build hordes of traffic to his offers, and maximize conversions.

… And now you will know how to achieve that same level of writing/marketing expertise. Your work can soon become a veritable ‘reader magnet,’ and your exquisite prose will draw readers to you from near and far.

I can give you 10,000+ reasons to purchase this material, but this one will suffice. Your First 10K Readers can help you attain the compensation, fame, and glory you so richly deserve.

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