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My son and daughter-in-law tried to conceive for years, desperate to create their own pregnancy miracle. They made countless trips to a bevy of obstetricians, discussing a variety of how to get pregnant options (in conjunction with the obvious). A whirlwind of information was provided: pinpointing fertile days, using drugs such as clomiphene and gonadotropins, and even opting for cryopreservation, freezing sperm, for example, to enhance its viability. Nothing worked.

But years later, through divine intervention perhaps, my son and daughter-in-law excitedly announced the impending birth of my granddaughter. Happy times. But I’ll never forget the stress and frustration they felt and their practically going into debt to conceive. If only I had the Pregnancy Miracle book by Lisa Olson in my possession, they may never have had to go through proverbial infertility hell.

The Pregnancy Miracle is such a comprehensive resource that I thought I would write a Pregnancy Miracle review. And unlike other online reviews, this one will be thoughtful, informative, and hype-free.

Miracle Pregnancy by Lisa Olson

Pregnancy Miracle – Fundamental Principles

Author of Pregnancy Miracle, Lisa Olson, is more than empathetic to couples who face conception obstacles. After all, the strategies and tips outlined in her book culminated from her own infertility experiences and exhaustive research on the matter. As conventional options did not work for Lisa, she knew she had to uncover a non-traditional approach, yet one rooted in natural and holistic principles.

Lisa’s passion and background served her well in the pursuit to find organic pregnancy methods. A health consultant and nutritional specialist, Lisa could capitalize on her vast knowledge base on healthy living to enhance the chances of bringing a healthy baby into the world.

Her inclination and interest was also drawn to the east … the Far East … and she researched Chinese medicine, believing it would hold the secrets to becoming fertile.

Well, for Lisa, the results were not instantaneous and she even suffered a tragic miscarriage. But through trial and error, embracing her burgeoning knowledge of Chinese medicine, and adopting a Western holistic lifestyle, she became pregnant at the age of 43. She is now the mother of two beautiful children.

Pregnancy Miracle – A 5-Pronged Approach

1. The mind, body, and spirit must be in harmony with the universe, not just to increase the likelihood of pregnancy, but enhance the quality of life itself. Lisa Olson discusses a 2-step approach to achieving this congruency which bodes well for pregnancy.

2. It’s time to clear out the toxins – both internally and externally. The Pregnancy Miracle covers how to remove these contaminants that are not conducive to fertility.

Lisa Olson also provides much insight into the right diet and supplements to bolster the immune system and fortify natural defenses. Exercise, sleep, and other holistic ideas are discussed throughout the book.

3. This Pregnancy Miracle review would be incomplete if I did not mention that Lisa Olson is a proponent of acupuncture. Yes, the insertion of an ultra-thin needle into specific body parts can induce favorable health and fertility results. (Many reproductive specialists are now using acupuncture with their clients.)

It’s not farfetched to believe that acupuncture can help lead to a pregnancy miracle. It reduces stress, increases circulation to reproductive organs, and balances the endocrine system, the glands that secrete hormones.

Lisa believes that acupuncture coupled with the use of Chinese herbs can promote conception rates. (More acupuncture-fertility studies need to be conducted, like the one recently performed at Tel Aviv University.

4. Internal cleansing is so important, not just for removing toxins, as in step 1 above, but for strengthening our organs and glands. Towards that end, Lisa discusses juice cleansing, liver cleansing, and potential parasite removal. At the risk of being too graphic, you don’t want anything to especially clog reproductive organs.

5. And don’t forget to breathe to spark hormone production. Lisa reveals two breathing strategies in the Pregnancy Miracle that can help conception efforts.

Lisa even introduces the Chinese technique of Qi-cong. The purpose of Qi-cong is to get into a totally relaxed state by controlling physical and mental activities (e.g., getting rid of distracting thoughts, deep breathing, etc.)

As mentioned above, these Pregnancy Miracle tips reflect integrative medicine principles, combining the best of Eastern and Western medical practices. It is not mandatory, however, to seek a medical practitioner, specializing in Chinese medicine, or even going to any type of specialty therapist, such as an acupuncturist. The methods can be self-implemented, including acupuncture massage, in the privacy of your own home.

Pregnancy Miracle – Other Bonuses

This all-encompassing 249-page book will let you know all the secrets to reverse infertility. You’ll know about supplements that will contribute to the development and growth of a healthy fetus, the combination of herbs that will normalize hormonal production, potent fertility foods and ones that should not be consumed, common household products and makeup ingredients to avoid, and a host of other “Why didn’t my doctor tell me?” fertility tips.

But Lisa does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. While she discusses the intricacies of the female and male anatomy, she shows how you can serve as your own ‘internist,’ and try to pinpoint the causes of your infertility, contributing possible remedies.

This is not to suggest, however, that you should not consult a physician, particularly an obstetrician, about your infertility or speak with him/her if you decide to apply these Pregnancy Miracle methods. But it may empower you to understand why your body may not be ready for conception and possible options to encourage ‘baby readiness.’

Lisa Olson also reviews the primary causes of infertility and reviews the potential dangers of conventional fertility options. You’ll be very knowledgeable about these issues when you speak with your obstetrician.

Pregnancy Miracles – Pros

It’s a very comprehensive resource covering all aspects of infertility, causes and treatment.

The book is based on thousands of hours of research with 14 years of trial-and-error experience.

An integrative approach is taken, using the synergism between Chinese and Western medical modalities.

Methods can be used at home but it’s still very important to discuss any fertility plan with your doctor.

There are many testimonials included, and according to Lisa, many women have successfully conceived after utilizing the methods outlined in Pregnancy Miracle.

Lisa Olson includes bonuses with purchase. She provides other pregnancy and health-related materials. She also states that she will provide 3 months of private consulting.

The book is reasonably priced at $47 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pregnancy Miracle – Cons

When I mentioned that I wish I had the Pregnancy Miracle in my possession when my son was trying to conceive with his wife, I did not mean to suggest that its principles and methods would have worked for them. Indeed, there is no guarantee that the information here will work for any given couple.

The sales page markets a little too well. It provides so much hope to childless couples where it’s almost impossible to live up to claims. I don’t even like the use of the word, ‘Miracle.’ (However, this is not to suggest that the information in Pregnancy Miracle will not help.)

The sheer amount of info covered in the book may be overwhelming to some.

Final Verdict of Pregnancy Miracle

This is not a scam as some suggest or a book that was pieced together in a matter of moments to make sales. It truly is a comprehensive pregnancy resource, one that couples should read more than once.

There is an abundance of information that should really help prep women to get their bodies to an ptimal pregnancy state.

But please have realistic expectations and don’t necessarily believe in miracles. This is a time-consuming process, one that requires work, and even then the end result is not guaranteed. There is always an individual response when any protocol is implemented. Here’s hoping that Pregnancy Miracle will live up to its name for you and your significant other.

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