Rapid Reflux Relief Review – Acid Reflux Breakthrough, Nick O’Connor

On his Rapid Reflux Relief website, Nick O’Connor’s video is very startling, particularly if one is experiencing acid reflux. He attributes his cancer diagnosis to regurgitated stomach acid and then goes on to declare that standard medical protocol compounds the problem. Can acid reflux lead to cancer, particularly esophageal cancer and perhaps even stomach cancer? Obviously, as this issue is very grave and because Nick proclaims to be offering an acid reflux breakthrough, I decided to write this Rapid Reflux Relief review.

Rapid Reflux Relief – Its Primary Assertions

Nick O'Connor's Rapid Reflux Relief, based on Richard Harrow's work

Nick O’Connor does not mince words. He avers that the medical community is not addressing the acid reflux condition properly. He particularly utters strong words against Big Pharma who he feels is deliberately not providing the solutions. Does the pharmaceutical industry want folks to suffer? No, but there are millions of dollars of prescription revenue to collect and a cure, or even amelioration of acid reflux, will severely cut into those profits.

Yes, technically we know that with acid reflux, stomach acids are literally backing up into the esophagus. Blame this on a faulty valve known as the lower esophageal sphincter. It simply releases at the wrong time and burning, uncomfortable, sour, bitter-tasting stomach acid migrates.

But that describes the mechanics and symptoms of the condition, not the cause. According to Nick O’Connor, acid reflux drugs only address the symptoms. Moreover, he feels they have many side effects, have little long-term benefit, if any short-term benefit, do not tackle the actual cause of acid reflux, and keep our bodies susceptible to disease.

As such, Nick O’Connor pleads with his audience to throw away the heartburn drugs and prescription medications. They are ineffective over the long haul whether they coat the stomach, reduce the amount of stomach acid, or prevent the acid from traveling back upwards.

He also advises acid reflux sufferers to think twice about standard procedures. But what is the alternative? Develop a plan to address the real cause of wayward stomach acid and its acid burps: declare war on H. Pylori.

What is H. Pylori?

Yes, according to Nick O’Connor, the author of Rapid Reflux Relief, the enemy resides within. Indeed, he attributes acid reflux to H. Pylori, a baneful, spiral-shaped bacterium that takes residence in our stomach. The acerbic bacterium move around and wreak havoc making us more likely to suffer from stomach acid while they penetrate the stomach’s protective mucous lining.

Their evil knows no bounds. They attach to stomach cells and increase production of hydrochloric acid, brewing the perfect storm to create a massive acid reflux attack.

Now, thankfully, not all people who have H. Pylori will develop acid reflux or other conditions. But some folks are very sensitive and vulnerable to H. Pylori. They can easily experience its common symptoms, including bloating, burping, and nausea, and develop problematic conditions such as acid reflux. Sadly, 50% of people worldwide experience H. Pylori, and the vast majority of stomach and lower small intestine ulcers arise because of it. The World Heath Organization (WHO) even categorizes the bacterium as a grade 1 carcinogen!

Now Nick did not determine the real cause of acid reflux, H. Pylori, by himself. The acid reflux breakthrough was made by biologist and fellow acid reflux victim, Richard Harrow. Harrow shared his university data base with Nick but told him that such information was confidential and private.

Richard Harrow was worried about the ramifications of sharing this eye-opening information. Remember, if H. Pylori is destroyed, than acid reflux is solved and perhaps certain cancers can be stopped in their tracks. This equals less prescriptions and drugs which equals less money.

But now, with the arrival of Rapid Reflux Relief, the acid reflux breakthrough is out and targeting H. Pylori is in.

Rapid Reflux Relief – Winning the Acid Reflux War

So as you can imagine, the primary objective of Rapid Reflux Relief is to eliminate H. Pylori. Based on Richard Harrow’s research and work, Nick O’Connor lists those life-saving fruits, vegetables, teas, oils, and supplements that can obliterate H. Pylori. How? The natural staples contain 5 chemicals, such as sulforaphane, that can wipe out colonies of H. Pylori bacterium.

These disease-fighting chemicals or phytochemicals can zap this bacterium. This is why any acid reflux sufferer should eat copious amounts of broccoli sprouts, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. But these are just few of the acid reflux-fighting foods you need to consume. Rapid Reflux Relief will present full-disclosure on all the phytochemicals you need to add to your diet, and list those grocery, farm and health-food products that your stomach must eventually digest.

But it’s not just the quantity of food staples and supplements you must consume. You must know the combination and quantity to take, when to include them in the diet, and for how long. Rapid Reflux Relief provides all this invaluable information. And fortunately, these items are not expensive so it should be within everyone’s budget to include them as part of your meals.

Rapid Reflux Relief – Pros

Finally, there is a resource at your disposal that targets the actual cause of acid reflux, H. Pylori.

Nick O’Connor provides a systematic approach in eliminating H. Pylori, indicating, for example, the 5 phytochemicals that you must add to your diet.

The results seem amazingly positive. Nick O’Connor claims that his acid reflux issue is now gone and so is the cancer. Is this too good to be true? Possibly, but Nick also states that thousands of people have been helped using his protocol.

The effects are long-lasting and may not just tackle acid reflux but other serious conditions! Is this an acid reflux breakthrough or a disease-fighting breakthrough?

This is a holistic, natural program that does not depend on prescriptions and drugs, and is simple to implement.

The book is reasonably priced at $39 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Rapid Reflux Relief – Cons

This reviewer is not a conspiracy theorist. However, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that Richard Harrow is concerned about the possibility of being fired, sued, or jailed as a result of sharing his work with Nick O’Connor … and now the mainstream.

Individual response varies. There is no guarantee that this acid reflux breakthrough will work for you. (It does seem like an incredibly interesting and effective find, however.)

I’m not so sure about going a full 180 degrees away from a traditional approach if you have acid reflux. Perhaps I’m giving too much credit to my doctor, but I like to think there are helpful standard treatments. I can also tell him about any health-promoting intervention that I’m undertaking simultaneously.

Rapid Reflux Relief – Final Decision

Even if you don’t have too many problems with acid reflux, Rapid Reflux Relief seems like an incredible resource to purchase. The information presented can perhaps keep acid reflux at bay. Quantity and quality of life may be improved by being privy to Nick O’Connor’s knowledge, insight he gained from Richard Harrow.

This book is especially important to review if you are suffering chronic acid reflux or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). It provides a step-by-step program that provides all the power foods, oils, and supplements you’ll need to destroy H. Pylori. Nick provides the answers to all the why, how, what, when, and where questions, serving his audience well.

This Rapid Reflux Review is giving a thumbs up to Nick O’Connor’s book, believing that it presents the acid reflux breakthrough you need to combat dis-ease and disease.

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