Karl Gruber is a spiritual life coach whose mission is to teach others how to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. And while he can only directly work with a handful of folks, his message can still have universal reach. In a quest to make the proverbial difference in others’ lives, he has authored, “The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process to Manifest Positive & Permanent Change in Your Life.” I thought it would be instructive to write a 3 Pillars review to determine whether this e-book can really help you live life to the fullest and withstand the destructive winds of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges.

Mental Pillar – Thoughts Can Determine Your Reality

This 3 Pillars review identifies the 3 pillars plus am added pillar

Consider a tale of these two men. The first man has a very dim world view. Always cynical and distrusting, he believes that other people are very apt to take advantage of him. He is forever on guard, ready to strike at anyone who he views threatening or different.

He does not believe in a limitless universe. He will hoard resources and never think to share them with anyone. Stingy and selfish, this man only sees himself as separate from others where he exercises little concern for anyone but himself.

The second man only sees opportunities and possibilities. He is constantly expanding his social circle, knowing that he shares a sense of connection with others. He is quick to share what he can, and help whenever possible. He radiates warmth and good humor, embracing the notion that by touching others’ lives in a positive way, he enhances the quality of his own life tenfold.

Author Karl Gruber is shouting from the rooftops in the 3 Pillars for us to become more like man #2. Indeed, a positive mental framework is an indispensable, supportive pillar that can frame our very own existence.

Yes, our thoughts determine our emotions but they also impact what happens to us in everyday life. Our cognitive processing exudes a type of energy and vibrational frequency. When we exhibit a strong, free-flowing, and healthy mental energy, we attract similar high-energy, favorable results.

According to Karl, the Law of Attraction applies (like attracts like) so we’re to able to manifest our most coveted dreams. When we free ourselves of guilt, worry, distrust, anger, disillusionment, and a sense that the universe is lacking, we position ourselves to go for glory and attain it.

In order to help his readers undergo a favorable cognitive transformation, Karl provides several positive affirmations. But it’s not enough to just say these affirmations; your thoughts have to be congruent with them.

Bolstering the Physical Pillar – Becoming Manifestation Fit

Becoming more open to the notion of universal abundance, a feeling that ‘We’re all one,’ and that you’re a deserving, special individual is an incredible first step towards manifestation.

So Karl Gruber does not want you to undermine your manifestation progress by refusing to fortify your physical pillar. Sorry to say, a sedentary life with little exercise can seriously hamper manifestation results.

Couple lack of exercise with little sleep, poor nutrition, overeating, and slipshod hygiene, and you’re demonstrating to the universe that you perhaps have little self-regard. By ignoring this physical pillar, you’re becoming more susceptible to illness, connecting to the idea of a lack of ‘wellness.’

How can you achieve dreams if you’re run down and feel so vulnerable? Perhaps you should embrace a type of Hippocratic Oath, and first do no harm … to yourself. By attending to your physical needs and becoming as fit as possible, you’re not just going to be able to function … but fully function.

Once again, Karl provides suggested affirmations. In one, he connects the concept that physical well-being affects mental well-being and clarity. These pillars are very much interconnected!

Embracing the Spiritual Pillar – Closing the Gaps

In the 3 Pillars, Karl Gruber mentions our dualistic reality. Through conditioning, we see ourselves as separate from our Creator. Furthermore, we see ourselves as distinct individuals, separate from one another, where we tend to use the convenient race, ethnicity, gender, and age classifications. We judge others based on these categories and other superficial ones like job status, earnings, and appearance.

As successful manifestation ultimately depends on the universe, the Creator, and even other people, it’s crucial to see that there really is no separation.

Karl Gruber cites the Course in Miracles, and proclaims, ‘This life, this world is but a dream, an illusion of the ego.’ In our connectedness and union, lies the truth that all is possible to attain. Fear and guilt are no longer part of the equation (remember, we’re loving brothers and sisters), and this gives way to positive expectations and results.

According to Karl, the spiritual pillar becomes even stronger when we live by the code of universal truths. For example, by manifesting integrity and ethics, we’re likely to meet others who demonstrate these same qualities. But this goes beyond good karma; you’re uplifting yourself by living a principled life.

Continue to empower your spiritual pillar through actions and words. (Suggested affirmations are also offered in this section of the 3 Pillars.)

An Extra Bonus Pillar – Become Free by Forgiving

Karl reviews the aforementioned 3 pillars – mental, physical, and spiritual. But the act of forgiveness is imperative to manifest dreams.

If you’re constantly bogged down with grudges, feeling embittered towards others, you’re weighed down by negative energy. How can you then attract high-energy, happy results? Here once again, the Law of Attraction applies, and you’re unable to achieve your goals as you’re still saddled with negativity.

But you really have to understand how forgiveness works. You’re not on some moral higher ground, pardoning a ‘sinner.’ According to Karl Gruber, you realize that the world is a dream and that no offense has really taken place. In the 3 Pillars, Karls discusses ‘Quantum Forgiveness,’ and if you apply his recommendation, you can dispel that overwhelming ‘I’ve been wronged’ negativity.

The 3 Pillars Review – My Final Determination

You’ve heard of a power walk? This is a power read! I was able to review the 26-page manual in about 30 minutes. And now I may be the recipient of a lifetime of help.

The concepts of mind, body, and soul (i.e., spirituality) are not new. But it’s the way that Karl Gruber constructs his messages that truly provides food for thought … and action.

Here, Karl shows how to build these 3 pillars, one pillar at a time. He underscores the point that there is synergy between these pillars, and that when all three are working well, manifestation is much more likely to result.

My only criticism is that I wish he would expound on a multitude of ways to construct (or reconstruct) a pillar that is weak. But I understand that this is in the works as Karl plans to expand on the ideas presented in this e-book. When he does, it deserves to become a best-seller.

But even by itself, the 3 Pillars is an outstanding read, especially if you’re not seeing light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Karl’s work is illuminating, and manifestation will be attainable if you finally put these 3 pillars in place (with an added beam of forgiveness).

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