Have you ever noticed that technology can make jobs easier but it can also make jobs scarce. And so it goes with Visme the so-deemed Easy Web Content Presenter. While it can make any marketer’s job to create visual content a simple endeavor, it can also eliminate the need of graphic designers. In this Visme review, I will pinpoint Visme’s particulars and how its elements come together to help you deploy stunning visual aids – ones that you can create independently without any designer’s input.

Let’s Look at the Visme Super-Charged Engine

If you go to, the powers that be declare, “Create the Best Content … presentations, infographics, and much more.” But after comparing this tool with competitors, like ZOHO Docs, Slides, Emaze, and even independent graphic designers, this bold claim may be an accurate one.

But before performing any quality assessment, let’s first list all the potential Visme projects you can create:

  • Presentation
  • Infographic
  • Banner ad
  • Blank canvas

You simply name a project and then choose among the available options. It appears that Visme is an ever-expanding tool because there are other types of visual options that soon will be released, such as Wireframe (representing the framework of a website) and Product demo.

But first, you’ll have to master the big 4 options listed above. There’s no need to worry. There’s not much sweat equity involved in creating this type of data visualization as elements are laid out so clearly.

Of course, there is also no need to know any HTML, PHP, or any type of coding because this is a paint-by-numbers mechanism where you’re just choosing among components to create a visual masterpiece.

The preview button will soon become your favorite, and don’t underestimate the value of the garbage can when you have to discard an ill-advised element you should not have added.

There are a myriad of colors, fonts, and free images that can help you make professional and aesthetically-pleasing visual content.

The animation option (you can also time when animations appear!) is the piece de resistance that can elevate your graphic design appeal.

Text can also make or break your presentation. Why not help your text stand out, for example, by making it appear as an attention-grabbing wave or come to the forefront with noticeable impact?

You can change the background of a slide and text, fiddle with the border colors of an image, experiment with hues and opacity, and add a multitude of effects.

How about adding a Youtube video to your content, or including a catchy mp3 song? You can do that with Visme as the tool strives to be all-encompassing and all-pleasing.

Introducing Your Visme Presentation – Drag and Drop Simplicity

Here are sample Visme backgrounds

The sky’s the limit in what you can produce when you select ‘Visme Presentation.’ For instance, you can add a Youtube video and a related picture right next to it. If you want to highlight facts and figures, you can click on the ‘Charts and Graphs’ option.

The hardest part will not entail knowing how to use these options, but knowing which ones to use. After all, you don’t want to flood your presentation with so many elements as to overwhelm the viewer.

There are 8 primary presentation buttons to use, listed from top to bottom, as they appear on the left side of the main frame or stage:

See Visme's main presentation items

  • Background
  • Text
  • Shapes and icons
  • Images
  • Charts and graphs
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Iframe (code insertion)

I count over 100 backgrounds (if you include the ones that appear when you add a new slide) but some are much more appealing than others. Still, the background is all-important because it frames your work. You can even import your own background with one of the Premium accounts.

The text has a variety of features and I must admit that I enjoy playing with the animation effects. When you click text, you have a submenu appear and you can then experiment with text padding, line height, background color, border properties, and so much more.

To make your visual more compelling and telling, there are a myriad of shapes and icons, in many diverse categories, including lines, arrows, people, business (e.g., shopping cart image), web icons, banners, and other visually-stimulating elements. Even the free Visme version has a wealth of elements to choose from but a Premium Account offers a truly amazing array. (Admittedly, some of the shapes and icons fall short of my aesthetic expectations but there are enough to select that will help you to produce a ‘Wow effect.’)

By all means, play around with the images and charts and graphs, too. Once again, let your imagination roam free as you can also import your own images and even construct and import your own graph

Adding a video adds to the level of engagement. You can insert a Youtube or Vimeo video using certain parameters, such as selecting auto-play or hiding the control bars.

To enrich the Visme presentation further, you can add audio in mp3 format. You can decide when to fade the audio in and when to fade it out.

Need to insert an external application to Visme? In the iframe widget input box, for instance, just add your external asset, such as your autoresponder code and you’re good to go.

Visme Infographic Alert – Become a Data Visualization Designer

Here are sample Visme infographic templates

Visme’s infographic option is quick, easy, and painless to use. The hardest part, at least on my slow computer, is waiting for the template infographic to load. There are five free infographic templates provided and more if you opt for the Premium account.

Now your work is tantamount to cutting and pasting. You’re using the same 8 presenter options listed above, with all the various submenus. You’re simply changing the titles, images, and words to make the infographic unique and relevant to your needs.

Aside from the useful garbage can to delete items, there is also an ‘undo button.’ As you add elements, you’ll have to judiciously place them in the right spot, resizing them if necessary.

By the way, the one drawback with using Visme’s images is that the search function to locate given pictures, includes some unrelated pictures. But you’ll find what you need or upload your own. It’s also worth mentioning that images can be layered, cropped, replaced, and linked to any source, .

If you’re an infographic maven, you can only create 3 infographics under Visme’s free program. You’ll have to upgrade your account to make more.

Visme Banner Ads Can Get You Noticed

Look at these Visme banner ad templates

Yes, as affiliate marketers, we know that visitors are growing increasingly disinterested in clicking banners. A banner blindness exists where folks ignore them – either on a conscious or subconscious level.

Nov Visme banners will not necessarily prevent the banner blindness phenomenon but you can make an intriguing banner or header with their attractive templates.

The banner templates range in all different sizes. You can opt to use the small square (200 x 200 pixels), leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels), a typical banner (468 x 60 pixels), and many other combinations. You can even select your own custom size.

Once again, you’re using the big 8 tools and their respective submenus, altering the parts of the banner that need to change. You can delete and then input new words, splash a new font and customize the background colors to your specifications.

Visme is the equivalent of the toy, Mr. Potato Head. You’re constantly shifting elements to make your visions become reality.

Publish on Visme – Sharing Your Work With the World

Right next to the Preview option is the Publish option. You’ll see that the world at large is very accessible using Visme as a publishing conduit.

You receive a link to your published work (you can always cloak the link if you wish) and then share it on social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also email the link to your list or to anyone you wish to see it.

There are publish settings available. You’ll have to make the decision as to whether to hide your profile, enable comments, advance the slides automatically, and choose among other parameters. The design option choices are interesting as you control the page background with a light, dark, or custom theme, or decide whether or not to show the control bar. The responsiveness tab can be turned on or off but why not make the presentation responsive.

Although in Beta stage, you can download all slides as an archive of images (JPG and PNG). Alternatively, you can download all slides as a PDF document or in HTML.

Finally, you can embed your Visme presentation on your website. It will not work, however, if you do not click the ‘Published’ button.

Here is an example of a quick, meaningless presentation I created in a split second. I only created it to see how it would look in this blog entry.

Visme Tutorial – See What Your Missing

I was going to create a quick Visme demo but why reinvent the wheel? I found the following Visme tutorial helpful before I started to go through the features, and experiment a la trial and error. Hopefully, you’ll find this Visme tutorial useful, too.

Visme Review – Enticing Pricing

Look at these Visme banner ad templates

Once you see all the options available in the Premium package, your basic/free package will seem lacking. I would advise signing up for the free program just to get your feet wet. But when you familiarize yourself with the available options, you’ll probably be motivated to dive deeper into the ocean of presentation creation. This is especially true because the Premium packages are so affordable.

There is a standard $7 a month program that provides many elite features, such as the ability to download in other formats besides JPG. You’ll be able to get the Visme branding removed, get more charts and infographic widgets, and receive the premium assets and templates.

Serious affiliate marketers will need those analytics, however. For $16 a month, you’ll have access to these all-important stats. Furthermore, unlike the other programs, you’ll be able to use a privacy option, organize the data with folders, import from PowerPoint/Keynote, share projects with others on your team and set permissions, and avail yourself to Premium support.

In summary, Visme pricing is rather cheap. You can either get the basic, free program, or opt for the $7 or $16 a month program.

What I didn’t Like About Visme

While this Visme review has been overwhelming positive, and hopefully, informative, there is room for Visme to improve its product.

I’m not enthralled with some of the prefabs or widgets in the text area. Similarly, several widgets in the shapes and icons category, and even the charts and graphs category, are lacking from a design capacity. (Still, there is a wealth of images and icons to select from so your final visual presentation will be bold and dramatic.)

As I mentioned before, the image search function needs to be more accurate.

Another minor criticism is that it takes some time for the infographic to load … at least on this old computer I’m using. Load times should be quicker on a newer computer or tablet. (Although mobile-ready and mobile-friendly, I would not suggest using Visme on a smart phone, for example. It’s much easier to experiment with the features using a computer or even an iPad.)

There is not too much clunkiness when I typically load templates or edit slides. However, on occasion, I did experience some technical snafus. Again, this may be more reflective of my computer’s limitations rather than any originating with Visme.

One final con is that while Visme can import in PPTX format, a feature or two in a given PowerPoint slide or presentation may not look exactly as it should appear. Moreover, you’re capped at importing a 50mb presentation in this format.

Visme – My Final Determination

Despite any of the minor shortcomings listed above, Visme is a powerful presentation tool. Replete with a dazzling array of options, you’ll be able to produce stunning, eye-opening visuals that will get your message noticed – even if you just start off with a blank canvas.

Perhaps one of Visme’s greatest strength lies in its templates. The presenter designs and infographic templates are truly eye-catching.

As important, editing can be done swiftly and deftly as you add and remove components with ease. Continue to experiment with fonts, color, animation, images, and other widgets to reflect your message in a professional, convincing way.

The organization among options is enviable. You will never get lost using the individual tools. Moreover, you can organize your work in folders, categorizing by type of presentation, for example, if you get the $16/month Premium version.

Even better is the availability of this Premium package’s Analytics. You’ll be able to see the following stats: the date of the presentation visit, the visitor’s IP address, the visitor’s location, the time spent reviewing the presentation, and the source of the visit, such as when viewed as an embedded project.

All in all, Visme has the soup and nuts to enable you to become your own graphic designer. Visual presentation has never been so effective and easy, and that is Visme’s exact mission!

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