The Money Steward Review: A Kingdom of Wealth and Prosperity

The Money Steward Review
Course created by: Greg Nichols
Launch date: October 20, 2014
Price: Phase 1: The Money Steward $59.95 – annual recurring membership
Phase 2: More intensive biblical mentoring system and includes Phase 1 and $1,000 a Day Marketing Letter – $139.95 – annual recurring membership

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This Money Steward Review was prompted by my serendipitous discovery of an affiliate resource that bridges the gap between religious, spiritual doctrine and secular concerns. Yes, many of us pray to a higher power about our money worries, but that may be the start and end of a connection between the godly and material. So when I came across a product that teaches sound financial principles in the context of Biblical passages, I stopped in my tracks. As such, let’s take a closer look at The Money Steward by Greg Nichols.

What is a Money Steward?

Review the Money Steward and receive sound biblical training on financial principles

You have to first get rid of the notion that any given money belongs to you. In a stewardship model, all financial resources belong to God. In his mercy and generosity, the Lord allows us to have the resources we need to live a productive life.

The following are essential principles in a Money Steward model:

  • The Universe may be abundant, and you may notice others with more wealth and riches, but He has provided each of us with enough to fulfill our preconceived destiny.
  • It’s important to control and manage our finances with prudent, conservative spending, and wise savings.
  • Avoid owing anything, if possible. A debt-free life unshackles our burdens and frees the conscience.
  • Investments are encouraged, bearing ever-growing fruit.
  • Establishing a budget is a necessity. How else can we be better stewards than to have something left in our financial coffers.
  • Give generously and willingly, particularly to the less fortunate.

Now I’m far from a theologian but there are number of passages in the Bible about saving (1 Corinthians 16:2), paying off debt (Psalms 37:21), prudently investing (Proverbs 21:5), and giving (2 Corinthians 9:7. In the Money Steward, author Greg Nichols, will acquaint the reader with Biblical passages and parables to better convey what true financial stewardship is all about.

The Money Steward Review – Does it Also Teach How to Make Money?

Alright, so as you know, this resource provides a religious and spiritual framework on how to think of money and manage it. But it also reveals to the reader how to earn money and grow it. Author Greg Nichols is walking on the path of abundance and he seems to be welcoming us as part of his flock.

Are you ready to see your financial miracle materialize? It may be with an idea proposed by Greg. He includes discussion on successful blogging, reselling the Money Steward, investing in unique and valuable metal coins, and acquiring gold and silver and other metals to serve as protection against the debt crisis. He mentions other ideas to sustain and bolster finances, and protect against possible economic collapse.

Even those who are not politically and economically astute (I’m in that category, too) may be interested in what the Bible has to say about the future of our economy. Greg shares such insight in the Money Steward. Regardless of any possible societal financial cataclysm, one has to be prepared. This is a resource for such preparation.

Money Steward Review – Living a Principled Life

I appreciate the fact that the Money Steward includes discussion on old-fashioned values. It’s important to exhibit not just financial prudence and maturity, but wisdom and a sense of maturity in everyday life.

Greg explains that God is looking for responsible and trustworthy stewards. The money and wealth may be distributed to those He feels will manage and use it wisely. Of course, this begs the question why some seemingly irresponsible and selfish folks, accumulate wealth beyond imagination. I may just have to email the author to gain some clearer perspective on that issue.

Still, living a conservative, responsible, and charitable life strikes a responsive chord within me. The author hopes his audience manifests such attributes, too — not only to gain financial abundance but to lead the proverbial purposeful life.

The Money Steward: Final Determination

Some people may not be comfortable with the subject matter. However, if you’re inclined to read religious doctrine and/or the Bible, you may very well want this resource to become part of your reading and listening library. (The Money Steward product is comprised of articles and videos that are accessible to you on a bi-weekly basis.) Even if you’re not predisposed to reading religious text, you may find the information fascinating.

This product covers so many diverse topics and is very reasonably priced at $59 per year. You’ll get a bevy of entrepreneurial, money-making ideas, sound financial principles, a Christian perspective on financial money management, economic and political enlightenment via a religious context, and a host of other subjects pertaining to life, financial liberty, and happiness.

Greg Nichols also offers an upsell, an even more intensive biblical mentoring system. It includes the Money Steward and his $1,000 a Day Marketing Letter. I’m sure the ideas in the newsletter are very sound but it’s difficult for me to imagine amassing that much money in one day. This limiting mindset may be what’s keeping me from attaining super affiliate status.

I need to be open to limitless possibilities and so should you. Discovering how to attain prosperity should be an easier process through Greg Nichols’ The Money Steward.

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