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There are many affiliate-related products to assess but when I noticed Josh Spaulding was launching Money Site Trainer, I knew that I had to perform a Money Site Trainer Review.

Money Site Trainer Review’s Man of the Hour – Josh Spaulding

Learn how to make sustainable money-making sites

In a competitive, over-saturated affiliate marketplace, Josh Spaulding has carved out a reputation as an affiliate expert. With all the shiny objects dangled in front of new and struggling affiliates, and all the pseudo gurus stepping in front of the starving successful affiliate wannabe crowd, one would be wise to follow Josh Spaulding’s path.

Josh has risen the ranks – from a new affiliate who initially did not have a clear direction to someone who found his way to the affiliate promise land of success. Just look at his Warrior Forum activity. His posts are nearing 3,000 and the number of folks who have benefited from his ideas and strategies are much greater than that number. He is an Internet Marketing / affiliate marketing veteran with over a decade of solid experience.

Does anyone remember those commercials for E.F. Hutton. Someone in a crowded room would say, “Well, my broker is E.F. Hutton and he says,” and everyone would stop what they’re doing, and listen with full attention. Now replace that with, “Well, my affiliate coach is Josh Spaulding and he says …” It’s time to settle down, take away all shiny distractions, and infuse yourself in the wisdom, guidance, and direction outlined in Money Site Trainer.

Money Site Trainer Review Operative Question – What is Money Site Trainer?

As the name suggests, Money Site Trainer is Josh Spaulding’s new product that will train any affiliate to develop lucrative money sites. Josh calls such sites, MST sites, an acronym for Money Site Trainer. While it may seem nearly impossible to monetize sites these days, Josh’s course may change your mind and flip the switch where a site goes from zero revenue to thousands within months.

Money Site Trainer does not promise instant, get rich quick wealth … and it shouldn’t. Internet and affiliate success is a journey where one learns what works and what does not through trial and error. And even with the most savvy coach directing you, there’s still niches to pick, keyword phrases to target, content to produce, links to build, social networks to access, and a host of other tasks that can make or break you – figuratively and financially.

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How Long Will it Take Before I See My PayPal Account Expanding With MST Sites?

Again, do not think that success will happen overnight. However, Josh claims that you can even become an authority in your niche after one month, but that seems like a best case scenario. It’s better to overestimate the amount of time it takes to get your MST sites to the forefront of Google, but know that Josh has students who experienced hefty profit after a month of online activity (well, the right activity.)

In Money Site Trainer, you’ll learn to build your own MST sites, and with Josh at the helm, you’ll dramatically hasten the learning curve.

First and foremost, you need a system. Money Site Trainer comes to the rescue by providing a systematic approach that you can implement with ease. And once you construct your first MST site, it’s just a matter of ‘rinse and repeat,’ mirroring what has already proven successful.

Does it really matter when the train gets to its destination – one month, two months, or longer? Just know that with Money Site Trainer, you’re on the right track.

Money Site Trainer Review – Shedding Light on the Content of Money Site Trainer

Alright, my Money Site Trainer review should get into the particulars of the training. For those who prefer video format, you’re in luck because Money Site Trainer is a powerful and insightful 10 video course. Each module will take you by the hand from niche selection to email marketing to squeeze page development to monetization principles, and everything in between.

But here’s the best part. The course is not based on ‘first you do this and then you do that” discourse. You actually get to look over Josh’s shoulder as he builds an authority site right in front of your eyes. Moreover, Josh will develop a niche site, a squeeze page, and a sales funnel for your viewing pleasure. Finally, he ties everything together by showing how he promotes his newly created Internet properties via SEO and other strategies.

This is a sample of what you’ll learn with Money Site Trainer:

You’ll never have to wonder about niche selection again. Josh reviews all the criteria you must take into account before building MST sites. Josh also advises that you must be passionate about your niche to sustain motivation and interest developing the site.

The confusion about .com, .net, .org, .guru … and well .anything will be lifted. Our resident hero will even register a domain in Money Site Trainer.

You’ve heard of SEO but now learn SCO – setup, configure, and optimize. This is crucial in building a winning online property. Josh will demonstrate the right way to build your website foundation.

MST sites must have appealing, high-converting squeeze pages. Josh will show you the way to squeeze page profit.

Do not gloss over your MST site’s host. Josh provides a voice of clarity regarding hosting consideration. Learn what to do … and what not to do.

This Money Site Trainer reviewer needs to learn how to better monetize sites. I’m sure that I’m not alone. Josh answers the call and reviews kick-butt monetization methods.

Do not forget the importance of email list marketing and its ensuring traffic and profit. Money Site Trainer covers this topic as well.

Traffic methods and strategies abound in Money Site Trainer.

Money Site Trainer Review – Are There Any Negatives With Money Site Trainer

At $77, This course costs more than a typical WSO or JvZoo affiliate marketing product. (You get what you pay for, and Josh Spaulding’s training video course is chock full of golden nuggets where a great return on investment is likely.

Money Site Trainer – Verdict

Create money-making sites is so much easier when you can learn by example. Josh Spaulding is the ideal teacher who leads his student customers towards affiliate marketing success.

Josh is not just creating an authority site right in front of you, but a niche site, squeeze page, and sales funnel. You won’t ever have to say, ‘How do you do that?” You’ll discover how to build traffic to them and monetize them. You can be that fly on the wall, taking it all in, as he builds his empire from the ground up.

This Money Site Trainer review gives Money Site Trainer an unequivocal two thumbs up.

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