The Infinite Fire Within Review – A Leap of Faith

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I had to write this Infinite Fire Within review after watching the Legend of Korra (season 2) with my grandson. In the final episode, our heroine Avatar, Korra, learns that she is not defined by Raava, the spirit of peace and light. As she no longer has a connection to Raava, she must marshal her own ‘inner spirit’ to save the world, if not herself. In his guide, The Infinite Fire Within, author Taulant Bytyqi helps us to find our own inner spirit and heart’s desires. This self-discovery is essential to lead a purpose-driven life and one of happiness.

The Infinite Fire Within – Don’t We Always Try to Get What We Want?

Review The Infinite Fire Within, a book that leads towards self-actualization

Human beings are self-serving and many times, we try to satisfy our needs and wants. But too often, in the greater scheme of life, we really can’t even recognize our own passions and desires. We may not have even done any introspective work on figuring out what truly makes us happy – not just for the short term but for the long-term.

In addition, we’re programmed to please others, especially those whom we love. How many of us, for example, choose occupations that we think will meet with approval from our parents? We also look for acceptance and approval from our neighbors and society, in general. A job replete with power, responsibility, and great financial compensation may boost our egos, but is lasting happiness a by-product?

In the Infinite Fire Within, Taulant Bytyqi writes about ego gratification. Yes, we may feel good about getting that promotion, winning that contest, getting straight A’s, or attaining any other coveted goal especially when others notice our achievements. But if a state of happiness is intertwined with ego and always winning, you’ll only feel as good and content as your last success. Moreover, ego does not foster bonds with others. It encourages perpetual competition with others.

And as we try to massage that ego, our outer-directedness (i.e., caring so much what people think) leads us to abandon self-fulfilling actions or even formulating self-actualizing plans. We have to stay the course. Taulant in the Infinite Fire Within calls this adhering to the herd mentality. Our choices reflect a sense of conformity and we bow to societal constraints.

But remaining part of the greater herd has a reward: we feel safe. Going out of our comfort zone is risky and anxiety-provoking. We long for security and familiarity. A new challenge, particularly one where we receive little, if any, encouragement, increases uncertainty and stress. So we stay in our comfort zones, quelling the fire within, even if elusive happiness is outside that comfort zone.

The Infinite Fire Within Review – Tuning In to Your Heart’s Desires

Folks, it’s time to think about what you really want. Therefore, you must silence others’ voices about what they want for (or from) you and your own inner voice whose favorite word is, ‘can’t.’ In the Infinite Fire Within, Taulant takes you along the path towards self-discovery and accompanying passion. He is leading the reader outside the comfort zone and into the pleasure zone. After reading the book, you’ll be in a much better position to recognize your passions and purpose, and derive meaningful happiness from this discovery.

The first two chapters of the Infinite Fire Within guide provide the roadmap for getting out of this comfort zone and figuring out the true desires of your heart. While passion and desire vary among individuals, the process is the same. You will soon become analytical and introspective.

You’ll have to note that your present way of life is not working for you. Intent to change comes to the surface and you’ll start to take action. You may have to take small steps out of the comfort zone initially but your first successes will help your confidence to grow, and you’ll be taking larger steps in time. Regardless, the steps are now … finally … taking you in the right direction – one that promises inner peace, contentment, if not greater self-worth.

In the Infinite Fire Within, Taulant cautions us to avoid being part of the ‘effect of life.’ Indeed, we need not be like a leaf blowing in the wind, affected by outside forces. Let’s summon an inferno of perseverance with a blaze of self-empowerment, committed to reaching our true destiny. Let’s get rid of the victim mentality, waiting for something great to happen to us. We’re in charge and in control, ready, willing, and able to take action!

But again, to take action, we have to firmly know what we want. (I shouldn’t use the word desires and wants interchangeably here as Taulant writes about the difference between these words in the Infinite Fire Within.) The guide asks thought-provoking questions so we can discover what we’re meant for. This requires self-reflection and total honesty. This work will help us find our true path.

The Infinite Fire Within – Stoking the Fire

In order to stoke the fire where it sustains you and does not overwhelm you, it’s necessary to conquer your emotions. Changing perceptions and actions can be difficult and even scary even as you find and go for your heart’s desires. It’s that old nemesis, fear, again. After reviewing the Infinite Fire Within, author Taulant Bytyqi provides thorough discussion of this immobilizing dread and how you can forever abandon this fearful state of mind. It’s so important to avoid feeding and stoking any embers of fear. You must extinguish it so it does not get in the way of your new, purposeful life.

Fearless, you’ll now use Taulant’s template to live your life to the fullest. You’ll live life in the present to mold a better future and take productive action each day. The 80%/20% principle is applicable here as you concentrate on those actions that ensure progress, and eliminate those that are counter-productive.

The Infinite Fire Within Review – Final Determination

I really like this fire within me quote: “I’m alive because the fire within me burns brighter than the fire around me.” Indeed, we must recognize that our fiery inner spirit has greater power and influence than any scorching challenge.

In this Infinite Fire Within review, I can unequivocally state that the author, Taulant Bytyqi, provides guidance and direction in helping us marshal our inner determination and sense of purpose, damn the torpedoes. He gives us a template to get rid of any natural inclination to maintain the secure status quo. Alternatively, he instructs us on how to recognize, fulfill, and design our hearts’ desires, forever expanding our comfort zones.

We will soon awaken confidence and understand the principles of success, managing time and thoughts much more prudently. We will manifest self-actualization and finally radiate an incandescence of happiness.

The Infinite Fire Within is not just smoke and mirrors. It really can serve as the turning point in your life. And it does not matter what age you begin the process. Yes, the book may be targeted for youth, but anyone at any age will benefit from its tremendous insight. As such, it deserves to receive an endorsement in this Infinite Fire Within review.

The guide is only $37. (There’s also an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee.) It’s a small price to pay to ignite your fire within.

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