What is Destiny Tuning? – A Heartfelt Explanation

I was first introduced to the term, ‘Destiny tuning’ by Heather Mathews, author of the guide, The Manifestation Miracle. While I’ve read several books and articles on the Law of Attraction (e.g., positive thoughts attract positive outcomes), the idea of tuning destiny did not initially have the same clarity for me as say tuning an instrument. But after a lot of reflection, I can now can answer the question, “What is destiny tuning?”

When I tune an instrument, I am fiddling around with the sound so it will have the correct pitch. I can readily exert an action and manipulate a desired change.

Discover what is destiny tuning

But too often in my life, I’ve felt helpless to change my own destiny, regardless of any action on my part. Sadly, I’ve felt victimized by fate, struggling with no-win, lose-lose choices. Immobilized and unsure of myself, I had no idea of my true purpose on this planet, and did not even know who I really was and the inherent power that I possessed.

But books like the Manifestation Miracle remind me that I can activate a certain destiny instead of sitting back, and getting affected by it.

So destiny tuning encapsulates the idea that we’re not in tune with ourselves, uncertain of our gifts and abilities, and unaware of the abundance within and around us that can be ours for the taking.

The concept expands with the realization that we can alter or tune our destiny as well by following universal laws of nature, such as the Law of Attraction.

But to answer the question, “What is destiny tuning?’ one cannot just manifest a better future with the brain. Yes, cognitive thinking can contribute to any manifestation by providing a concrete concept of a dream and the visualization that it’s attainable.

Mindful meditation helps us tune destiny by allowing us to use guided imagery and seeing the best materialize with our mind’s eye.

But it’s the heart that does the heavy lifting when it comes to manifesting miracles. It’s all about vibrational frequencies, according to Heather Mathews.

When our thoughts (governed by our heart and not the brain!) reflect unbridled joy, happiness, and peace, we resonate on a very high frequency. All the good in the world also resonates on this same high frequency. Therefore, through the Law of Attraction, we’re in position to attract life’s favorable events.

Similarly, when our emotion-laden thoughts reflect sadness, disappointment, anger, or bitterness, our electromagnetic vibrations are on a low frequency. Can you guess what we’re going to attract when we’re at this state? Predictably, we will attract problems and other difficult situations that resonate on this same low frequency.

To clarify the above explanation, think of yourself as a magnet, and you’re exerting a certain electromagnetic field, energy, and vibration level. Your vibrational frequencies – whether high, low, or in between, can influence the outcome of events.

This is one of the reasons why Heather Mathews encourages the use of a gratitude journal. By writing down all that you’re thankful and grateful for, you’re much more likely to resonate on a high vibrational frequency, and therefore, you’re more likely to receive universal abundance.

In this way, your heart serves as the tuning fork. Mood elevation via embracing love, compassion, empathy, joy, and contentment, can lead to higher vibrational frequencies and a better, more satisfying life.

What is Destiny Tuning Summary

I also thought it would be instructive to define destiny tuning in a series of steps. Please note this is my interpretation and may not coincide with Heather Mathew’s intent or align with others’ perspectives on the topic. But as I think that I’m very psychologically-oriented, I’m confident in my answer of What is destiny tuning.

a) We’re not in tune with our purpose in life and almost feel detached from ourselves. We’re also completely unaware of an abundant universe that’s ready to give us what we want as long as we position ourselves to receive this abundance;

b) We can manifest miracles and attain our dreams through destiny tuning meditation and the use of guided imagery. But know the power of the heart to make our wishes come true. (Ironically, we use our heart to make wishes but we don’t understand that it can also be used to get the supreme power and the universe to grant us these wishes)

c) The heart controls our thoughts (although thoughts can also strongly affect feelings), and helps us to resonate at a higher frequency so that we can readily attract the high-frequency goodness of the universe.

Increasing Your Energetic Aura

A friend laughed at me when I explained the concepts of the Law of Attraction, and particularly destiny tuning. He joked that his recent bout of eye twitching revealed that his vibrational frequencies are going haywire.

But what he does not understand is that quantum physicists have already proven that we have an energy field around us. He does not understand that people often show the same brain patterns when they visualize a success as when they actually achieve a success.

So it’s time to strengthen our energy and begin to vibrate on a higher plane. You can perform destiny tuning meditation, focus on your breath, simply slow down and feel oneness with the universe, and allow your heart to lead you towards prosperity.

Thankfully, destiny tuning can be an instrument for positive change in your life and the manifestation of all miracles.


1. I write about destiny tuning in this Manifestation Miracle review.

2. Abraham Hicks is a brilliant speaker who provides insight into the Law of Attraction and destiny tuning.