Karma is not Destiny – Free Your Inner Child

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We bring in karma from past lives. Karma are desires we have not fulfilled. People have unresolved issues with relationships, money, jealousy, lust and addictions to name a few.

We make a contract with the Divine before we come to earth and ascertain which karmas we will deal with in this lifetime. The minute we enter the earth plane we forget about the contract. Forgetfulness can even occur in the fetus.

Your beliefs will determine your fate and your future

Our subconscious remembers everything from past lives and it automatically knows what needs to be triggered for each person to fulfill his/her contractual agreement. As a result, a trauma will occur during the early childhood years usually between the ages of 2 to 7 years old. That is why these years are known as the most formative years in a person’s life. These years build the foundation for success in life. Preschool could be considered the University of Life.

Beliefs related to our karma will be triggered by intense emotions. For instance, if a child is abused, he/she will most likely form a belief of failure and not being good enough. This trauma will elicit a strong electrical charge. The belief can also be engaged by something as simple as losing at a game and the people around the child gloating and “making fun” of the child. If the child is not dealing with the karma of failure, it won’t affect him/her. However, if this karma needs to be embedded into the subconscious in this lifetime, the child may be totally traumatized about losing and generate the same intense emotion.

One may say how is it possible for a trauma such as abuse and losing a game able to create the same belief? As mentioned in previous articles, the Universe doesn’t determine good or bad. The Universe looks for a strong electrical charge. So, whatever thoughts light up the sky, will be the beliefs cemented into our subconscious. Once the belief is engraved in our subconscious, layers and layers of this belief emerge from the past and we create situations in this life to agree with the belief. It is called the self fulfilling prophecy.

Our subconscious is called our inner child. It is us as children in a state of fear, panic, rage, guilt, shame and I could go on and on. As children, we don’t have the coping skills to deal with these intense emotions. We either cry and cower into a fetal position or become a fighting warrior lashing out at those around us. Children don’t know what to do and are trapped. There is no one to trust, guide or help them. They stand by their beliefs and refuse to release them because it is their way of protecting themselves from the harshness of society.

You may want to picture the belief as a piece of paper with the words written across “I am a failure,” “I am unsafe,” “I am alone,” or whatever belief comes up in your mind. Now see your child clutching that piece of paper in his/her hands. See the look of terror on your child’s face.

It is time to create a safe environment for your child. Go meet your child. This is done through visualization. If you find it difficult to visualize, just feel your inner child’s energy and know within your heart he/she is present. Develop a trust. Play a game with your child. Tell your child you love him/her. Thank your child for protecting you all these years. Hug your child. Ask your child to give you the piece of paper in his/her hand. Once your child gives you the paper, that is the permission you need to release the limiting belief. Then, you ask the Divine to take it from you. You could use St. Germaine’s Violet Flame to torch the paper. You could use Archangel Michael’s blue sword of protection to cut the paper and send it off into the Universe to be expunged into white light. You could use Ganesha to remove the obstacle and transmute it into a new, positive belief. You could talk to whatever Divine being you are close to and tell them your inner child gave you permission to start a new life.

There will be tears as you comfort your inner child. Both you and your child will most likely cry. Crying is a great release no matter what gender you are. Allow the nurturing, feminine energy to come forth. Feminine energy exists inside every human regardless of the gender they chose to be born in. It is the best cleansing you could give yourself. Your inner child may fight you. Just be patient, kind and develop a trust with your inner child. Remember to tell your inner child you love him/her unconditionally and forgive him/her completely.

You will feel empowered by this action. It takes courage to deal with emotions. You all have courage! You just forgot. Allow the courage to guide you and know you are always loved and protected. Your invisible angels will be with you every step of the way. How do I know? I experienced everything I am sharing within my own body. We are never alone even when we feel we are!

Someone once asked me if I forgive myself completely, aren’t I saying I did something wrong? It is not a blame. It is an awareness. We have brought these experiences into our lives in order to fulfill our contract. When we are cognizant of this fact, it is easy to release. When we blame others, we create more anger, fears and worries for our inner child to hold onto. Your inner child becomes buried under a collection of papers and is dying a very slow death. Only you have the power to speak to your inner child because your child is you! Set your inner child free and enjoy a life of happiness. You are the Master of Your Own Destiny!

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