Humility – Equal, We’re All Conduits for Divine Energy

People who are humble are respected by our society. For instance, when an actor receives an award for his accomplishments and he gives a beautiful speech that lacks conceit, people applaud vigorously. We are all conduits for divine energy to flow through and therefore we are equal. However, those who choose to release limiting beliefs in their subconscious will be pure conduits. In other words, the more negative beliefs released, the easier it is for divine energy to flow through. Otherwise these deleterious thoughts will block the energy from rising.

Picture of a man praying with humility

Prayer, gratitude, faith, devotion and love for God will enable the blockages to dissolve. Once the divine energy circulates throughout the body, one realizes the power of God and the strength that exists inside. At that point, the God within and the God outside work together in perfect harmony.

People constantly refer to humility. The Saints of the past were definitely humble. For instance, Buddha renounced his wealth and became a beggar. Many Saints were disguised as humans in impoverished states. As a result, most of society looked down upon these holy people until they revealed themselves for who they truly were. Joan of Arc proclaimed that she was a messenger from God and was executed as a result. At one point she was revered, then shunned and after her death canonized as a Saint.

Eckhart Tolle, the world renowned author of “Messages from God,” sat on a park bench for 2 years in poverty. He became famous once he published his book and people started believing he really received messages from God. Eckhart is a pure conduit. It was during those 2 years that he revealed his true power and that power exists within every human on this planet. People have to be willing to delve into their subconscious to recognize this simple truth. In order to do this quickly, people must love themselves unconditionally and forgive themselves completely. This is the greatest gift and only gift people could offer to God the Creator and he will happily accept.

The new Saints are all of humanity who open up to their God selves. It is no longer one Saint at a time on this planet. The world will witness millions of Saints simultaneously. These Saints will exist at different vibrational frequencies at the 5th dimension or above. In other words, a human that exists at the 10th dimension is not better than a human who exists at the 5th dimension. They are simply different realms to explore with new adventures. In order to reach the 5th dimension and above, people must be a totally pure conduit. Anger, revenge, hostility, fears, worries, lust, greed, guilt, shame or any negative beliefs do not exist in the higher realms.

Let me clarify so it is understood. A person who has fears may still experience the 5th dimension for intervals at a time. The times those people have complete love and forgiveness will allow them to ascend and feel ecstasy. However, when fears emanate in their thoughts, people automatically descend back into the 3rd dimension. The more love in our hearts, the longer we stay in the higher realms. The higher realms enables us to see our dreams come to fruition. That is how powerful our thoughts are.

So, I am in a quandary. To me, there is an extremely fine line between humility and stating the truth. When people express the truth, there is no ego or conceit involved. It is simply a fact. If people claim they are not powerful, they are lying to themselves and all of humanity. I have been with many Saints. They are alive and operate at extremely high vibrational frequencies. They know they are God in a human form. Their powers are extraordinary because they exist solely on unconditional love, complete forgiveness and total acceptance for all beings on this planet and every planet in the Universe. It is the mission of these Saints to teach people they are also God in a human form.

I became friends with many of the devotees of the 5 Saints I met. The devotees often said to me if it is God’s will, it will happen. The truth is it is our thoughts, words and actions that make something happen. God will not interfere with our free will. Our desires go out to the Universe and God and his helpers fulfill those desires according to the will of our souls. Good or bad we are responsible for every experience. The God within us works in partnership with the God outside of us.

There are millions of people on this planet who are awake and know the secret I just revealed. They will be helping the people who have been sleeping. I was one of those sleeping people and I am thrilled I have awakened to the truth. The Golden Age is a time to revere ourselves and all of humanity for we are all the same. However, God the formless existential energy is always revered before us. We are God’s children and wouldn’t exist without the grace of God.

We no longer need to compare ourselves to others or put anybody on a pedestal. We are all learning our lessons to be totally pure conduits and ascend into the higher realms. It sounds like the task is too hard to achieve. I could tell you the desire to ascend is half the battle. When the intent goes out to the Universe, you will meet people who will help you. Remember, we all started out asleep. It was when we met Saints or extraordinary teachers that we woke up. The moment you choose to love and forgive, you will witness miracles in your life. They may be small miracles such as synchronicity or they may be huge such as meeting the person of your dreams. Once this happens, you will realize you are creating this. You already exist at every realm. As you bring an abundance of love and forgiveness into your heart, you will merge with yourself at each realm. Climb the ladder to infinity and make sure you get off occasionally to explore the wonders of the Universe.

I ask people this question. Is it humble to say we are pure conduits of divine energy? In my definition of humility, the truth is the highest form of being humble. Millions of people are afraid to express themselves because they are in the same quandary as I. I am very humble and I am also a pure conduit for divine energy to flow through.

I hope this article allows people to express their truth and know this truth means we are all equal. That is truly the key to humility. If people believe they are better than others, they are deceiving themselves and must search deeper inside themselves to uncover the truth.

Namaste means I bow down to the God inside of you. This word is extremely powerful. We must bow down to each other through smiles, hugs and words of support and encouragement. When we do this, God will be smiling along with us!

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