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I decided to write a Reverse My Tinnitus review because there have been times where I have felt victimized by an unpleasant sound ringing in my ears. Now I never had to deal with this problem for any stretch of time nor am I am a tinnitus sufferer. But judging from my limited hearing discomfort, I thought that I would take a look at Reverse My Tinnitus, a guide that has the tinnitus community buzzing.

Addressing the Root Cause of Tinnitus

Reverse My Tinnitus review evaluates a program designed to get rid of tinnitus symptoms

Reviewing the causes of tinnitus, I discovered that it’s another one of those regrettable age-related disorders. Many folks, 60 and over, begin to experience this malady, often associated with hearing loss. Rest assured, however, tinnitus does not cause hearing loss and vice versa. Sadly, the cochlea or other parts of the ear may deteriorate with the passage of time, leading to tinnitus.

But seniors and middle-aged folks are not the only ones stricken with this sense of discomfort. Young people may be diagnosed with the condition as well. This can arise due to a buildup of wax blocking the ear, changes to the ear bone, or even exposure to loud noises.

Other contributing factors may include the following: a host of other medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, side effects of prescription and non-prescription drugs, Meniere’s or Otosclerosis disease which affects the inner and middle parts of the ear respectively, or problems and injuries to other body parts, particularly the neck, head, and jaw.

Now while Reverse My Tinnitus provides a detailed plan to reverse the condition, it seems essential to discuss the causes of your tinnitus with your physician, and get his/her recommended medical protocol.

Reversing Tinnitus – A Novel Approach

Now the two folks responsible for the creation of Reverse My Tinnitus, Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips, were very well aware of possible contributing tinnitus factors. But after exhaustive research, review, and study, they determined that a damaged myelin sheath was responsible for the typical ringing, buzzing, hissing, chirping and whistling sounds that folks can’t seem to suppress.

After all, the myelin sheath is crucial to a well-functioning nervous system. Wrapped around the core of a nerve fiber, it is responsible for nerve impulse transmission. Obviously, with tinnitus, there seems to be some nerve damage or compression, and so Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips thought to hone in on this myelin sheath.

Dr. Phillips asserted that an improperly functioning sheath could be reversed. But how? He came to the conclusion that a special antibody can serve as the myelin sheath repair mechanism. According to Dr. Phillips, by marshaling our immune system, this essential antibody could more readily be produced

Now apparently, there are studies that reveal the possibility of remyelination, a process in which new myelin is created. Here is one such myelin study where mice models were used, demonstrating how a human antivirus repaired myelin even at a lose dose concentration.

Now, while this does not prove that an antibody could produce similar results in humans, or that such an antibody could be naturally created through immune enhancement, it leads credence to the notion that a damaged myelin sheath does not have to be permanent. And it’s not such a stretch of faith to believe that once this insulating material is fixed, a tinnitus condition may go by the wayside.

Tinnitus Immunity

Before Reverse My Tinnitus was even a concept, Dr. Phillips recommended a dietary change for Alan Watson, his soon to be associate who was suffering with tinnitus.

The good doctor listed all the foods that needed to be consumed, including the most beneficial combination of foods. While the new diet did not produce immediate dividends, it cleared Watson’s tinnitus within two weeks – an amazing outcome.

Now while Reverse My Tinnitus makes the grandiose claim that it will cure tinnitus, permanently, it seems too much of a leap of faith, to say everyone who implements the recommended diet will achieve the same results.

However, based on the research I did, there is hope that food can be the missing ingredient in helping to assuage or reverse tinnitus. Individual response will, of course, vary.

In order to improve your immune system and natural defenses, you’re going to have to eat a well-balanced, sensible diet, incorporating many of the foods listed on the Mediterranean diet. Reliance on fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish (preferably, organic), and other lean protein sources may help alleviate tinnitus.

Now there are strong proponents of individual foods, from pineapples to grapefruits, but Reverse My Tinnitus details which ones can make the proverbial difference in your condition.

Obviously, you simultaneously have to avoid excess salt, sugar, preservatives, and chemicals to help get tinnitus under control. If tinnitus is an inflammatory response, too, it makes sense to stay away from foods that lead to inflammation. But I will let the authors of Reverse My Tinnitus, Alan Watson and Dr. Phillips, address these points.

Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Negatives

The marketing material claims are a little too bold from my perspective. The word, ‘cure’ seems so encouraging, but this will not be the cure for some … and certainly not within 14 days. The product’s recommendations can certainly work but its effects will not be universal.

You will probably have to be patient to achieve optimal results. While it’s possible that the guide’s protocol can help you reverse tinnitus, you may have to wait longer than the 14 day time span.

This guide should NOT replace medical intervention. It seems imperative to discuss any tinnitus protocol with your doctor.

The Positives of Reverse My Tinnitus

This is a natural and holistic methodology which is preferable, in my estimation, to drugs. (Again, medicine may still be required for your condition as per your physician.)

You’re going to be eating a very healthy diet. This may not only provide benefits to your tinnitus but to your overall health.

While some discipline may be required to incorporate new foods into your diet, it should not be too great a challenge. The recommended foods are rather inexpensive and extremely accessible.

The guide is very informative, well-organized and well-written. This will not be tantamount to reading a scientific journal. You’ll be able to understand all concepts.

Other Reverse My Tinnitus reviews have been very positive and the system has purportedly helped thousands of people.

The guide is priced affordably at $39 at the present time.

You can try the program risk-free as there is a generous 60 day money-back guarantee.

You will receive generous bonuses with Reverse My Tinnitus purchase. You’ll get “Tinnitus Sleep Solution” (tips for falling asleep fast) and “Tinnitus Stress Soothers” (strategies to alleviate tension). If you purchase Reverse My Tinnitus from our link, you will also receive additional bonuses.

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Overall Impression of Reverse My Tinnitus

This is the perfect guide for folks who have been unable to find a solution for problematic tinnitus. The system is easy to implement, and if it works, you should be able to discern some type of result within a couple of weeks.

I cannot proclaim this to be a fool-proof plan and that it will unequivocally work. I would never use the term, ‘cure’ loosely. However, this Reverse My Tinnitus reviewer believes that the plan has great potential to help your anti-tinnitus efforts.

The book is not going to take too long to read and review, and you should not find its suggested diet too restrictive. You’ll be able to plan sensible meals, incorporating the food staples. (As you’re eating, I would suggest envisioning these power foods eradicating the tinnitus, once and for all.)

As a reminder, Reverse My Tinnitus cannot replace medical guidance and intervention. It may be used as an adjunct to the medical protocol you’re on.

You can get this invaluable material now at an affordable price, and try the program for 2 months. You can always return the resource if it does not measure up to claims.

I hope you found this Reverse My Tinnitus review informative, and that you give the guide the old college try. The only thing you’ve got to lose is your tinnitus.

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