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While I’ve been accused of being headstrong, I would much rather be heart strong. As such, I decided to write a Live Heart Strong review to evaluate a book based on cardiologist Dr. Richard Collins’ protocol, compiled by Alan Turner. In Live Heart Strong, 3-time heart attack victim (or should I say survivor), Alan Turner details his road back to heart health. He attributes his complete recovery to Dr. Collins’ methods, and now is sharing his story and Collins’ recuperative plan with the general public.

I read many health books with particular interest in the heart as heart attacks pose such a threat. The fact that there may be a complete absence of symptoms associated with heart attacks is particularly troublesome. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive and try to find heart-friendly strategies to implement. But when disaster hits, and the heart organ has already been compromised, it’s a matter of life and death to find ways to minimize the damage that has already transpired and/or prevent further complications. This Live Heart Strong review will highlight Dr. Collins’ program and its potential to save lives.

Live Heart Strong – The Four Horsemen of Heart Disease

Live Heart Strong review evaluates a program designed to prevent and/or reverse heart disease

In Live Heart Strong, Alan Turner provides multiple reason why arteries are susceptible to blockage where the heart ultimately becomes weaker. The four causal agents include inflammation, oxidation, sugar, and stress.

Let’s first consider inflammation and oxidation which go hand in hand. We’re getting bombarded by free radicals, assaulting healthy cells, on a daily basis (oxidation). The body’s immune system fights such free radicals, but in excess, these free radicals contribute to inflammatory responses. The so-called bad cholesterol (LDL cholestrol) oxidizes and results in artery-clogging plaque. Like a domino effect, blood pressure begins to rise as there is simply less blood able to flow.

Now according to Dr. Richard Collins and Alan Turner, HDL cholesterol, the so-deemed good cholesterol is one of the body’s best defenses against free radicals, inflammation, and oxidation. But sadly, statin drugs, often prescribed to those experiencing heart difficulty or failure, lower the HDL cholesterol while it also targets the bad cholesterol. This is collateral damage, I suppose. Still, Turner at least partially attributes his heart attacks to such drugs. He believes that compromising the good cholesterol ultimately left him defenseless against this insidious inflammation and oxidation. (He also points out that the statins reduced his levels of coenzyme Q10, an indispensable enzyme for battling inflammation and protecting the heart.)

And while inflammation and oxidation are stomping on the heart, sugar is trampling this organ in a deadly way. Few folks realize that the American Heart Association recommends that sugar should not comprise more than 5% to 7& of added sugar. The vast majority of Americans (and in most places around the world) consume much more than that amount.

Sugar is added to so many foods and we often don’t think about its impact, unless we’re eating that bar of chocolate, brick of ice cream, or other favorite dessert. But the amount of sugar in tomato sauce or fruit yogurt, for example, can be unnerving. After all, sugar and refined carbohydrates, for that matter, can lead to that dreaded inflammation and oxidation. In specific terms, the LDL or bad cholesterol is able to oxidize and easily harden in a sugary host environment.

Finally, the other component of heart disease, stress, adversely affects blood clotting which can also lead to heart attacks. Stress hormones negatively impact the immune system where the body more readily succumbs to those other heart disease factors. What’s a body to do?

Live Heart Strong Review – An Inside Look to Heart Salvation

Live Heart Strong is a guide that thoroughly reviews the 4 deadly sins of heart disease: inflammation, oxidation, sugar and stress. Now knowing the enemy, Alan Turner and Dr. Collins, are in a position to provide you with an arsenal of tips and strategies to defeat the antagonists.

For example, the guide makes a solid case that saturated fats have been erroneously blamed for the continuing, collective heart problems we face. But Americans are consuming less saturated fat and yet congenital heart disease is not waning; in fact, it’s on an upswing statistically. (Trans fat or trans fatty acids do present a great heart health risk.)

According to the author, fats have been unfairly maligned. Omega 3 fat, and fats derived from nuts and olive oil can even be heart-protective. So it may not be the eggs and bacon that are delicious killers. As mentioned above, it’s sinister sugar that is setting us up for disaster to strike. Consequently, you’ll learn about a diet that your heart will love, or should I say, one that will love your heart.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Renew your arteries and dissolve arterial plaque
  • Get rid of LDL or bad cholesterol, the cholesterol that easily oxidizes and hardens
  • Raise HDL cholesterol to fight inflammation and oxidation
  • Dramatically lower high blood pressure

In essence, Live Heart Strong will tackle the primary causes of heart disease, and provide remedies to deal with these factors.

The Pros of Live Heart Strong

Live Heart Strong is a holistic, natural program, one that does not require any reliance on chemicals or drugs.

It is based on the work of a knowledgeable cardiologist and examined from the perspective of an actual heart attack survivor.

Recent studies seem to corroborate many of the points made in Live Heart Strong. Here is discussion of one such study.

The tecchniques and tips are easy to employ, including the dietary modifications.

Many Live Heart Strong reviews are equally positive and the program has already helped many people.

At $39.95, the program is very affordable and the benefits it provides may be priceless.

There are two main Live Heart Strong bonuses worth mentioning. One is called “Eat Heartstrong,” a book on the perfect heart-friendly diet, without restrictive calories or taboo foods. You can even eat pizza and feel like your not jeopardizing your health. The other bonus is called, “Be Heart Strong,”: a heart-helping fitness and exercise guide. (We will also add several generous bonuses if you purchase Live Heart Strong from our link.)

You can try the resource risk-free as there is a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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The Cons

I’m wary of the implied or direct recommendation to throw away the pills. Your condition may be severe enough to warrant cardiac drugs. You must discuss any intervention plan with your doctor!

This book may not be classified as a “cure.” Many will benefit from the information it contains; others may not. The material seems very insightful and may reflect the newest scientific studies, but again, individual response will vary.

Live Heart Strong – Final Word

This book is garnering a lot of interest and should appeal to many – especially those that are holistically-inclined. It’s organized and easy to follow, and it’s very instructive that it breaks down the principle causes of heart disease while offering solutions.

Alan Turner possesses rather negative, definitive views on how conventional medicine addresses heart issues. He is not in favor of drugs, like statins and beta blockers, believing they have adverse affects on HDL cholesterol and blood pressure. That said, I am concerned about any implication to discard prescriptions. You and your cardiologist and/or family physician can only make that determination.

But even if you’re on a medical protocol, it does not mean that you can’t follow the recommendations and advice offered in Live Heart Strong.

You will learn some surprising tidbits of information that you will be inclined to follow, especially as new studies seem to support some of the authors’ theories.

There are many new natural programs that address heart concerns. One such prominent program is Heart Revitalized, and I even performed a Heart Revitalized review here. The premise of the book is equally compelling and worthy of examination.

Live Heart Strong deserves the favorable reviews its getting.

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