Marz Sleep Spray – Dreamy Mist or Should You Resist?

When I first heard of ‘Marz Sleep Spray,’ I thought it was named after the planet, Mars, and thought that one would have to be lost in space to even try it. After all, how can a simple spray get resistant brainwaves into a receptive sleepy state, and then encourage deep, REM sleep?

Now watching my grandson’s cartoons, this is certainly plausible. I’ve even seen instances where the main character uses a concoction to get a nemesis to sleep or become unconscious. But can this scenario translate into real world experience where a mixture ensures those all-important Zzzz’s.

Well, since I have an open mind and one that does not always like to drift off, I thought that I would do an A-Z review on Marz Sleep Spray to determine whether this is a slumber-conducive product

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Marz Sleep Spray – Let’s Lift the Fog

The Marz Sleep Spray hype immediately began when it was first introduced to the ‘Sharks,’ those highly successful entrepreneurs that appear in the show, ‘Shark Tank.’

A father and son business duo, Brandon and Keith Marz, creators of a variety of Marz sprays, sought capital in their company in exchange for a certain percentage of equity ownership.

While some of the Sharks were not enthusiastic about partnering with any type of supplement brand, one Shark saw its potential and formed a business relationship with the Marz team.

One of the sprays, the Sleep Spray, is particularly galvanizing interest among the sleep-deprived. The method of oral delivery is particularly appealing to many. A couple of squirts in the mouth is enough to dispense the product. Alternatively, it can be mixed with water, and taken as a beverage.

Taste reflects personal preference, and opinions regarding the oral spray’s taste varies. Some laud its flavor while others give the taste a thumb’s down. Either way, this formula is more than palatable and will not make you gag.

The oral spray should take effect soon after ingestion, and hopefully, you’ll be lulled to sleep. You’ll see how when I review the sleep spray’s ingredients.

Marz Sleepy Time Benefits

On the show, Team Marz described one primary benefit of their product, – i.e., its ease of use. According to one research investigation, 40% of the American public has trouble swallowing pills. A spray of solution provides a viable option.

Now the most important benefit pertains to the product’s effects. Here are a list of sleep spray’s benefits:

You should fall asleep faster – Who wants to toss and turn for hours, looking at the clock in a state of panic? Marz Sleep Spray is formulated to get you to drift off very quickly.

You should stay asleep longer – The ingredients are included to get your body and mind in a very composed state. Barring bathroom issues, you should be able to remain asleep for a longer duration of time as a result of supplementation.

You should wake up more refreshed – The Marz product has the capability to cast the haze and daze aside. You should wake up more alert and ready to start the day. (But in truth, just getting much more sleep, will make you feel rested, and willing and able to complete your daily tasks.)

Marz Sleep Spray – Is it Habit-Forming? | Does it Have Any Side Effects

In each review we feature, we try to remind readers to always consult with their physician before taking any supplement. The same is true with this sleep spray. While the creators of the product assert that their formula is not habit-forming and safe, err on the side of caution and discuss whether this spray is right for you with your doctor.

The spray should not yield any ill-effects to the vast majority of folks, but if you feel any discomfort as a result of its use, stop taking it, and schedule a consult with your primary care physician.

Please note that Marz is not suitable for those under 18 years of age, those who are taking medication, and those who have a medical condition. Pregnant women and those who are lactating should refrain from using this item, too.

Ingredients of This Sleep Aid

Don’t fall asleep yet as I’m trying to make this Marz Sleep Spray review as interesting and entertaining as possible. Now, drum roll, it’s time for the ingredient list:

Valerian Root – A potent antidote to insomnia, valerian root can quickly ease your mind and help you drift off into peaceful slumber. Comprised of 150 compounds that promote calmness, studies reveal that this herb can increase sleep latency, the time it takes from a state of full wakefulness to the sleep stage. By falling asleep faster, you’ll feel more refreshed upon awakening.

Melatonin – Our pineal gland produces melatonin, a hormone that contributes to restful sleep. When we age, our natural melatonin levels dip, making it more difficult to snooze. It seems advisable, therefore, to include melatonin in a formula designed to help you hit the hay. It works synergistically with valerian root to provide that 1-2 knockout punch.

Inositol – This sleep aid not only makes your eyes want to close but can also serve as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety ingredient. Of course, with additional sleep, you should experience less depression and stress! Part of the B-family of Vitamins, this substance will literally calm your nerves, and make falling asleep an easy task. The quality of sleep, too, should be significantly enhanced. All this, without resorting to dangerous sleeping pills!

L-Theanine – You no longer have to rely on green and black tea for your daily dose of the water-soluble amino acid, L-theanine. This supplement has been studied for its mood-elevating and focus-promoting qualities. Moreover, research indicates that it too can combat depression, stress, and anxiety. Similarly, it exerts a very nice sedative effect by raising dopamine and GABA levels in the brain.

GABA– Speaking of GABA, it, too, can make you tired – the good tired that you want to feel, right before you snore. This neurotransmitter is formed as Vitamin B6 combines with the amino acid, glutamate. It calms any residual excitation in the brain, and induces that feel-so-good tranquil feeling. This ingredient is the total nootropic powerhouse as it effects the brain’s focus, alertness, and cognition, and again, makes counting sheep unnecessary.

5-HTP – This dietary supplement is designed to raise serotonin levels, perfect to elevate mood, enhance focus and concentration, and even improve memory. But it’s GABA’s role as sleep-inducer that we’re particularly interested in. 5-HTP is often compared to tryptophan (tryptophen is a pre-cursor to 5-HTP), and 5-HTP is thought to foster the same type of calming effects. The addition of 5-HTP should provide relief to folks who experience chronic sleep issues, and are looking to establish much healthier patterns of sleep.

The aforementioned ingredients work together brilliantly to contribute towards high quality restorative sleep. Each one alone can lead to slumber; combined they exert an almost hypnotic effect, as if someone was singing a lullaby to you.

Suddenly, it does not seem so foolish to use this Marz spray. These ingredients are the ideal blend to promote 40 winks.

Marz Sleep Spray – What’s the Cost of a Good Night’s Sleep?

We know that taking a long siesta is priceless. But let’s see how much Marz Sleep Spray will set us back as it sets us up for sleep.

The following reveals the prices, depending on the volume:

1 Bottle – $49 + $7.49 shipping/handling

2 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle – $98 (total or $32.67 per bottle) with free shipping/handling

3 Bottles + 2 Free Bottls – $147 *total or $29.40 per bottle) with free shipping/handling

Each bottle contains 30 ml, and it is recommended that daily dosage should be up to 7 squirts a day. With this in mind, each bottle represents a one month’s supply.

Thus, the product is affordable and is competitively priced, compared to its pill counterparts.

Even better, Marz is now running a special sale where the price of one bottle is only $34.95. You can even get a 20% discount on each bottle by enrolling in their monthly membership program.

Oral Spray Leads the Way

I’m not one of those folks who has problems swallowing pills. As such, I have taken supplements to induce sleep and found them effective. I was wondering why someone like me should consider switching to an anti-insomnia spray.

Upon investigation, I learned that when administered in a liquid orally, the concentration of nutrients in the blood is greater much more quickly than when taking a tablet. Moreover, intra-oral sprays have a rate of absorption up to 90% per the well-respected Physician’s Desk Reference. In contrast, the nutrients in a vitamin or mineral supplement may only be 10-20% absorbed via swallowing.

Simply put, oral sprays ensure that the ingredients get used by the system, and without much delay. I don’t want to have to take multiple pills just to get the same soporific effects.

Another advantage of this oral spray vs. its pill counterparts is that Marz is all-natural, free of gluten and sugar, and is manufactured adhering to the rigorous FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. Government health authorities and independent entities have audited the manufacturing lab and approved of its modus operandi.

An added plus, it’s made in the USA. Other supplements are made outside the States and the ingredients are not as vigorously monitored.

Sleep Tight – Why You Need Marz

Have you ever spent an entire night just watching the clock’s hands move or the digital numbers change? I have and it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally excruciating. The next morning, you feel like a groggy, dead-on-your-feet zombie who can barely function.

Now lack of sleep one night can convince you to audition for the ‘Walking Dead.” Multiple sleepless nights can help you to land a role … and without any makeup necessary.

You feel and look exhausted, and have no energy to go about your daily routine. Of course, it does not help when others tell you just how tired and aesthetically-challenged you look, too.

So for those who have an occasional bout of insomnia or have chronic sleep deprivation, Marz sleep spray should serve as your salvation. Through its administration, the mind should slow, the yawning should begin, and soon you’ll be out like a light.

This supplement is for anyone (barring the demographics I mentioned above) who needs sleep now … fast, deep, and restorative. Remember, when you sleep, the body is in a ‘healing, recuperative mode.’ You need shut eye for a strong immune system and optimal cognition.

Going Beyond Marz – Other Sleep-Promoting Habits

As I always like to over-deliver in my reviews, I thought it should prove instructive to quickly pass on those sleep-fostering tips that have worked for me:

1) Practice calming techniques. Here, you’re visualizing, for example, a beach in Hawaii, a beautiful waterfall, winning the lottery, or anything that puts a smile on your face.

2) Take deep breaths from the diaphragm, and release the air gently. Your slowing your breaths, and simultaneously, slowing down your thoughts.

3) In fact, it’s worthwhile to engage in a ‘slow down’ before retiring to bed. You need to gradually shut off your brain and engage in some ‘down time’ before saying good night.

4) Take a warm bath or shower. The idea is that you’re looking to pamper and soothe yourself. The hot temperature can also induce feelings of drowsiness.

5) If possible, don’t go to sleep until you feel half asleep. It’s all about getting your body and mind ready to drift off.

6) Put your alarm clock within hearing distance but not in your visual distance. It’s so natural to look at that clock, and as time goes by, you feel more anxiety-ridden and pressure because of the inability to go to sleep. So remember, the clock should be heard and not seen.

7) Admit temporary defeat and get out of bed if you’re tossing and turning. Rather than struggling with panic as a result of remaining awake, get up until you feel more tired and try again. According to sleep experts, the bed should be associated with carefree feelings and those of comfort.

8) Engage in an exercise routine during the day, but not right before bed. Once again, you want to get ample physical activity so that you will naturally be more tired when it’s time to shut off the lights.

9) Eat light at night. Those heavy meals are not conducive to falling asleep. Your digestive system should be ‘off duty’ before going to bed. It’s also best to eat 2 hours before retiring.

10) Engage in supportive self-talk. Convince yourself that insomnia is only a temporary condition, and you’ll easily overcome it by following the above suggestions.

And as a bonus to ensure your restful hibernation, you can take a natural supplement that serves as a sedative, such as Marz Sleep Spray.

Marz Sleep Spray – Final Word

We should be spending one-third of our lives asleep. There’s no reason that your amount of sleep should be a lower fraction.

In this Marz Sleep Restorative Rest Spray review, I have thoroughly provided particulars of a supplement designed to induce sleep, make you fall asleep quicker, and help you get up the next morning feeling refreshed.

It’s a great alternative to swallowing supplements where absorption can be compromised. Also, it sure beats taking prescription sleeping pills as these drugs have a myriad of side effects. A non-drug, all-natural remedy, such as Marz, is perfect to induce the onset of sleep and encourage sleep maintenance.

It’s specifically formulated using the synergistic power of herbs, vitamins, and other nutrients. The blend is easy and quick to administer, and provides timely results.

While I never thought that I was going to go to ‘Marz,’ I’m making an exception here. I’m over the moon with this formula, and it should make my time sleeping on earth a much more pleasant experience. 🙂

Here’s hoping that Marz Sleep Spray will help you drift off into peaceful slumber, and that all your nocturnal dreams come true.

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