Sleep Tracks Review – An Insomnia-Fighting Sleep Optimization Program?

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I love the premise of the Sleep Tracks program: Insomnia is a myth that can be dashed with mind reprogramming and the implementation of proper sleep habit strategies. You can replace tossing and turning with the imaginative sensation of floating on air. Restful sleep and sweet dreams are accessible, regardless of your insomniac bent. This Sleep Tracks review will focus attention on a sleep optimization program that promises to put you to sleep – but in a good way.

After all, it’s much better to fall asleep then fall to pieces. Of course, there are countless studies that show sleep-deprived folks are much less successful in completing tasks and performing well than their well-rested counterparts.

Those who are getting their ample Zzzzz’s, rev up their immune system and natural defenses, heighten focus, concentration, and memory, make better decisions, look their best, are more likely to feel happier … and heck, even increase longevity. In contrast, the night owls jeopardize physical and mental health, and feel, well, tired, cranky, and sleepy.

Those who say they only need 4 hours of sleep are dramatically underestimating this need. If they read all the eye-opening, negative effects of sleep deprivation, they would try a little harder to get enough shut eye.

But many people know the importance of a restful night’s sleep but undermine the prospect. The Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization program is designed to help you reclaim those days of falling asleep like a baby.

Sleep Tracks – Is it Meant to Track Your Sleep?

Learn how to fight insomnia and sleep tight

No, you don’t need a program to track your sleep or lack thereof. You already do that, no doubt. But what if you can obtain audio tracks that will literally induce sleep and video tracks that will teach you how to just drift off.

One of the key ingredients towards peaceful slumber is inducing the right brainwaves. Here, we don’t want the beta range as this represents active thinking.

When you lie awake at night telling yourself, “I have to fall asleep,” you’re engaging in active, counter-productive ‘beta thinking.’ You need to transform the brainwaves to the alpha, relaxed range. Your brainwaves will then take you to la-la land via the theta range, and then to an even deeper sleep state via the delta range.

While some count sheep to encourage drowsiness and sleep states, others need more intense brainwave training.

This is where the Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program takes over. One audio exposes the listener to relaxing, pulsating sounds, and the listener’s brain, in quick time, produces brainwaves in that same, desirable alpha range.

The sound is not monotone; the speed and pitch of the sound pulses change. These sounds are designed to get your brain to stop actively thinking, so to speak.

This process is called brainwave entrainment. Here, we’re simply altering brainwave frequencies to match a given stimulus. The pulses of sound serve as the rhythmic sensory stimulation to get the brainwaves to do what we want them to do: induce sleep.

But Sleep Tracks goes further than just using brainwave entrainment via sound pulses. It also uses the power of words. Relaxation suggestions are sprinkled throughout the audios so the listener can release the tension that is getting in the way of restorative sleep. A soothing voice will in fact encourage the listener to let go of worry and fear, and allow anxiety to just melt away in the background.

In addition to brainwave entrainment through sound signals and added positive affiliations, you’ll also learn how to cultivate the right sleep habits and patterns. For example, it’s crucial to implement a proper sleep diet (e.g., eating and drinking foods that encourage forty winks), create a bedtime ritual, and stick to a sleep schedule. These tips may be more well-known to you but Sleep Tracks also provides unique ideas to get you to slumberland.

Reviewing the Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program Content

Yan Muckle’s system is all-encompassing and step-by-step. Before you even hit the hay, it’s advisable to listen to Insomnia Buster. This audio prepares your brain and your body for sleep through relaxation. It’s best to use before 30 minutes of retiring, although many report that it actually lulls them to sleep by itself.

It cleverly induces sensory-​​motor rhythm (SMR) that insomniacs have a short supply of. By re-conditioning the brain to just slow down, and embrace peaceful, calming thoughts, sleep is much more likely to take place.

Once in the right frame of mind, you can then opt to listen to the audio, Fall Asleep or Whole Night depending on the problem you’re facing.

If you have trouble logging off from life, listen to Fall Asleep. It will induce the brainwaves necessary to start snoring. In contrast, if you are one to fall asleep but not stay asleep, opt to listen to the Whole Night audio. It plays through a loop mechanism all night to prevent those periodic wakeups.

The Fast Track Guide accompanies the aforementioned audios. It will reveal how to use the program to derive maximum benefit and shares sleeping best-practices. You’ll find the tips and strategies here invaluable.

The Optimal Sleep Coruse rounds out the material. Here you’ll continue to be privy to Yan Muckle’s insight and philosophy. He speaks from his own experience (Yan used to be an insomniac) and countless hours of research.

Here is just a sample of info he covers: supercharging energy levels, defeating the afternoon blahs, producing optimal sleep-oriented brainwaves, how insomnia begets insomnia, the importance of waking up at the right time, how to squash sleep-stealing anxiety, and so much more.

You’ll become an expert on all things sleep-related. More importantly, you’ll no longer lose sleep as you’ll be able to snooze.

Our resident Mr. Sandman, Yan Muckle, offers two additional entrainment sessions.

The extras, which you can listen to during the day, include Anxiety Ease and PowerNap. The former will spell stress relief, and reduce that insidious tension and anxiety that robs us of our sleep. The later will train our brains to take a well-deserved siesta. A 20 minute power nab, according to Yan, will not disrupt our normal sleep cycles.

The Positive of the Eradication System Program

This program covers the entire kit and caboodle of getting to sleep and staying asleep. It’s very comprehensive in its approach.

The program does not rely on sleeping pills and drugs. It’s completely natural where our brain finally works with us instead of against us.

It does not matter how long you’ve had trouble with insomnia. The sleepless cycle can now end once you review Sleep Tracks.

Brain entrainment is based on scientific principles and has been show to favorably effect changes in perception and performance.

The product creator, Yan Muckle, is a sleep expert and thoughtfully shares his expertise.

The system is free of any major side effects, save for inducing sleep. That said, those with certain medical conditions, such as those prone to epilepsy or those who wear a pacemaker, should not purchase the system. Even pregnant women are advised not to use Sleep Tracks.

You can listen to these recordings away from home. Of course, don’t listen to them while you’re driving any vehicle as they can easily induce a state of drowsiness.

The training you’ll receive will not only help your sleep efforts but have a carryover to other areas of your life. You’ll feel more calm and content.

The program uses isochronic tones and not binaural beats. Yan Muckle asserts that
isochronic tones are more effective.

Most brain entrainment audios use binaural beats where a different tone is presented in each ear. Isochronic tones use a rhythmic pulse that turns on and off. The brain responds strongly when these isochronic tones turn off, causing a great ripple effect.

Sleep Tracks reviews have been extremely favorable for the most part. This is not a scam or training that is subpar.

You’ll receive bonuses if you purchase the product.

The course is $77 which is reasonable considering the wealth of info and help you’ll receive. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program Review – Any Negatives to Report?

The program is not a magic bullet as it may not work for everyone.

As previously mentioned, those with medical conditions cannot avail themselves to Sleep Tracks. Of course, those with psychological issues, especially deep-seated, should seek the counsel of a medical practioner, not this course.

You have to be careful about implementing the program. If you don’t use it as directed, favorable results will not be attained.

Sleep Tracks Review – Final Determination

Sleep should be like breathing – automatic. It should not be forced or labored. It should come over you like a gentle wave that flows onto the shore.

Sleep Tracks reprograms the brain, making you much more susceptible to an overpowering allure of sleep. This sleep training can truly help to prevent and correct a sleep disorder.

The Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization program provides brain, confidence, and habit rebooting – all which will enable you to get the beauty sleep you need and deserve.

Sleeptracks review endorses this anti-insomnia product

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