Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream – Front Line of the Retinol Revolution?

Allure Beauty Review
Product: Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream
Price: $67 (one-time fee); volume discounts available

Who doesn’t want to be an alluring beauty? Now some of us can rely on our good gene pool, while others look their best via ‘man made means,’ using top tier cosmetics. But regardless of where you think you stand when it comes to innate, physical attractiveness, a special anti-aging skin cream can only enhance looks, assuming the product contains youth-promoting ingredients.

And so I took special notice when a friend directed my attention to Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream. Before looking at any reviews and its price tag, I scanned its list of ingredients. As soon as I saw retinol as a major component, I knew that I had to write this Allure Beauty review.

Read our Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream review to learn about this skin elixir, loaded with retinol and antarcticine


Allure Beauty Review – What is Allure Beauty and Its Benefits?

This represents the next generation of anti-aging skin products, designed to improve the skin at the cellular level. In other words, this cream is not just meant to disguise fine lines and wrinkles. Its purpose is to effect the deeper levels of the skin – rejuvenating the skin matrix, strengthening our skin-supportive collage, and stimulating elastin production.

In short, this anti-aging cream is meant to make us look better. It should accomplish this task from the first application. However, effects are cumulative and it will take some time before the underlying layers of the skin rear its resplendent beauty.

Let me the counts the ways that this skin elixir will benefit its users:;

Minimize scars and pores – Who doesn’t want to camouflage imperfections? This may serve as a healing product that eventually smooths out the aftereffects of nicks and cuts. It may also provide welcome relief to those who believe their pores are as big as pot holes.

Reduces crow’s feet – Those lines around the eyes may exert a pronounced effect on how we see ourselves and others. Indeed, they always make us look older than we are. This beauty product is formulated to make crow’s feet fly away, far from our face.

Makes dark circles less noticeable – Under eye dark circles can compromise the beauty of any woman or man. Allure Beauty targets these circles and lightens them.

Fights dry skin – While this is not an oily concoction, this creamy, dreamy product is meant to increase internal hydration levels. Regular use should moisturize the dermis.

Erases fine lines and dark spots – Smooth, even-toned skin is possible with this cream. As collagen builds up and elastin production increases, our facial skin may look thicker and firmer with a more uniform coloring.

Banish wrinkles – The jury is still out on Allure Beauty’s efficacy when getting rid of deep wrinkles. However, looking at the impressive list of ingredients, wrinkles should respond favorably – at least becoming less pronounced.

Allure Beauty – Ingredient analysis

A skin care product is as only as good as its ingredients, marketing notwithstanding. Therefore, it’s imperative that I take a snapshot of what this alluring formula contains:

Retinol – A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol is the ‘great communicator.’ It can transmit impulses to skin cells, and encourage them to almost look and behave the way they did in yesteryear.

This is the primary ingredient that encourages collagen production, fostering skin firmness. Simultaneously, it inhibits free radicals that severely age our skin. In this way, Allure Beauty can fight and conquer fine lines and wrinkles.

The retinol in this product is not equivalent to its prescription counterpart, Retin A. But the favorable effects of cosmetic ingredient, retinol, is the same as those derived from stronger retinoids. It just may take longer to see results.

When retinol is absorbed by the skin, retinoic acid results, and impacts the skin a very positive way. For example, it can transmit messages to our follicular keratin cells, found in the pore’s lining, and compel these cells to perform the same work they did in our younger days before sun damage and inflammation got in the way. Here, pore size can be diminished. (Note, while genetics determines pore size, you can reduce that size before environmental damage wreaked havoc on the cells.)

Retinol, by itself, is a great anti-aging ingredient with myriad benefits, but it should not be a standalone ingredient.

Antarcticine – This glycoprotein derives its name because it was discovered from the Antarctic sea. Scientists experimented with a bacterial strain, and examined the material that enabled the bacteria to withstand the extreme weather conditions, retain water, and even adhere to surfaces.

Now who would have thought that a substance extracted from bacteria would be on the cusp of beauty trends? And it may deserve the lofty praise that it is receiving.

It apparently can serve in your anti-wrinkle arsenal. Lines, frowns, and grooves respond favorably to the application of antarcticine. Collagen and elastin rebound and hydration levels increase.

Antarcticine seems to yield wound-promoting benefits as tissues virtually regenerate. And with less imperfections, the skin looks completely renewed.

Collagen – I’m definitely not sold on this Allure Beauty ingredient – well, in the sense that it will get rid of wrinkles by itself. The collagen molecules are simply too large to penetrate the skin, and cannot connect with our inherent supportive structure.

However, on a positive note, collagen is an excellent water-binding agent. When skin is properly moisturized, lines become less visible.

So while we want collagen, our principle structural protein, to remain plentiful, don’t expect topical collagen to replace diminishing reserves. However, again, it can battle against ‘skin dehydration.’

Shea Butter – We can find beauty anywhere on the planet, and now we turn our attention to the Shea trees of West and Central Africa. By extracting the natural fat of shea tree nuts, we can produce a vitamin-rich beauty ingredient.

Shea butter is best known for its hydration qualities. It can moisturize and soothe skin, especially under the eyes. It nourishes and protects the skin, and makes it more challenging to see lines and wrinkles.

As an added plus, shea butter has a healing element to it, and can thwart rashes and other irritations.

So these are the big 4 ingredients that comprise Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol cream. Each is impressive in its own right, as long as you understand the limitations of the added collagen. But the ingredients work together, and their combined effects are stronger.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While I did not see any adverse effects listed, it’s always advisable to discuss the introduction of any new beauty product with your physician. This is especially true if you’re a pregnant woman or lactating.

In fact, I would advise not using this product if you’re pregnant or nursing because the retinol is absorbed in the skin, and the Vitamin A derivative may be harmful to the fetus or newborn. Perhaps I’m erring on the side of caution. Your dermatologist would know best.

Also, while the vast majority should not experience any side effects from the retinol cream, there are always those who may experience sensitivity to the product. Carefully proceed and see if any negative effects transpire. Of course, stop product use immediately, if you notice any.

How Much Does Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream Cost?

The following prices are applicable, and depend on the quantity you’re purchasing:

1 jar – $67 + $4.99 shipping

2 jars + 1 free jar – $97, free shipping

3 jars + 2 free jars – $167, free shipping

4 jars + 3 free jars – $197, free shipping

The Colorado-based company that dispenses this product, also offers a beauty book, Secrets to Eternal Youth, for an additional $29.99. If you don’t wish to purchase it, just uncheck the box before you purchase Allure Beauty.

Three bonuses are included with any purchase: Secrets to Eternal Beauty, Skincare Secrets You’ve Never Heard Of, and Super Foods for Healthy Useful Skin.

Before you order, determine whether you want to be part of their VIP Membership Club. It’s on the right, directly underneath the credit card information you have to input. Uncheck the VIP Membership Club box if you wish to opt out from receiving this product each month for an additional $67 per month.

I don’t like any opting out program, but here all you need to do is uncheck the box if you just want to take a ‘wait and see’ approach with the product, which I advise.

Anti-Aging Retinol – Final Words

I’ve thoroughly examined the Allure Beauty product and find it … well, alluring. The collection of ingredients is very impressive, particularly with the addition of retinol and antarcticine.

There’s no reason why this should not serve as a dependent ally in your anti-wrinkle arsenal. Imagine fine lines and wrinkles fading, imperfections clearing, skin hydration dramatically improving, under eye circles and crow’s feet diminishing, and your skin becoming healthier, and more rosy and resplendent.

The price tag is affordable and the online ordering is easy and convenient. There appears to be a generous 30-day return guarantee (from the date of purchase) but be sure to read the terms and conditions.

I hope your found this Allure Beauty review among the most comprehensive online. It’s not always easy to know how to allocate your ‘beauty budget,’ but Allure Beauty Anti-Aging Retinol Cream seems worth the expense.

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