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College Specific Toolkits Review
Resource created by: Cassie Nichols
Price: Each course module is $49; all 3 modules for the discounted price of $99

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My discovery of College Specific Toolkits could not have come at a more opportune time. My grandson is now in his high school senior year, embarking on the exciting, yet chaotic college application season. It is overwhelming – for him and his entire family. There are not only so many choices to make but so many unknowns: When should he start applying to school?, how can he create an impressive resume?, what points should he include in his college essays?, and there are a multitude of other questions and variables that must be addressed. Consequently, I’m writing this College Specific Toolkits review to evaluate a promising resource that will help guide the directionless high school junior and senior.

College Specific Toolkits Review – Replacing a Counselor

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With all due respect to the hard-working and under-appreciated high school guidance counselor, there is too much to review about the college application process with each student. This is particularly true when counselors have such a heavy case load.

In addition, many counselors are simply not aware of the latest college demands or the nuances of the application or essay portion itself. They simply may not know what colleges are specifically looking for or how to assist an individual student to highlight his/her high school record, list of accomplishments, or lack thereof. Although not well-publicized, there are secrets to getting into the college of your choice. Indeed, it’s not just who you know but what you know.

And to be privy to such secrets, you may have to retain the services of a professional college counselor. For the vast majority, college will be expensive enough. It’s not desirable to foot the bill of a pricey professional counselor when there is an alternative: College Specific Toolkits.

What are College Specific Toolkits?

These toolkits are a complete series of videos that cover ALL the vital areas when preparing for college entrance. Specifically, this is a triad video compilation series. It includes:

1) The Senior Toolkit

2) The Junior Toolkit

3) The College Essay Toolkit

So even though I felt it was serendipitous to find out about College Specific Toolkits now, it actually would have been better had I made this discovery last year when my grandson was a junior. Still, all is not lost and it just means that we will have to play catch-up with responsibilities that should have already been fulfilled.

Now this resource is not providing old, recycled information that you may read on the Internet. It’s truly up on the latest college entrance requirements and what the powers that be want and expect from high school graduates.

Founder Cassie Nichols is an expert in the college entrance niche. She is a professional college counselor who works with individual families. She also helps countless other families by offering college admissions workshop presentations. A noted expert in the field, she is also a prolific writer, sharing her insight and insider-information on college entrance with her readers.

Now, all of Cassie Nichols’ expertise is sprinkled throughout these College Specific Toolkits.

Let’s Get Specific – What’s Shared in the Senior Toolkit?

  • All the important milestones of the college admissions process is included in the senior year overview section. Timetables are specifically addressed on the Application Season Calendar.
  • So you thought the SAT was formidable. You haven’t seen some of these college and university applications. In a word, the app. can be daunting, but with the right guide, it’s much more manageable. There is an application section that familiarizes the listener with all application components. An Application Checklist Spreadsheet is included with a completed sample spreadsheet to better make sense of application completion.
  • A choosing your major video and spreadsheet is part of the Senior Toolkit. You need not select your major now but having an idea of the major college requirements will help you formulate a major plan.
  • Mastering the interview component will come in handy. After watching the video and looking at the enclosed materials, you’ll be able to give an expert interview when the time comes.
  • An applications deadlines component will prevent you from running out of time to submit paperwork. You’ll also learn ‘Admissions Speak.” You’ll know everything from non-binding early action to early decision, and everything in between.
  • Creating the College Resume – You don’t just need a resume when you’re entering the work force. You need one for many colleges and universities. In this section, you’ll know what essential components to include and which ones to omit. As a bonus, a resume template and sample is included.

The Senior Toolkit cost is $49 and you’ll be saving a lot more than that when your child is accepted to the college of his/her choice and gets an attractive financial aid package.

The Junior Toolkit Content

My hats off to those proactive folks that are looking ahead, realizing that the junior year is a crucial one to get a head start towards the college admissions process.

This College Specific Toolkit reviewer is impressed with the Junior Toolkit’s components. It offers insight on course selection and standardized testing. You’ll soon know which classes and exams are advantageous.

A junior listening to these videos will also be advised to start making a college wish list and visiting schools. Time will be used productively as you’ll come to understand, for example, what you must do when actually exploring these schools.

You’ll also get tips of what extra-curricular activities may help. The summer between the junior and senior year will be rewarding and enjoyable.

The Junior Toolkit is also priced at $49.

College Essay Toolkit – A Brief Look Inside

Thank goodness that this College Essay Toolkit comes with an essay spreadsheet. It’s so much easier to write an effective essay when you know what admissions personnel are looking for. A sample is generously provided, too, so you’ll realize what the end result should ideally look like.

Here again, you’ll know what to include and what to omit. The last thing you want is for admissions officers to role their eyes and groan when reviewing your ‘get into college essay.’ Your essay must impress these officers and contribute favorably to your application. A poorly-worded or slipshod essay may preclude you from attending your coveted school.

Cassie Nichols also provides knowledge about your audience, the admissions officers. You need to know who you’re writing for to ensure that your essay is met with enthusiastic approval.

The College Essay Toolkit costs, you guessed it, $49.

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College Specific Toolkits Review – Final Determination

If you’re looking to take constructive action and really want to know the ins and outs of the college admissions process, this video compilation series is a must-have. It’s extremely affordable, but as important, it will take the guesswork and uncertainty out of an important, demanding transition – from high school to college student. Cassie Nichols may just be your professional college counselor savior.

Moreover, upon reviewing this training, it’s evident that it can help any student get into the college of his/her choice. Furthermore, it can actually lead to a very attractive financial package. The stronger the application and essay, the more likely tuition assistance will be provided. (It’s not just based on financial need.)

My College Specific Toolkits review is very high on the merits of this course, and it’s organized, detailed information. College Specific Toolkits should almost be required viewing for college-bound young adults and their supportive families.

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