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My father use to say: “There’s no one to envy.” Behind closed curtains, regardless of status, wealth, or privilege, too many of us, as Thoreau pointed out, ‘lead lives of quiet desperation.’ In today’s frenetic world, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to embrace optimism and positivity. As such, we have to find a way to get rid of negative self-thoughts. Pessimist heal thyself and that’s why a new resource, Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life by Lauren Green interested me. This program will be the fodder for my Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life review.

Stress and Anxiety – What’s Going On

Get rid of stress and anxiety naturally

The heart pounds, breathing becomes more shallow and rapid, perspiration begins to form on our skin, and muscles become more tense. This is often the symptoms of anxiety. Such symptoms become exacerbated when panic attacks, or acute anxiety, come to the surface. Anxiety can simply arise from fear or phobia.

Although the word, ‘stress,’ is used interchangeably with ‘anxiety,” it’s more ‘externally produced.’ It may loom from a work deadline, being late for an important appointment, an argument with a spouse, or any number of outside events that may trigger uneasiness and discomfort.

Both emotions trigger a sense of helplessness. Some psychologists contend that anxiety fosters a more deleterious helpless feeling. Stress may be more manageable, of course, depending on the circumstances.

Needless to say, regardless of how you perceive stress and anxiety, they’re primarily negative emotions that will undermine the quality, if not quantity of life. There are a myriad of health concerns that can arise from unchecked stress and anxiety.

Gastrointestinal problems may be experienced. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), for example, may be influenced by sour thoughts or moods. Those with a high rate of anxiety and panic attack symptoms often suffer from chronic respiratory illness. There is even a link between heart disease, coronary event or stroke with stress and anxiety.

“You’re too emotional,” my dad would often tell me. Perhaps this was his way of encouraging me to eliminate stress and anxiety from my life and prolong it.

Review of Eliminating Stress and Anxiety – Content

Author of Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life, Lauren Green, seems well-suited to write about the topic. After all, she suffered from an anxiety disorder for years and visited a revolving door of therapists to manage it. She also saw a bevy of doctors who I’m guessing wrote prescription after prescription. She wasted so much time and money all the while overwhelmed with trepidation and dread.

But the silver lining to Lauren Green’s path of agitation is that she now has the expertise to help guide those who struggle with fear and stress. Armed with her acquired knowledge and wisdom, and supported by a number of psychologists and educators, she has compiled a resource that is producing stellar results to those seeking peace of mind.

But how? Eliminating Stress and Anxiety in Your Life covers the topic of visualization. Guided imagery will allow you to create a desirable, serene scene in your mind’s eye. For instance, I tend to visualize beach and water scenes with clear, blue skies and light trade winds. I find beach imagery to be very soothing and relaxing. You may alternatively picture a lush, green forest with magnolia trees as you hear the happy chirping of larks. It does not matter the image, just as long as it evokes a calming influence. Such guided imagery serves as a diversion, redirecting your attention away from stressful events.

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety in Your Life also broaches a technique that is under-utilized: self-hypnosis relaxation. Again, the idea is to give yourself a mental vacation from your worries. I actually tried this tip and it really works … really!

Once you get your body physically relaxed and comfortable, and after clearing your mind, you begin to breath deeply, fixing your eyes on an object. You’re only concentrating on this object, preferably one that gently moves up and down, or sideways, like a pendulum. You breathe out releasing all negative emotions. Your counting down from 10 to 1. Your eyelids are getting heavy. And after all that, you’ve reached a self-hypnosis, relaxed state. (Lauren Green provides a much better systematic procedure to reach this state.)

You can then start to give yourself simple, positive messages. These messages will be become part of your subconscious. Ultimately, they will be ingrained into your conscious, cognitive thoughts.

Now even if self-hypnosis is a little too ‘New Age’ for you, my Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life review is happy to reveal that there are plenty of other relaxation tips and tricks to employ to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

The word, ‘No,’ for instance should be part of your stress management program. While many of us have been taught the importance of people-pleasing, our schedule is often too jam-packed to accommodate all requests and wishes. There are times when you may have to decline … and this is not necessarily selfish. By avoiding over-commitment, your stress levels should reduce.

Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life Review – Final Verdict

Lauren Green would be the first to acknowledge that it is impossible to get rid of stress. It’s simply part of living. But it’s our approach to stressful events that determines our state of mind (and vice versa). Moreover, our approach to stress impacts our mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. As Ms. Green notes, “There are ways that you can make stress disappear or even work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.”

But in order to reduce stress and anxiety, or even have these emotions counter-intuitively provide any benefit, you have to learn stress management techniques. Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life will provide stress-reducing, anxiety-reducing, and relaxation methods that really work. It will help make you a happier and calmer person.

As such, this Eliminating Stress and Anxiety from Your Life reviewer determines the resource a ‘best buy.’ It’s very affordable at $9.99 and will teach you how to reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

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