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You may have read that Clickbank is dead. Many affiliate marketing gurus have declared its untimely passing, leading their affiliate counterparts to believe that Clickbank is a dried-up money well. But Income Riches creator, John Paul Richards, is not of this opinion. In fact, he promises that by reviewing his course and implementing the methods he outlines, Clickbank may help you accrue a full time income. Well that sounds encouraging and as I have written Clickbank product reviews on this very site, I thought it would be instructive to write this Income Riches review.

Clickbank Income Riches – Is it Really Possible?

Income Riches review featuring Income Riches

Let’s be clear. Clickbank, despite its reputable standing, has its share of problems. Perhaps its most important drawback is that some of the featured products are … how to put it delicately … junk. But as there are a boatload of products to choose from, in a wide variety of niches, you can find value. Remember, it’s important to offer value to any prospective customer to attain eventual success. If the product you’re highlighting lacks substance, it’s going to adversely affect your bottom line.

So if you’re intent on discovering income riches via Clickback, you have to do your market research. In Income Riches, John Paul Richards, actually provides instruction on how to perform this selection process. And by the way, he advises his trainees to stay away from the “make money” niche. It’s way OVER-saturated in his estimation. Not to worry. He provides details on conducting niche and keyword research via the first several video module. (Income Riches is a complete video compilation series with an accompanying PDF.)

Confident that you’re serving as an affiliate for a coveted, well-produced product in a niche that is not too competitive, you must subsequently attract an audience to your offering. John Paul believes that the good-old fashioned website presents the ideal vehicle to do so.

So an appealing offer on a site providing compelling content can be a formula for success. Yes, this is not done overnight. But in time, following a systematic formula, you can attain a level of income that may surprise you. Of course, there are naysayers that assert that Clickbank conversion rates are abysmally low. But we don’t know what products they’re hawking and the source of their traffic.

John Paul Richards is walking the walk. He still successfully markets Clickbank products so his is a worthwhile voice to listen to. After years of frustration, following marketing systems that were almost doomed from the start, he hit pay dirt with own brand of clever strategies. Such tips and tricks are now accessible to you through his new product, Income Riches.

Yes, Virginia, achieving Clickbank success is well within the realm of possibility. Now it’s about learning how to achieve this success.

Income Riches – Content

The goal is to go from rags to riches. Income Riches provides an organized step-by-step video module program to propel you to a higher income bracket. Let’s quickly review what videos are included

Videos 1-3 – As I already mentioned, affiliate market research will be the topic of discussion. You’ll soon know the best products to promote with the least amount of competition. You’ll become acquainted with tools, both free and paid, that can uncover profitable goldmines. You’ll also be able to anticipate which products/niches will convert sales before running campaigns.

Specifically, You’ll become adept at keyword research and related keywords. The days of overstuffing a particular keyword phrase are gone. You have to employ latent semantic analysis and use related words sprinkled throughout your content. These long-tailed keywords can also serve to build traffic and accompanying sales.

There are many secrets revealed in the first triad of videos, including a domain selection secret that will give your site an initial tremendous boost with Google.

Videos 4-5 – These videos may not be entirely necessary for the affiliate veteran. They cover WordPress installation and set-up. Technophobes need not worry as the information is provided in a very easy-to-digest format. WordPress blogs are still in favor with Google and this is a primary motivation to use a WordPress-friendly theme. Moreover, with WordPress, you don’t need to know html coding. It’s more like a paint-by-numbers canvas.

Another major advantage offered by WordPress is that there are many plugins you can use to build the site and help it rank higher in Google. Income Riches details the exact plugins that will assist you in your optimization efforts. It even shows free WordPress themes that historically rank well.

Videos 6-8 – The goal is to create a ‘sticky site,’ one where visitors stay for some time and are happy to revisit. Videos 6-8 in Income Riches instruct how to build a bond with your audience, how to write compelling and worthwhile content (one that converts sales), and even nuances, such as where to place your affiliate links for maximum conversion.

You’ll also become a WordPress Jedi, and gain familiarity with the WordPress infrastructure, such as widgets and pages. Your site your should be aesthetically-pleasing and professional, and you’ll be privy to the tools to accomplish this task.

As you build a site you’re proud of, you need it to be indexed by Google and the other search engines. Income Riches offers the key to quick indexing, and thus, subsequent traffic and sales.

Video 9 – Here, John Paul Richards reviews and answers the most common questions. His training will teach how to get those clicks and sales, and really take your business to the proverbial next level. Scaling-up is the theme of this video module.

After viewing all 9 video modules, you’ll then have access to the following generous bonus package:

How to Master Google AdSense ($97 value) – Like Clickbank, AdSense income is very much attainable. This training will help you build your AdSense Empire.

Killer Affiliate Marketing Tactics – Outside-the-box methods are revealed here which will help you dominate your niche.

Your Motorway of Marketing Traffic – This resource will highlight 100 ways to drive traffic and get your site noticed.

Income Riches Review – Final Verdict

The content is this course can lead you towards prosperity and financial abundance. It presents a workable plan to develop a niche site and capitalize on solid Clickbank offers. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to solely target Clickbank products. The methods in Income Riches lend themselves to other networks. But again, you have to ensure you’re targeting the right products and niches, covered in this course.

The asking price is very low, $9.95, particularly in light of the useful information and bonus package provided. (If you purchase Income Riches from one of our links, you’ll be entitled to even more worthwhile bonuses.)

Hopefully, this Income Riches review shed some light on the Income Riches resource. In addition, it’s my fervent hope that after reviewing the videos and implementing the strategies, your site will not just be appreciated by the Google ranking Gods but by an appreciative audience. And remember, a grateful, appreciative audience will help you attain income riches.

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Our Income Riches review concludes that John Richards course is well worth the cost