Bevel Shaving System Review – Can Bevel Deliver a Bump-Free Shaving Experience?

Raise your hand if you have curly, course hair growing from your face. Step to the front if the hair emanating from your face grows in very strange angles. Speak up if you say a silent prayer each time you shave, hoping against hope that bumps don’t suddenly materialize. And please, continue reading if regardless of your shaving techniques and strategies, you continue to be a victim of Pseudofolliculitis barbae, or what is commonly known as shave bumps. There is a new shaving system in town, Bevel, and the operative question is should you get it? This is the source of this Bevel Shaving System review.

Now my dear, old dad had the right idea: For example, he knew the value in preparation. A simple shower or splashing some water may have started the process. Next, it was time to soften the beard. I can still remember my father applying a hot wash cloth without any pre-shaving jitters. He would run his fingers across his beard, determining the direction they were growing. And yes, he would shave with the grain, not against it, once he applied thick shaving cream lather. (He believed going against the grain would lead to irritation.) He would then use long shaving strokes, aptly positioning the razor depending on the area he was shaving.

While I’m not here to defend my father’s shaving style, it is interesting to note that the creator of Bevel may actually applaud Dad’s methods or at least the type of shaver he used. All will become clearer when discussing Bevel’s 5-part shaving system. (Of course, I also hope that your face will become clearer after using the Bevel razor and its accessories.)

Get Your Bevel Here – What Exactly is the Bevel Shaving System?

Read our Bevel shaving system review and see how this shaving system enables you to get a close shave without irritation and nicks, cuts, and bumps

A bevel is a sloping surface or edge. Therefore, this product seems aptly named. In essence, the shaver is using a razor, manipulating it through slants and angles around the contours of the face.

But Get Bevel is more than just a single blade razor; it’s a system. Here are the other components:

Priming oil – Comprised of lavender, olive, sunflower seed oil, and caster oil, this item serves to calm sensitive skin, soften the hair and moisturize the skin. Warm water and shaving cream may seem like enough for the average Joe, but it really isn’t. By priming the skin with soothing ingredients while softening the beard before the first razor glide, you’re minimizing the chances of nicks, cuts, and other unsightly after-effects.

Shave cream – This is an indispensable part of any shaving process. However, you can’t just use run-of-the-mill shaving creams. Indeed, some are truly not skin-friendly and don’t provide ample softening, protection, and lubrication. This cream should come between your razor and your skin, minimizing friction while you aptly guide your razor.

What are the ingredients of the shaving cream? Predictably, Bevel includes shaving cream ingredients, such as shea butter and Vitamins A, D, and E, to moisturize and hydrate.

Aloe vera is also included as this is an anti-inflammatory substance, perfect for preventing shaving-related inflammation, especially as it can be thoroughly absorbed by the skin. It’s anti-microbial properties are also useful in helping to preclude any acne eruptions.

Post-shaving skin is even more susceptible to the damaging effects of UVA rays. Therefore, white and green tea are included. An added bonus: they are natural skin-rejuvenators.

The badger brush – Now most folks just use their hands and fingers to slather on the lather. Bevel has other ideas. A brush made of badger hairs serves as a better substitute. The brush deftly lifts the hair, creating an easier shaving experience. It also exfoliates the skin, and most users report that they like the feel of it. A superior shaving experience can more readily occur with the badger brush than the human hand.

Restoring balm – How would you like to defeat acne pimples and razor bumps with one fell swoop? Yes, through the inclusion of salicylic and lactic acids in the Bevel restoring balm, irritation and inflammation are much less likely to occur. This product is alcohol-free, too, and just cools, soothes, and hydrates the skin.

These products are meant to be used together, synergistically, so you skin will no longer fall victim to a sub-standard, bloody shaving experience.

Resisting Bevelization?

I know you may think it’s difficult to become ‘bevelized.’ But the product line simply makes sense with its pre-care and post-care components. The razor, shaving cream and badger brush work in tandem, too, providing a very smooth, non-irritated shave you never thought possible.

What’s that you say? You want to continue using your electric razor? Irritation is still very much a possibility and it’s difficult to get a close shave with it. And the closer the electric razor shaves, the greater the likelihood of skin damage.

Prefer to use your multi-blade razor? Those are specifically designed to pull hair out, even underneath the surface. The end result: unflattering nicks, cuts, pimples, bumps, and the dreaded ingrown hairs. In contrast, the Bevel single blade cuts near the surface without imposing any collateral damage.

By the way, don’t think the single blade isn’t sturdy. The all-brass handle is solid and the head is composed of high quality zinc. You’ll be easily able to maneuver the tool for tug-free shaves.

Moreover, once you see how easy it is to use the system, you’ll be hooked. There is a how-to-guide, the Bevel Shave Guide, available to you as well. Learn the fundamentals of shaving since my Dad is not hear to teach you. You’ll also learn the do’s and don’ts of Bevel shaving. The shaving tips and strategies alone will help to prevent razor burn, discomfort, and skin eruptions.

Who Needs to Use the Bevel System?

The product is primarily marketed to African-American men as this demographic tends to have courser, curlier hair. But in reality, the system is perfect for anyone who all too commonly gets razor bumps. This system is not race-specific, and all should be able to enjoy a close shaving experience without incident.

Teenagers who are just beginning to shave will find the Bevel shaving system invaluable, underscored by the fact that the shaving cream is non-comedogenic. Indeed, the product line may very well inhibit acne pimples and bumps, saving the skin and the psyche.

Again, even those in middle age and seniors with a predisposition towards shaving bumps should definitely consider purchase.

Women, you’re not left out of the equation as well. Bevel is a great alternative to what you’re currently using to shave your legs because the shaving cream does not contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances that can lead to further irritation.

Who to Thank for the Bevel Shaving System Movement

As the former head of business development for Foursquare, Tristan Walker has always assumed a leadership role in a helping field. After all, the Foursquare app. provides guidance and direction for folks looking for the best entertainment, restaurants, food, and nightlife in a given area.

Fast forward, these days Tristan is still helping others now that he founded Bevel, an increasingly popular shaving system that is creating lots of buzz, orders, and repeat orders.

He started the company due to his own hairy experience with shaving. He would consistently shave with inferior products, leading his skin to break out. Moreover, he noticed that options for people of color were separate from the mainstream.

Listen to this telling comment: “We as black men are subjugated to one aisle in the hair care store for our goods. I felt it was time to change that.”

Tristan’s motives were admirable but perhaps his vision was short-sighted. As mentioned earlier, the Bevel shaving system demographic goes way beyond one race and ethnicity. People of all different backgrounds have now embraced the Get Bevel movement.

Bevel Shaving System Review – What is the Cost?

Well, you know your present method of shaving is probably not working. You may also feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with the end results of any given shave. You may also delay shaving because you’re so concerned with how your skin will look after the process.

So what is the price of dodging post-shave traumatic stress (PSTS)?

The Bevel shaving system starter kit entails a price of $29.95. It includes the entire system:

Bevel Brush
Bevel Razor
Bevel Priming Oil
Bevel Shave Cream
Bevel Restoring Balm
Bevel Blades (60)

As an environmentally-conscious company who prefers to go green, Bevel actually offers a 3-month supply of products. So let’s say you receive your first package May 1st, you’ll automatically receive a second package three months later, August 1st. You’ll already have the razor and brush but the second package will have everything else – again, lasting 3 months.

In the interim, you’re billed a very reasonable $29.95 each month (plus shipping and handling), and probably saving a lot of worry about the condition of your skin and money associated with repair products.

Does Bevel offer promo codes? I found that they do offer a 15% military discount and a $30 rewards savings by referring friends.

Please note that the company provides their own promotions at different times (not frequently, however), but you may be fortunate and actually see the membership fee less than the $29.95 per month.

Also, you can purchase Bevel as a gift, but the fee to get the same products as the membership starter kit is $89.95. Obviously, it’s much better to become a Bevel member than gift yourself. 🙂

By purchasing through one of our links, you’re sure to get the same Get Bevel price as any other online competing offer.

A Final Word About Bevel Nation

Bevel razor and shaving system reviews have been overwhelming positive. The vast majority of users actually corroborate the Bevel studies that were performed before the release of the product where four out of five men reported closer shaves, and less skin eruptions and ingrown hairs after Bevel use.

Even dermatologists, like Dr. Michelle Perry, are joining the Get Bevel bandwagon. She asserts:

“The Bevel system revolutionizes shaving for men with curly hair. It is a comprehensive system that is easy to use, effective and convenient. I am confident that the Bevel system will reduce the number of men suffering with razor bumps in my office.”

Of course, the shaving public has touted the benefits of Bevel, too. It really is a growing movement as friends are telling friends, and word of mouth marketing extends to and through social media outlets.

Civilization is going the right direction with Bevilization. Could it be possible that folks will actually look forward to shaving. Probably not, but by getting Bevel, there will be a lot less shaving trepidation, and nicks, cuts, blemishes, ingrown hairs, and the vast array of skin shaving-related injuries.

The foollowing video provides an all-encompassing review of Bevel, pointing out its cons and its numerous favorable aspects:

This Bevel razor reviewer primarily gives Bevel a very positive review and so do countless other folks. The system will serve as a great gift, and I already have it earmarked to order for my son’s birthday. Who knew that a single blade razor could produce such outstanding shaving results? Perhaps it’s time for you to join Bevel nation, too.

Take a Bevel razor in hand, faithfully use the accompanying products, and you’ll start to realize the power and finesse offered by the Bevel shaving system.

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