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This Authority Super Summit review will focus on an online conference that promises to transform your business – from an also-ran to a progressive, prominent, and successful entity.

When you consider the concept of authority, the words ‘power’ and ‘control’ surface. Indeed, those in authority are in a coveted, empowered position where they can carry out their own directives and agenda. They also benefit from the actions of their followers (alias, customers).

But so few businesses are leaders in their field. And those that trail behind, not among the avant-garde in their industry, struggle to expand their customer base, competing against their more formidable opponents.

But great companies don’t just materialize from thin air. They’re carefully crafted, sculpted, and refined to take their imposing shape. They not only see a need in the marketplace, but fill it via a one-stop shop experience.

They become the ‘go-to companies’ – those businesses that etch an indelible stamp on (prospective) customers’ minds. Often, they almost become synonymous with the industry they’re in and represent.

Close your eyes for a moment. If I just mention the phrase, “online shopping,” and ask you to think of sites to purchase from, most of you would include Amazon on your list. How did this happen?

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, credits the company’s ascendance to its ‘insane focus’ on the customer. And who can really dispute that claim? The site is easy to navigate, offers everything, including the kitchen sink to buyers, and provides exemplary support if customer questions arise.

So incessant attention to customer needs and demands is but one way to brand and build authority.

The Authority Super Summit promises to reveal a host of other ways to take your business to the next level and beyond:

In this review, I’ll detail some particulars about the Authority Super Summit, and include some of the participants (name-dropping is a time-honored form of marketing), and provide a glimpse into their messages.

Read our Authority Super Summit review to learn how to leap frog over your competition, and become the brand that everyone knows


What is the Authority Super Summit?

Thinking of taking an expensive course on how to build a successful business in a local college? Discard the enrollment form because this education can be obtained for free via the Authority Super Summit.

Circle these dates: March 22nd-24th, 2016. During this time, an intensive 3-day virtual summit will take place where the best and brightest business minds of our time will share incredible insights and perspectives on the following topics: branding, marketing, sales, and more.

When you brand effectively, marketing because an easier and less expensive endeavor, and sales naturally occur. When you market effectively, you can build your brand simultaneously, and sales flow. And when sales are consistent, you’ll hopefully get word-of-mouth business, an incredibly useful form of marketing and branding.

Consequently, these topics rank among the most important ones if business is to flourish.

The Five Authority Pillars

Within the context of branding, marketing, and sales, there are significant pillars that support your business foundation. Here is a glimpse of these pillars where each will be thoroughly evaluated at the conference:

  • 1. Mindset – Approach your business with confidence, high self-esteem, and positive expectations. Develop ‘winning habits’ and an optimal work environment.
  • 2. Content – How can you prove your expertise without sharing it with the world. Develop world-class content and leverage the proper medium to connect with a hungry crowd.
  • 3. Distribution – It’s time to get your message across to would-be fans. Free and paid marketing channels can enable your growing audience to tune into your words.
  • 4. Platform – Here, you’re gaining influence and winning friends by growing your authority platform. Your online presence is expanding (particularly on social media), and your community of followers trust your suggestions and recommendations.
  • 5. Positioning – Go to the head of the pack as you’re known as the trusted voice of reason. You can have your pick of clients and charge higher rates than your competitors.

So this online conference is addressing the right topics, but do they have the right speakers to dispense this type of crucial information? Let’s take a quick look at the guest panel.

Summit Participants

According to the powers that be, the Authority Super Summit continues to expand its impressive guest speaker list. Here are just 3 business titans who will help pave your way towards taking a greater share of the customer pie:

John Lee Dumas – Founder and host of EOFire, John provides in-depth interviews via podcast with business and entrepreneurial leaders. His own list of guests can fill up a ‘Who’s Who,’ and his business ascends even more through his association with these experts.

You can just go to his site,, and see how John has branded and monetized his site. John has throngs of devoted followers who are deemed part of his ‘Fire nation.’

Russell Brunson – An entrepreneurial leader, Russell Brunson owns multiple companies, encompassing the fields of software, supplementation, and coaching. He is also a renowned author and speaker, often sharing his cutting edge ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.

His ClickFunnel software is particularly gaining market share, and is known for its ease of use and far-ranging capabilities and effects. With just clicks of a button, you can develop a sales funnel, a webinar funnel, and other types of systems to build you’re list, brand, and conversions.

Casey Armstrong – Do you need to acquire more customers (rhetorical question)? Casey Armstrong is a savvy marketer who uses diverse platforms to raise a company’s visibility, customer base, and market share.

He has worked with US-based and International companies growing their revenue through search engine optimization, content and email marketing, semantic search, and a host of other strategies.

In a summit that tackles branding, marketing, and sales, Casey is a welcome contributor who is sure to provide a lot of ‘Ah-ha’ moments.

As I mentioned before, the field of speakers continues to widen. Business acumen and expertise will not be in short supply.

Among the 100 guests include Yanik Silver, Joel Comm, Charles Ngo, Melinda Chen, and other prominent entrepreneurs.

The Guest List is Impressive but Who are the Hosts?

The summit will be co-hosted by Tom Morkes and Josh Denning, both of whom are excelling in their business entities:

Tom Morkes – Would-be authors should pay particular attention to Tom as he has spearheaded efforts in attaining 6-figure book launches, catapulting his clients’ books, and his own, to best-seller lists. His ideas and strategies have applicability to other fields.

John Denning – It’s difficult for any company to achieve consistent, predictable, and recurring sales. But that task becomes easier when you have an expert, such as Josh Denning, reveal methods that lead to sustainable income. He can help you become an authority in your field. (Heck, he even owns ‘Authority Factory,’ a company that is designed to make your company grow by leaps and bounds.)

What’s the Catch? – How Much Does the Authority Super Summit Cost?

When I first learned about the Authority Super Summit, I anticipated that it would cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I was happily surprised to learn that it is FREE to participate.

The caveat is that there will be a LIFETIME PASS so that you can enjoy unlimited access to ALL interviews. There will also be bonuses galore that should multiply your traffic, leads, and conversions.

This lifetime pass is time sensitive, and the following costs for it are applicable:

  • Before the Summit airs (March 1-21): $97
  • During the Summit (March 22-24): $197
  • After the Summit (March 25 and beyond): $297

Authority Super Summit Review – Final Words

Make no mistake: This is a major event that can exert a positive life-long influence on your business. The hosts and the panel have a very diverse background, and can shed light on many essential business practices.

They will target what works now – from their own experiences, split tests, and trial and error. They are key industry players and walk the proverbial walk. (Too many entrepreneurs offer advice that they don’t even implement and test.)

The only drawback is that some may feel there is almost too much information provided. But information overload can be avoided by simply honing in on those methods that seem to strike a responsive chord within you, or those that seem to have the most applicability to your business model.

By attending the Authority Super Summit, you’ll be in a prime position to catapult over your competitors, and finally build the brand, marketing, and sales that you’ve been waiting to achieve.

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