Affiliate Cash Craze Review and Special Bonus – It’s All About the System

Affiliate Cash Craze Review

Affiliate Cash Craze bonus available

In Affiliate Cash Craze, creator Marc Rosenkrans empathizes with the struggling affiliate. He wonders why the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears may be the only by-products visible after an affiliate’s strenuous efforts to increase his/her financial coffers.

Indeed, do 98% of us fail to produce even moderate affiliate income because our websites are lacking in content or SEO techniques? Can zero affiliate commission be attributed to bad luck or some type of curse?

Marc Rosenkrans boldly declares that there’s no outside force adversely affecting our fortunes but simply that without a strategic system, we’re doomed to failure. And that’s where Affiliate Cash Craze comes in as it provides a simple, easy-to-follow system that one can duplicate and get the financial pendulum to finally swing in a favorable direction.

Indeed, Affiliate Cash Craze is so well-organized and thought out, it has been praised in many Affiliate Cash Craze reviews, and not simply because the reviewer had any financial incentive.

Affiliate Cash Craze Housekeeping

 Before getting into the particulars of Affiliate Cash Craze, here are the highlights:

 Course: Affiliate Cash Craze

 Launch date: 8/13/14

 Topics covered: Choosing the right product/niche, super affiliate networks to investigate, developing squeeze page conversion expertise, solo ads mastery, and a host of other golden nuggets.

 Newbie-Friendly: Yes

 OTO: FB Traffic Storm – Facebook is a great resource to build traffic and increase your bottom line

 Cost: The cost of Affiliate Cash Craze is $47. The OTO, FB Traffic Storm, is $77 but judging from the main course, you should see a return on investment.

Affiliate Cash Craze – Read All About It

Module 1 – Choosing an irresistible offer that will quickly turn a profit (4 video set)

Here, Affiliate Cash Craze mentor, Mark Rosenkrans, goes over which affiliate products to pursue. There are a myriad of affiliate offerings but targeting the wrong one will lead to bitter disappointment. In addition, choosing the wrong network can thwart forward affiliate progress.

Rosenkrans serves as a great bearer of information via 4 informative, entertaining videos on finding a red hot product. He actually logs into some of the networks and demonstrates how he goes about choosing an offer that will get you to the income-generating affiliate promised land.

It would be unprofessional to give away all the networks Rosenkrans favors so I’ll just mention one: the continuously growing JVZoo. Rosenkrans even reviews the dashboard, and I even gained insight into how to better utilize the platform.

In addition, affiliate knowledge expands on how to interpret data, such as EPC (earnings per click), while keeping in mind return rates. Affiliate Cash Craze covers the important statistics to look for – EPC, return rates, price of product, commissions offered, and more.

Module 2 – Squeezing optimal profit with an extremely high-converting squeeze page (7 video set)

When Marc Rosenkrans mentioned that his squeeze pages convert 65% of visitors, my ears perked up. “How can this be possible,” I wondered. Well, epic squeeze pages don’t just happen by divine intervention but by thorough, rigorous testing. Rosenkrans has no doubt used copious trial and error to find out what works. Here, the viewer can cut months (years) off the squeeze page learning curve by seeing how our friendly expert does it.

Affiliate Cash Craze presents a formula to use to convince folks that your offer merits their attention and their email address. Learn how to construct the best squeeze page possible by using Dan Kennedy-esque copyrighting techniques, finding images that pop, creating forms that have a pleasing aesthetic look, etc.

The successful affiliate cannot overlook the importance of an effective squeeze page, and Rosenkrans is more than aware of this fact and is able to convey how to achieve squeeze page mastery. For those looking for shortcuts, he even shows where to obtain eye-popping squeeze pages for free and how to upload them to a site.

Simultaneously, he spends a lot of time reviewing autoresponders. Confession: I’m scared of autoresponders. I’m from the old school where computers were not even used when I was a little girl. There was no online Internet available at the time as well. So any tool that requires some degree of technical expertise seems a little intimidating to me.

But as much as I would like to ignore the adage, ‘The money is in the list,” … well, the money is in the list. Fortunately, Affiliate Cash Craze thoroughly covers autoresponders – an indispensable tool needed to create and manage a growing customer base.

Rosenkrans pinpoints attention to top-rated autoresponder, Aweber and how to set it up and integrate it with LeadPages, a landing page generator – perfect for folks like me who are technically challenged.

Module 3 – Harnessing more autoresponder magic (4 video set)

Do you want to learn how to maximize the inherent power of an autoresponder? If you answer, ‘Yes’ (the correct answer), this is the video compilation for you. Here, Rosenkrans dramatically expands your affiliate prowess by telling you all the ideal autoresponder settings and I appreciate this attention to detail.

He also reviews the use of email swipes. The term, ’email swipes’ sounds ominous, but here, the customer is going to get their hands on triggering emails that are proven to return healthy profit – ones employed in top-performing campaigns. After all, any successful affiliate needs to build relationships with their customer base, and the right email messages can explode sales.

There is another secret sauce to the Affiliate Cash Craze system, and in this module, Rosenkrans shares another tool to maximize affiliate commissions.

Module 4 – Building a Mammoth List (13 videos)

Any observant Affiliate Cash Craze reviewer will notice that this module contains the most videos, underscoring how crucial list-building is to a wannabe power affiliate. You’ll never be able to truly capitalize on any referred customer or someone who rejects your offer by not developing some type of list and sales funnel.

In this module, Rosenkrans provides so many essential details on how to build traffic and a concomitant list. For example, he spends a lot of time and energy on helping his customers develop solo ad skill. (Solo ads, in essence, involve ‘renting’ someone else’s list, placing an ad, converting the other person’s customer to also becoming your customer.)

Now solo ads can be worrisome because here the affiliate has to spend money to drive traffic. However, despite some solo ad detractors, Rosenkrans asserts that there are many solo ads that work, and the trick is finding the criteria to look for. He provides insight into the best place to get solo ads, the important questions to ask solo ad vendors, and how to find the top solo ad sellers where you’re almost guaranteed to convert sales. He also puts a microscope on two very popular sites that are virtual gold mines for solo ad use.

As the comprehensive resource it is, Affiliate Cash Craze also debunks the myth that banners are an ineffective marketing strategy. Here, you’ll learn how to create jaw-dropping banners and even obtain high-converted banners from others. Leaving nothing out, Rosenkrans reviews great sites to place banners.

As a final push to build traffic and burgeoning lists, Affiliate Cash Craze provides information on Youtube marketing – the right way. Are you aware that even one Youtube video can change the direction of your affiliate career? A video that goes viral, for example, can help you laugh all the way to the bank.

As Affiliate Cash Craze presents an actionable program, a simple system to follow, the customer will also be privy to a Youtube traffic formula, perfect for any niche.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Affiliate Cash Craze?

If you’ve read this complete Affiliate Cash Craze review, the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!”

These 28 videos are a must-see for all affiliates, especially geared to new affiliates or those that are still floundering. The money is in the list, but first, it’s in finding the right program to generate that list.

Affiliate Cash Craze present user-friendly tutorials which uncover how to find hot offers and the best networks. It instructs the user on how to develop cant-miss squeeze pages, utilize the power of autoresponders, build traffic with solo ads, banners, and Youtube video.

Again, there are 28 videos so all in all, you’re getting each one for less than a $1. But you’re not only getting the training, but the assistance of the creator himself.

I just established a connection to Marc Rosenkrans for the first time. His email manner is timely and thoughtful, and believe it or not, he actually looked at my site without my asking him to do it. His support and encouragement were very motivating.

He and Affilaite Cash Craze deserve an unequivocal ‘thumbs up,’ and now that you have the right system, you’ll get the right results.

By purchasing Affiliate Cash Craze through our link, you’ll get access to our Affiliate Cash Craze bonus.

Affiliate Cash Craze Review by Annie Lax