Build Your List on Someone Else’s Dime Review – A List-Building Technique That’s not a Dime a Dozen

Build Your List on Someone Else’s Dime Review
Resource created by: Aaron Bradley
Price: $7 (30-day money-back guarantee)

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The title, Build Your List on Someone Else’s Dime intrigued me. I’m not one to take advantage of anyone but the thought of getting a little help from my friends is enticing. Affiliate marketer extraordinaire, Aaron Bradley, is our resident expert in building a list with a twist. Now don’t worry, his strategies are not parasitic, just creative. The scope of this Build Your List on Someone Else’s Dime review centers on Aaron’s intriguing product.

List Building Strategies – A Dime a Dozen

Read and review Build Your List on Someone Else's Dime by Aaron Bradley, and piggyback list success

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing field for any stretch of time, you probably can list many ways to build a list. For example, one way to construct a list is to center a website around a product coveted by a hungry crowd. You can then offer a free gift in exchange for a prospective customer’s contact information. But getting traffic to your site and subsequent conversions can be challenging.

Fortunately, there are shortcuts and Aaron Bradley has one specific technique that is sure to rapidly build your contacts. And even better, Aaron’s advice will help you acquire an actual buyer’s list — folks who are willing to dig into their pockets to purchase products. A freebie-seeking list, in contrast, will often be comprised of frugal folks who don’t like to part with money. So following Aaron’s guidelines and directions, you’re not only expanding your list but ensuring that it is a buyer’s list.

Yes, he will show you where the hungry buying crowd lies. You’ll then be able to connect with them using a quick, systematic formula.

A List-Building Example – Spheres of Influence

When an affiliate marketer does not yet have any list, he/she may be seduced by the allure of solo ads. Here, the marketer is leveraging another affiliate’s list, introducing an offer to that list … but paying for the privilege to do so.

Solo ads, by the way, can be a very lucrative strategy but can also be a technique where one loses the proverbial shirt. So much depends on the promotion, and the general responsiveness of the list.

Now solo ad swaps are all the rage. Here, one marketer swaps ads with another marketer introducing the offers to their respective lists. There’s no monetary loss and financial gain may be quite impressive. Also, both marketers are growing their respective lists.

But what happens if you don’t have a list? Perhaps you can offer something of value to another marketer’s group – an interview with provocative thoughts, an e-book that is sure to pique curiosity, well anything as long as it’s beneficial to that group.

List leveraging is even more powerful when you know the customer base and their wants, needs, and problems. Again, out-of-the-box thinking is required to find the right source of any given traffic.

But fortunately, you don’t have to tax your brain. In Building Your List on Someone Else’s Dime, Aaron Bradley has already devised a ‘I should have thought of that technique,’ and you can simply copy the steps he outlines. Hint: You’ll finally learn an easy but very effective way of tracking links.

Brother Can You Spare a Dime? Who Needs Aaron Bradley’s Guide?

The money is in a responsive, buying list. Anyone who knows the value of autorresponder contacts needs to read this material. Also, it’s perfectly suited to:

  • New affiliates – It’s great to start your career using novel strategies and getting a list together from the get go.
  • Struggling affiliates – The old ways are not working. It’s best to devise another game plan.
  • Those on a tight budget – This product is only $7 and does not require further investment.
  • Folks who want a cut and dried system – This is not very technical. You’ll receive an easy-to-follow, clear plan you should be able to duplicate.

Build Your List on Someone Else’s Dime Review – Final Word

Aaron Bradley is developing a reputation as a list building expert. He has already created the well-received List Building And You: How To Build A Very Profitable List In 5 Easy Steps! He is walking the walk, so to speak, as he is using his own methods to expand the size of his list and wallet.

This product offers a very low risk-high reward course of action. It is very reasonably priced at $7 although there is a sales funnel which you may or may not find necessary to purchase. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a dime to implement his step-by-step, actionable plan.

This country continues to be built on someone else’s dime, and now you can create your own list-building empire in the same manner, too.

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