GenF20 Plus Review – The Best HGH Releaser of This GEN?

Last year, successful entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, stirred controversy. He said that he would fund research to test the potential of human growth hormone (HGH) as an aid in the recovery process of injured basketball players. But HGH may not be just an agent that can support rehabilitation but one that can literally turn back the aging clock. In the midst of growing scientific evidence pertaining to HGH’s benefits, I thought a GenF20 Plus review was in order. After all, GenF20 Plus may just be one of the most popular human growth hormone products in the marketplace today, and as such, deserves further evaluation.

What’s the Fuss About HGH and GenF20 Plus – Is it a Generation Game-Changer?

Read our GenF20 Plus review and find out how this brand of human growth hormone can help you look and feel your best.

There are a bevy of exorbitant claims by human growth hormone manufacturers. According to those that make and market these types of products, radical changes within the body result with the introduction of HGH or HGH precursors.

Here are just a sample of the purported advantages: wrinkle and fine line reduction, clearer more radiant complexion, decrease in body fat, increase in muscle mass, better, more restful sleep, surge in energy levels, a rise in libido, improvement in mental clarity, focus, and brain function, an enhancement of the immune system, and many other potent physiological and even psychological benefits.

But these positive HGH results are not just the outcome of tooting one’s own horn. Several scientific studies back up such lofty claims, including one performed by the New England Journal of Medicine.

In evaluating the effects of human growth hormone on men over 60 (a sample group whose HGH levels are typically severely low), the introduction of HGH fostered many favorable results.

In the above referenced article, read this telling conclusion:

“The findings in this study are consistent with the hypothesis that the decrease in lean body mass, the increase in adipose-tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occur in older men are caused in part by reduced activity of the growth hormone—IGF-I axis, and can be restored in part by the administration of human growth hormone.”

GenF20 Plus has also been tested in a clinical study, and the researchers believed that it merited further inspection as an agent for such positive change. GenF20 also provides physician testimonials, adding to its credibility.

But desirable effects will not materialize overnight. There should be positive cumulative effects, noticeable after some time has elapsed. According to GenF20 reviews, it may only take two to three weeks before you see results, but month after month, changes should hopefully become more profound.

Remember, HGH levels are severely depleted in older folks. Consider this startling statistic: at the age of 25, the average person’s HGH levels are about 600ug. In contrast, by age 60, HGL levels have plummeted to approximately 90ug or a mere 15% of its youthful amount.

As we get older, the pituitary gland is just not secreting HGH as it was in decades gone by. As such, introducing HGH may very well help us take retrieve part of our former glory.

GenF20 Plus Reviews – A Closer Look Into This Anti-Aging Supplement

Perhaps GenF20 Plus is so-named because the 20 may represent the twenty years or two decades of restored youth and vitality. Be that as it may, what is its formula of success?

GenF20 combines the synergy behind enteric coated tablets (for maximum absorption) and an oral spray. Both products work in concert as natural ‘HGH releasers.”

In other words, you’re not injecting any synthetic, foreign HGH substance. Through supplementation and spray, your body is organically secreting additional HGH, exactly what you want to occur.

GenF20 plus directions indicate that for maximum gains, you should take 4 tablets daily (two tablets twice per day) and 6 oral sprays.

Now theoretically, the content of the oral spray with Alpha GPC (comprised of amino acids and botanical agents) could have been added to the supplement.

However, those who formulated GenF20 did not want to tinker with the already powerful ingredients in the pill, so they opted to include an adjunct spray.

Together, they work in harmony to get the Anterior Pituitary gland to secrete additional reserves of HGH. Moreover, through their use, the effects of other hormones produced by the gland are enhanced.

GenF20 Plus Ingredient List

Health-conscious consumers should know exactly what they’re consuming. Here is a list of the ingredients of the supplement and spray.

GenF20 Plus Supplement includes these 16 components: l-Arginine (130 mg), l-Glutanine (115 mg), l-Glycine (100 mg), l-Lysine (100 mg), l-Tyrosine (100 mg), astragalus root extract (60 mg), deer antler velvet (50 mg), Gamma Amino Butyric Acid – GABA (50 mg), colostrum (50 mg), l-Valine (40 mg), pituitary (anterior) powder (30 mg), phosphatidyl choline (25 mg), l-Ornithine (25 mg), and gtf-chromium (.1 mg).

Can you imagine buying all these ingredients separately?

As you can see, there are many amino acids represented in the formula, all working together to help your body support optimal secretion of HGH by the pituitary gland. All ingredients help to enhance immunity, accelerate healing, increase muscle mass, and simply decrease aging.

Some ingredients, such as deer antler and colostrum, contain insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1) that may be the substance actually responsible for HGH’s anti-aging effects.

GenF20 Plus Oral Spray contains GABA, Mucuna Pruriens (seed), Moomiyo Extract, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Glutamine, L-Aginine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Isoeucine, L-Trysince, and Glycine.

As mentioned above, this unique proprietary blend supercharges the pituitary to produce a healthy amount of human growth hormone.

GenF20 Plus Review Bodybuilding – Who Needs HGH?

The sports, fitness, and bodybuilding communities have been the most ardent supporters and users of HGH. But remember, GenF20 Plus does not only help athletes and bodybuilders, but anyone who is interested in building the body from the inside out and marshaling the immune system and natural defenses.

Those who may need GenF20 or another reputable HGH formulation are perhaps those with very low levels of HGH – seniors, for example.

Other folks who have special concerns, such as obesity or insomniacs, may derive great benefit from its use.

And of course, those interested in appearance and beauty may gain tremendous advantage by consuming GenF20.

Still, it is not for everyone, and I’ll discuss that consideration below.

GenF20 Plus Side Effects

While GenF20 is an all-natural product and claims to be free of side effects if used in the prescribed manner, it is always best to consult with your physician before taking any health-related product.

I did some research on the negative effects of human growth hormone, in general, and found these adverse effect possibilities: water retention, morning aches, pins and needles feeling in palms and fingers, and other such maladies.

But so much depends on the manner of HGH intake (no injections!), and the type of product used (homeopathically potentized HGH or Somatroph HGH may be suspect, for instance).

Still, although I’ve read many GenF20 Plus reviews, and just about all claim the formulation to be completely safe, again, it’s best to discuss possible product usage with your primary care physician.

To this layman, it does not make sense for teenagers and even those in their early 20’s to become GenF20 users as innate production of human growth hormone would seem to be in ample supply. And you certainly don’t want to overdose HGH.

Moreover, those who are pregnant or lactating should probably avoid HGH, too. Folks with medical conditions should think twice about using this substance as well.

But for the vast majority, GenF20 Plus looks very safe and promising but run this by your doctor.

Is GenF20 Plus Sold in GNC? Where Can I Buy It?

I called my local GNC and found out that they don’t carry GenF20. As GNC is a franchise, I don’t believe that any GNC outlet carries this product.

Moreover, you won’t find it at other popular retailers, such as Walmart or Target.

In addition, vitamin and other health food stores don’t have GenF20 available.

You have to go straight to the online source to ensure that you’re getting the true GenF20 Plus product.

Get the Real GenF20 Plus With Its Powerful Age-Defying Advantages

Still, online GenF20 ordering is quick and convenient, and you’ll be able to begin the program before you know it. And who knows? With its burgeoning popularity, GNC, Walmart, and other outlets may eventually make GenF20 Plus available to its customers.

How Much Does GenF20 Plus Cost?

As noted above, you should buy GenF20 directly from the original online source. Beware of scams that may be selling knockoffs or fake GenF20 bottles.

The actual GenF20 Plus prices are as follows but please remember to add shipping and handling expense:

1 Bottle of the supplement: $59.99 (sold separately)

1 box of the oral spray: $39.99 (sold separately)

Again, it’s best to purchase both for optimal results to materialize. Moreover, there is a discount by ordering both at the same time, exemplified by the one month supply price:

  • 1 month supply (supplement and spray): $82.99; savings of $17
  • 2 month supply (supplement and spray): $159.99; savings of $40
  • 3 month supply (supplement and spray): $220.99; savings of $79
  • 4 month supply (supplement and spray): $287.99; savings of $112
  • 5 month supply (supplement and spray): $349.99; savings of $150
  • 6 month supply (supplement and spray): $399.99; savings of $200

Mention the following discount code 292946 if you decide to order by phone.

You can also order GenF20 Plus online or by fax.

GenF20 Plus Review – Final Determination

GenF20 Plus user reviews have been extremely favorable. Internal and external conditions should improve, encompassing a more powerful immune system while reaping the benefits of better skin.

You may even notice a change in your physique as fat deposits become less, and lean muscle mass builds.

You may experience an uplift in mood and an improvement in libido.

In essence, by taking GenF20, there’s a real possibility of experiencing anti-aging on a cellular level.

Do I think this is a magic bullet – the proverbial Fountain of Youth? No, I really don’t think any product can reverse all the ravages of advancing age. Still, GenF20 is likely to make you feel and look younger – well worth the price to help counteract the biological process of aging.

Here’s a toast to shaving off 20 years with GenF20 Plus.

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