I saw an advertisement for CogniMaxx XL and I knew that I had to review this product. The reason will soon become apparent.

As I get older, there are times my brain feels a little oxygen-starved where there does not seem to be much cerebral blood flow. 🙂 But anyone, at any age, may feel their mental acuity slipping away.

However, the loss of brain power and cognitive thinking ability does not have to be a foregone conclusion with advancing age. As science continues to reveal the secrets of the brain, and we realize that our dendrites and neurotransmitters are forever malleable, we can tinker with substances that can enhance our brain’s thinking capacity.

Introducing CogniMaxx XL, a nootropic supplement that contains active ingredients that may very well increase fluid intelligence. This CogniMaxx XL review will highlight this popular formula, and see if can enhance mental functioning and brain health.

Cognimaxx XL Review – An Inside Look

Read our review on CogniMaxx XL and find out how this supplement can reinvigorate your thinking

Talk about a smart pill for your mental health! In order to fully examine CogniMaxx XL and ensure a meaningful review, I have to pinpoint the exact ingredients in the product.

Can the pill’s components target and improve perception, memory, focus, and thought processes where the user can more readily conjure up thoughts and ideas? Can the ingredients sharpen creativity and imagination, leading to outside-of-the-box thinking? Can they strengthen problem-solving abilities?

Of interest, many other reviewers are not even doing their homework. They are erroneously reporting the ingredients, unaware that this product has been reformulated – serving as a new and improved version.

My son, interested in maximizing his brain power actually called the company’s toll-free number to investigate. He actually called twice, and the representatives provided the following list of key ingredients:

L-Glutamine – Here is another ingredient to sharpen focus, energy, and learning. Indeed, many brain supplements include it for this reason. This substance seems to increase neurotransmission, resulting in a quicker, more responsive brain. It may also remove metabolic residue in the brain, and this type of detoxification can only improve cognitive function.

Ginkgo Biloba – According to animal studies, this herbal extract may stimulate brain functions by increasing stem cell growth. It may promote growth in brain regions responsible for memory, helping to ward off vascular dementia.

Ginkgo has been touted to improve insufficient blood flow to the brain, dementia, generalized anxiety disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and a host of other conditions.

It is an important supplement to increase concentration, focus, and memory.

Bacopin – An adaptogen, this ingredient can be instrumental for stress management. It also destroys free radicals, aiding in maintaining cell integrity. It has also been studied for its ability to help restore memory loss.

Vinpocetine – An extract of periwinkle plant seeds, this ingredient increases blood flow and oxygenation to the brain through mild dilation of blood vessels. This should improve short and long-term memory.

Acetylcarnitine – As we age, cognitive decline occurs due to the formation of amyloid plaque, leading to nerve wear and tear. Administering this ingredient results in less production of this plaque, and new brain cells are created while old ones heal.

In addition, Acetylcarnitine ingestion also results in greater energy (including brain energy) and decreased stressful thoughts. It protects the mitochondria, the building blocks of cellular energy. Moreover, it serves as a natural anti-depressant, increasing the output of serotonin and dopamine.

Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) – Ensuring the integrity of cell membranes and vibrant neural activity functioning, this ingredient shows promise in eliminating ‘brain fog.’ It may also foster better analytical processing skills, improved concentration and focos,

These ingredients contribute towards greater brain development, and the production of mood-elevating hormones, such as serotonin.

In essence, this is an impressive array of ingredients that works synergistically to improve memory and for optimal brain stimulation.

CogniMaxx XL Reviews – Reasonable Expectations

I’ve read a number of CogniMaxx XL reviews, and some claim that this can cure dementia, ward off Alzheimer’s, increase IQ over 100 points, wipe out memory loss for good, and the claims go on and on.

But one should exercise reasonable common sense. There is no magic bullet, or pill in this case, that will transform you into the next Einstein. However, after reviewing the list of ingredients, it not far-fetched to believe that focus, concentration, problem-solving ability, imagination, creativity, and typical thought processes can be greatly enhanced by taking this supplement.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Well, hopefully one side effect is that your mental acumen and acuity will sharpen, and that you’re memory will rival an elephant’s.

But are there any negative side effects? The formula is all-natural according to the product creator and should not pose any dire risks if taken in the prescribed manner. (Still, I wonder if headaches could more readily occur with increased blood flow to the brain.)

Still, it’s always important to discuss the prospect of taking a supplement with your physician. This is particularly true for women who are pregnant or lactating, or for folks who are experiencing illness. You don’t want to cause any issues or contraindications.

In addition, this supplement does not seem appropriate for children. Again, check with your physician about your unique circumstances should you be interested in taking these pills.

CogniMaxx XL – What is the Cost? Is There a Free Trial?

The so-called free trial is tempting but please note that you will be responsible for about $5 for shipping and handling. Moreover, after 14 days from the date of the order, unless you return the bottle within that time period (which doesn’t make sense since you’ll need time to discern the effects), your credit card will be billed $47.

It appears that you can enroll in an auto-ship program where you’ll receive a monthly shipment of the product for $47. You can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

Here is the pricing if you opt out of the monthly membership program:

1 Bottle: $47

3 Bottles: $97 (each bottle then costs $32.33; savings of $44)

5 Bottles: $147 (each bottle then costs $29.40; savings of $88)

7 Bottles: $197 (each bottle then costs $28.14; savings of $132)

You can only buy the supplement online, and any of our links offer the lowest price possible for this brain health supplement.

CogniMaxx Xl Review – Final Determination

According to the product literature, their supplement can boost brain power by 89.2%. Now, I’m not smart enough to figure out how to test that assertion. However, since I have a modicum of intelligence and common sense, it appears reasonable to declare that the supplement can dramatically improve cognitive processing, mental vision, focus, and concentration. It also seems reasonable to believe that it can lead towards a greater amount of energy and elevate mood.

Again, this is not the ultimate smart drug or nootropic. It’s just a natural cognitive enhancer that will help you reap some very favorable intellectual dividends.

All in all, this formulation seems to be a smart choice for those bent on maximizing their intellectual capacity. You may be doing your brain a disservice if you don’t at least try CogniMaxx XL.

Order CogniMaxx Xl – The Natural Cognitive Enhancer Designed to Smarten You Up

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