The 3 Week Diet Review – Brian Flatt’s Transformative Weight Loss Plan?

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Are you looking for reliable information on the 3 Week Diet, the popular weight loss e-book by Brian Flatt? This candid and insightful 3 Week Diet review will thrust this product into the limelight, and evaluate its premise, strengths, and weaknesses. Can it really help to get rid of your excess fat baggage? Will it transform your body into a ‘fat burning machine’ overnight … or at least in 3 weeks?

What is the 3 Week Diet’s Premise?

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Of course, Brian Flatt’s specialized diet plan promises quick results. Although I’m all for instant gratification, I wondered how any weight loss program can deliver such speedy results when the overweight and obese are trying to undue months or years of bodily abuse.

However, I wanted to keep an open mind that a fast, favorable outcome could really occur. After all, I’ve seen friends melt away the pounds in no time flat although I’ve never been able to accomplish the feat. Perhaps they were privy to this scientific-based 3 week diet but never bothered to tell me.

Brian Flatt acknowledges that it’s the excess calories we consume that adds to our waistline, He stresses the point that we really have to be more aware what we put in our bodies.

Leave that cookie be. You don’t need it. It’s the innocent 50-calorie cookie per day, for example, that contributes to an increase of 5 pounds a year.

Let’s do the math. It takes 3,500 calories to add up to a pound. Well, a cookie a day for a year would equal 50 calories x 365 days = 18,250 excess calories. Divide that figure by the standard 3,500 calories and that equals 5 extra pounds of flesh (sounds better than fat).

But guess what? Many of us can’t stop eating just one cookie. Willpower be damned, we look for more than one cookie, or its junk food cousins – cakes, croissants, muffins … you name it. So you can easily see how permanent bloated stomachs form.

Now remember, the body regulates weight with calorie fluctuation. Metabolism is part of the weight loss equation. And obviously, a faster metabolism where calories are burned off quicker is preferable to a slower metabolism when it comes to trimming the fat off your body.

Indeed, many of us long for the days where we used to eat everything in sight and seemingly not gain a pound. But while we cannot reverse the hands of time, we can reverse a sluggish metabolism rate.

How? In the 3 Week Diet, Brian Flatt, says the key lies in fat mobilization. Specifically, the fat in fat cells have to migrate out of the cells, and get burned to oblivion.

This fat mobilization is easier said than done. However, the 3 Week Diet system pinpoints how to get the fat out, so to speak.

Think low insulin levels and high catecholamine levels to achieve fat migration. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that controls the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. When we consume less sugar, it stands to reason that less pancreatic-derived insulin is produced. The happy result: hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) rises and turns stored triglycerides into free-flowing fatty acids. In essence, the body then relies on stored fat as energy, and is able to get rid of it.

Produced by the adrenal glands, catecholamines are hormones that are released into the body when we’re under physical and even emotional stress. Who knew that these ‘flight or fight’ hormones could be the key into reducing stubborn fat – even the most recalcitrant belly fat.

Now the idea is not to overly tax yourself with impossible to fulfill responsibilities or go on the world’s scariest roller coaster to get your adrenaline, also known as “epinephrine,” higher. In the 3 Week Diet system, Brian Flatt outlines the methods that will trigger this type of hormone/neurotransmitter production, ultimately causing fat oxidation and weight loss.

This point piggybacks a study performed by Australian researcher, Professor Steve Boutcher. While the sample was small, the results were still very telling.

He divided 45 obese women into groups A and B, described as follows:

Group A: Using a special bike, these women engaged in exercise for an 8-seond period followed by 12 seconds of recovery (light cycling). This pattern was repeated for an entire 20 minute workout. (Three workouts were scheduled for a week.)

Group B: Exercised twice as long as Group A, and engaged in 40 minutes of slow, steady-state cardio. (Three weekly workouts were scheduled.)

Although Group A performed exercises for half as much time as Group B, the first group enjoyed much better weight reduction. Talk about working smarter, not harder. Group A members were rewarded with a significant amount of belly fat loss, and trimmer butts thighs, and legs.

Boutcher reasoned that Group A’s intermittent sprinting on the bike caused an elevation in catecholamines. setting the wheels in motion for slimmer, trimmer bodies.

In this 3 week diet pdf, you’ll learn how to safely raise catecholamine levels, and lower insulin levels, to achieve the body of your dreams. In the interim, sprint, stop, sprint, stop, etc.

The 3 Week Diet’s Way to Magnify Results – Supplements and Exercise

Make no mistake: Brian Flatt gives you all the tools of the weight loss trade for you to say goodbye to those unwanted pounds.

However, his adjunct therapy includes supplements and exercise. For instance, omega 3 supplements, specifically in the form of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), can help to preserve muscle tissue and lower fat reserves. In one prominent clinical study performed by University of Wisconsin researchers, all 71 subjects taking CLA loss weight – an average of 6 pounds,

While there is no magic weight loss pill, there are supplements, according to Brian Flatt, that will help thwart weight gain. Of course, you cannot solely rely on them but they serve as a resource in any weekly dietary program.

Of course, you should always consult with your primary care physician before taking any supplement or implementing any type of diet.

Along with sound nutrition and supplementation, Flatt also promotes exercise as part of an effective weight loss regimen. After all exercise will aid in the mobilization of fat (remember, physical stress can raise those catecholamines) and enhance the metabolism rate.

In the 3 week diet plan, short intense workouts are promoted. This falls in line with the findings of researcher, Steve Boutcher, that quick bursts of stress/energy can be very fat-busting. You only need to exercise 20 to minutes a day, three times a week, to further slim down.

Brian Flatt clearly explains how to do these at-home exercises through the use of easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams. But for those people who are reluctant to do any exercise, even for only 90 minutes a week, fear not. You can still lose substantial weight in 3 weeks. But if you need motivation, Brian Flatt, asserts that you can double your weight loss by just moving your body in all the right ways!

Three Weeks to a New You – The Actual Content

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Too many 3 Week Diet reviews don’t even mention the specifics of the plan. I won’t make that omission. You’ll be privy to the following information:

Introduction manual – Here, Brian Flatt explains why dramatic results can be obtained in less than a month. In layman’s terms, Brian explains the process of weight loss and fat reduction. After reading and reviewing this introductory information, you’ll see why quick weight loss can occur; indeed, you should notice weekly favorable changes on the road towards a slimmer, yet more built shape

Diet info – Want to know how you can calculate your Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR)? This section will show you. Once you’re aware of BMR, you’ll know your caloric threshold to stay under so you can jumpstart your fat-cutting ways.

In addition, you’ll know the ideal foods to eat to readily burn fat. You’ll be provided with a list of an allowable 6 sources of protein. The menu will include a medley of 17 vegetables. There will be diversity among these tasty menu ideas.

One important role of diet is to detoxify the liver. And here you thought it was the stomach you should target.

The liver especially impacts weight because it regulates glucose, produces bile to absorb and break down fats, controls cholesterol production and removal, removes toxins, supports immunity, and serves a multitude of other functions. A sluggish liver can cause you to pinch much more than an inch.

As there is a liver-weight loss connection, Brian Flatt reveals how to optimize liver performance, including taking supplements of Vitamins A, C, and D. Certain foods also aid in liver cleansing and detoxification, such as garlic, by activating liver enzymes.

Another phase of liver detoxification and fat-melting is a 24-hour fast that takes place after a week on the diet. You can eat like a king for one meal after this fasting period although carbohydrate intake has to be kept within reason.

As part of the diet manual, you’ll also learn about fat fasting. Other diets, such as Dr. Atkins’ New Diet, also embrace this theory. Here, you’re on a very low daily calorie count – no more than 1,200 calories per day – but 80 to 90% of those calories are fats. (Sorry, no trans-fatty acids allowed.) This fat fasting will encourage lipolysis, supporting the breakdown of fats. Triglycerides ultimately transform into free fatty acids, a welcome conversion.

Ultimately, you’ll need to calculate your BMR, the number of calories your body burns while in a resting state. You’ll learn how to create a caloric deficit where your body burns more calories than it consumes (or where you consume less calories than the body burns). If you don’t have enough calories to perform daily tasks, such as breathing, moving, digesting, etc.), your body will be forced to find another energy source: your stored fat … which is a good thing!

The 3 Week Diet to Lose 20 Pounds – Content Includes Workout and Motivation Manuals

Belly fat can vanish with Brian Flatt’s exercise protocol. A washboard stomach is achievable with just 2 of Brian’s ab exercises.

Extra flab in other areas of the body can disappear with fat-torching workouts. As mentioned earlier, these exercises are not ‘hard core,’ and should be able to be performed by the vast majority of the 3 Week Diets’ readers and users.

Of course, anytime you start a diet, it’s so important to have the right mindset. You have to believe that results will materialize and that you’re capable of achieving your weight loss goals. You have to have the desire and will to ACT, and cultivate habits that support ACTION. This section of the resource will ensure that you cut the ‘mental fat’ that may get in the way of losing real fat for the next 21 days.

The Positives of the 3 Week Diet Program

The author, Brian Flatt, is a health coach, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist. He also possesses a degree in biology and is more than equipped to dispense this type of advice.

The program is natural and holistic, and can lead to substantial shredding of pounds in a short period of time.

The system is based on scientific principles, and the guide explains the reasons behind the dietary recommendations.

The program is not too expensive to implement. The biggest expense will be the supplements but it’s crucial to detoxify the liver and help to transform your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Other health benefits can be realized, such as a drop in cholesterol.

Anyone with a hectic lifestyle will gravitate towards this 3 Week Diet as the strategies, tips, and tricks are quick to implement. Even the exercise regimen does not require a lengthy expenditure of time.

Anyone can try this diet (with doctor’s approval), regardless of your present weight condition. Those who are obese may actually benefit the most.

You can customize an eating program that’s right for you, and takes into account your personal BMR.

There are lot to foods to choose from and you won’t feel as though you’re sacrificing so much to lose weight.

3 Day Diet reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This resource has thousands of likes on Facebook, for example. It has also earned many testimonials online.

The book is an affordable $47 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

As a way of thanking you for reading my review and purchasing the product from a link here, if applicable, you’ll be privy to our generous bonus package.

The 3 Week Diet Review – Any Negatives to Report?

Individual response will vary and some may not lose weight on the diet, especially if they don’t adhere to all the steps.

The promise of potentially losing a pound a day on average for three straight weeks may be too ‘pie in the sky’ (forgive the pun). While I recognize that significant weight loss can occur on this diet, it may take longer than 21 days. In addition, it’s so important to keep the weight off after this time has elapsed.

The 3 Week Diet System Review – Final Determination

3 Week Diet presents an actionable plan that can easily work by adhering to its tenets and following the recommendations in practice.

It seems important to detoxify the liver, establish a personal BMR, cut calories, and eat foods containing fat at times to fight this battle of the bulge. The system can correct poor dietary habits, and put you on the path towards an enhanced nutrition plan – one that will lead to reduced weight and improved health, in general.

I also appreciate the fact that an exercise regimen is included as well as much-needed motivation. Advice on supplements also provides crucial guidance and direction.

It’s time to take note of the calendar, begin the 3 Week Diet (which is far from a crash diet, by the way), and in 21 days, the reflection you see in the mirror will be a lot more appealing to you, and perhaps the folks around you.

See this reference to gather more information on diets, in general. Always exercise safety and caution when altering dietary habits.

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