AquaFlexin Review – Is AquaFlexin Worthy of a Joint Venture?

AquaFlexin Review
Purported Properties: Can serve as an all-encompassing joint pain remedy

Imagine this scenario: You’re in the comfort of your own house, and you harmlessly try to pick an item off the floor. Suddenly – unpredictably – you experience massive joint pain in your back. You almost feel the joint pain radiating out to your fingers, toes, … well all over your body. You feel incapacitated, but worse, the physical torment seems overwhelming and overpowering. If this feeling does not go away fast, a trip to the doctor is advisable. But what to do in the short run? Well, if you’re like thousands of other joint pain sufferers, you may reach for your Aquaflexin. But is this advisable? Please read this Aquaflexin review, and discover important information about one of the more popular joint pain and arthritis over-the-counter remedies available.

What is Aquaflexin?

Learn about AquaFlexin and see how it may serve as a powerful joint pain remedy

While Aquaflexin is a popular product, some may not even know of its existence. When I first heard of this pain amelioration option, I wondered the derivation of the name. It seemed to reason that ‘Aqua’ meant water (providing some type of internal hydration boost), and ‘Flexin’ conjured up images of joint flexibility. Perfect!

After all, ample hydration levels may counteract the underlying issues leading to joint inflammation and discomfort. The connection between two bones should be seamless, connected by healthy ligaments and an outer cartilage layer. Synovial fluid resides in the spaces between the bones, providing sustenance to the joint and cartilage. Nutrients can better flow to these areas with adequate blood volume, supported by proper hydration. An added plus: water can also transport wastes out of the joints, making them less susceptible to wear and tear.

Joints are more likely to move together nicely when they are, for lack of a better term, lubricated. Joints lacking moisture and hydration are more apt to rub together, causing friction with resultant ache. Well-hydrated joints, in contract, work cooperatively together. This is another reason why it’s so important to drink the requisite 8 glasses of water per day.

Think of your joints like a sponge rubbing against a pan. It’s so much easier for them to work together when both are wet. The analogy may be a stretch (pun intended) but you get my point.

Also, any anti-joint pain product worth its salt has to encourage joint flexibility. Yes, you can perform joint flexibility exercises, but it’s worthwhile to have an option you can apply topically or take orally to encourage a malleable body.

Well, Aquaflexin, as the name suggests, promises to flex your joints, so to speak, increasing the probability of pain-free days. This is an oral supplement that very well may put a spring in your step.

Who Needs Aquaflexin?

The product is specifically targeted to the millions of folks who suffer from joint pain and discomfort. And this type of anguish is not just relegated to aging seniors, like me. Joint strain and agony can be experienced by people of all ages and both genders. Some women feel joint pain during periods or pregnancy, for instance. Others feel this type of distress when the immune system is under siege, such as coming down with the flu. Painful episodes occur when the mind or body is under stress, or after too much vigorous exercise, or when leading a sedentary life.

Sadly, the twinges and tenderness of joint pain may not be temporary. This can be a chronic malady that calls for relief. Aquaflexin is meant to assuage symptoms, both for those with short-term and long-term joint stiffness.

The Aquaflexin supplement can also be taken by those with arthritis, characterized by severe joint inflammation. There are two primary arthritis classifications. The first is osteoarthritis, caused by the breakdown of cartilage. Here, bones grate together causing extreme discomfort. The other classification is Rheumatoid arthritis, caused by an autoimmune disease. The synovial membrane is compromised, and bone density becomes less, heightening joint pain symptoms.

Aquaflexin should help both types of arthritis victims because it lubricates arid bone joints and even reduces inflammatory pain signals.

Aquaflexin’s Ingredient List – How Does Aquaflexin Work

Aquaflexin’s effectiveness centers on a Chinese herb that boosts the immune system and suppresses problematic inflammatory cytokines. As such, it provides essential support to ease symptomatic discomfort.

What is this heralded herb of the Orient? It’s called Paractin, and it’s an extract of Andrographic Paniculata, to be exact. This small shrub has been harvested for centuries because of its healing, medicinal properties.

It is the main ingredient that cuts off the inflammatory pain signals, offering a respite from the nagging painful impulses. As an added plus, it is heart-friendly, providing a host of cardiovascular benefits.

Strengthening the body’s natural defenses, supporting healthy cellular communication, serving as a macrophage cells scavenger and offering joint, cartilage, and even heart protection, it makes sense why Paractin has been included in the formulation.

Another supplement ingredient is hyaluronic acid. Remember the Tin Man’s oil can in the Wizard of Oz, providing the Tin Man with much-needed lubrication? Well, this is the equivalent lubricating substance. Hyaluronic acid contributes to moist and lubricated joints and tissues. It also increases internal hydration levels – offering the same benefits as described earlier in the review. All in all, the cartilage will be more pliable, resilient, and stronger.

There is also hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid. As such, the hyaluronic acid in each AquaFlexin pill can serve as synovial fluid replacement – vital for keeping joints limber.

Rounding off the top 3 most important Aquaflexin ingredients is magnesium stearate. This ingredient is not surprising considering many doctors recommend magnesium for their arthritic and joint pain patients. Why is this mineral so highly regarded?

Chronic inflammatory build up can materialize as a result of magnesium deficiency. When magnesium levels are high enough, cellular events involved in inflammation may be alleviated. Indeed, magnesium may simply relax the body, including muscles and joints.

Magnesium also blocks excess calcium from entering sensitive body parts, such as the joints, bones, muscles, cartilage and other connective tissues. While calcium is a necessary mineral too, in excess it can crystallize and cause an inflammatory response. This is the origin of Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease. Again, a build up of calcium crystals can lead to inflammation and the resultant aches.

Upon analysis, there is scientific merit in including Paractin, hyaluronic acid, and magnesium stearate in this supplement. According to the Aquaflexin’s product creator, all these ingredients are natural, high-quality, and non-addictive. They are manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered lab. (Please note the FDA has not evaluated this particular product as it’s not classified as a drug.)

But Are AquaFlexin’s Ingredients Totally Safe?

On the sales page, the product creator underscores the purity of the ingredients, mentioning how they’re carefully sourced to ensure potency. Another assertion: Aquaflexin is manufactured in an FDA-registered lab that uses ‘Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.’ These points should provide some measure of reassurance.

For complete peace of mind, you can discuss this supplement with your physician, and see if it makes sense for you to take it.

Fortunately, I could not find any online anecdotes about the product exacerbating the condition or contributing to illness. Perhaps the most negative reviews I read involved the lack of the product’s effectiveness. (But the vast majority of reviews were positive, extoling AquaFlexin’s benefits.)

AquaFlexin Side Effects – Any Adverse Reactions?

Aquaflexin is a natural supplement and is not a drug. Now with drugs, there always seems to be concomitant side effects, such as stomach upset, edema, heart burn, increased susceptibility to infections, etc. Of interest, some drugs actually induce joint pain as a side effect!

But again, AquaFlexin is your drug alternative and should not cause side effects or adverse reactions, as long as you take it in the prescribed manner (one or two pills daily with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practioner).

Of course, it’s always advisable to discuss any supplementation with your doctor. If you’re already on medication, only your doctor can give you clearance to take any supplement. You don’t want to stir up any contraindications.

But the product creator exclaims that AquaFlexin will not cause side effects. My two cents: Speak with your physician before taking any supplement, especially if you’re on medication, or if you’re a woman who is pregnant or lactating.

Aquaflexin Pills – Do They Work?

As I just mentioned, some users expressed complaints and disapproval about the product, citing that it simply did not work. Of course, we don’t know if these users took the prescribed dosage faithfully and/or are practicing healthy living habits. But, fortunately, most folks continue to give Aquaflexin a high star rating.

I cannot personally vouch for it because I have not taken it yet. However, it’s on my shopping list as I’m convinced that its ingredients have merit.

Individual response will, as always, vary. The underlying causes of joint stiffness may be different among people, and perhaps the formulation can prove to be effective against one cause but may be impotent against another.

Still, this product does have a strong following, suggesting that it can make the proverbial difference within you.

So again, I cannot unequivocally provide an endorsement of the product when asked if Aquaflexin really works? But with a myriad of happy customers / reviewers, and powerful ingredients, the odds should be in your favor.

AquaFlexin Alternatives

There are a variety of other over-the-counter products you can use. Folks take anything from aspirin to acetaminophen, ibuprofen to paracetamol, as their painkiller of choice. Again, results vary and there is a chance for side effects. One would not classify these OTC drugs as holistic.

Of course, you may decide to pursue the prescription drug route to try to arrest joint pain. Here, side effects are even more likely to occur and expense may be an issue. A positive response is not guaranteed either, and the doctor may have you try several types of drugs to see if symptoms subside. By the way, stronger Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are typically prescribed.

There are also topical formulations designated for joint pain, absorbed through the skin. Creams, gels and patches are available for pain relief – both in prescription and over-the-counter forms. The active ingredients often contain capsaicin (to compromise a nerve cell’s ability to send pain messages), salicylates (to dull pain) and counterirritants, such as menthol (to produce a cold or hot sensation to override the body’s ability to feel and sense pain – at least temporarily).

Again, topical products may induce side effects. The end result is often unpredictable, too, so trial and error may be warranted.

Some people, particularly those with chronic inflammation, seeks the services of a qualified surgeon. The types of joint pain surgery are diverse. Joints may be removed and replaced, fused together, and repositioned. This is a very expensive option that may rectify the problem, prove to have limited effectiveness, or for some, make matters worse.

Compared to the above options, AquaFlexin may be your best alternative, especially as there are many positive AquaFlexin reviews.

Where to Buy AquaFlexin?

The AquaFlexin supplement is only available online. The most reliable source is through the company that actually creates and produces it. You want to ensure that you receive the same product that has been the scope of this review.

By purchasing through this online retailer, you’ll also receive the following generous bonus package:

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Like our Aquaflexin review? Order a bottle or two and say good bye to joint pain

What is the Price?

The vendor offers several different plans, outlined as follows

  • 1 Bottle is $67
  • 2 Bottles Are $119.90 ($59.95/Bottle) – Is essence, you’re saving $14.10 with this 2 bottle discount
  • 4 Bottles Are $199.80 ($49.95/Bottle) – Doing the math, you’re saving $68.20 with this 4 bottle discount

AquaFlexin is on sale now, and multiple bottles ensure a steeper discount.

Final Word on AquaFlexin

While AquaFlexin seems a little pricey, you get what you pay for. The ingredients work synergistically, and separately they seem to show promise in tackling unnerving joint pain. This supplement contains a holistic blend of Paractin, hyaluronic acid, and magnesium – all with the potential to help eliminate joint pain, or at least desensitize you to such pain.

Although this does not seem like a magic cure-all, there may be power in these pills. Those with knee, back, and hip pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, and a host of other conditions may find this supplement to provide maximum joint support.

AquaFlexin also seems to provide optimal cumulative effects, as it should assist you in regaining flexibility and mobility in time. So if you’re looking for a product that targets, replenishes, and supports joint health, you should seriously considering buying AquaFlexin.

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