Heart Revitalized Review: How to Prevent Heart Disease?

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In this Heart Revitalized review, I will depict Andrew Dillard’s program to jumpstart your heart’s revitalization process. I wish that I had this information last year as I lost my husband to a heart attack about 6 months ago. But I’m hoping that this review will be seen by many as the information contained in Heart Revitalized may save lives, according to the author.

Andrew Dillard presents eye-opening info about what really causes heart disease and how to prevent it. His perspective runs contrary to the established mainstream medical community. However, Mr. Dillard’s book is based on the findings of an enlightened physician, Dr. Westphal.

(Please note that this review is only reporting on the medical beliefs and suppositions of the author, not my own. I’m a layman and cannot provide any medical insight, one way or another.)

Heart Revitalization – The Premise

See Andrew Dillard's Heart Revitalized, based on Dr. Westphal's work

The book, Heart Revitalized, does not pull any punches. Andrew Dillard writes that heart disease does not occur because of the high cholesterol foods we consume. In fact, he believes heart issues arise because of the cholesterol we produce in our own bodies. In fact, 75% of our body’s cholesterol levels are internally-manufactured. But, per Dillard, a high milligram count of cholesterol would not pose a health threat if the liver could somehow get rid of it.

So a primary premise of the book is that the secret to a healthy heart is a well-functioning liver. But how can we optimally enhance our liver’s cleansing capabilities? The answer in one word: enzymes.

We require enzymes, protein molecules, to function and survive. They take part in just about all metabolic processes and when our enzyme count gets depleted, we’re more susceptible to illness and disease.

Don’t we produce our own enzymes as well, you may wonder? Yes, but aging and our frenetic lifestyle depletes these enzymes that are crucial to fortify our immune system, maintain our organs and tissues, fully digest our meals, and perform a host of other tasks, including cleaning out cholesterol.

Can you imagine a strong liver, chock full of enzymes, that breaks down cholesterol into bile and suitably excretes it via the small intestine? It would no longer pose a threat to our vulnerable hearts. Our body will begin to heal itself and revitalize a heart organ that is indispensable to the quality and quantity of life.

Should We Blindly Follow the 13.2 Billion Heart Disease Industry’s Protocol?

What is the first recommendation of any cardiologist who initially sees a heart attack survivor? Answer: Go on a low cholesterol or cholesterol-free diet. But again, about 75% of our cholesterol is produced internally so why is that fact typically ignored and not addressed?

Sadly, even those health-conscious folks who watch what they eat can be thus undermined by bad LDL cholesterol. This is what happened to Andrew Dillard, author of Heart Revitalized. Despite being very careful about diet, he still experienced a heart attack.

And at the hospital, Andrew received the same long list of prescription medication and drugs, such as beta-blockers, that fellow heart attack victims receive. It is standard medical protocol. But guess what – these drugs induce so many adverse side effects, including weakening the liver. And this weakened liver makes us more susceptible to a variety of disease, from diabetes to yes, heart disease.

Credit Dr. Westphal for not towing the company line. Despite fear of retribution for disclosing the cause and potential cure of heart disease, he shared his findings with Andrew Dillard who is now sharing it with the public.

What is the Heart Revitalized Course of Action?

Well, most importantly, Heart Revitalized is not going to echo the thousands of other articles about how to prevent heart disease. It simply takes the unique view that the liver must be strengthened by increasing its enzyme levels. This seems easier said than done … or is it easy?

After reading Heart Revitalized, you’ll see that supporting the liver (and thus the heart) is not as difficult as you imagine. You just need a systematic way to increase liver enzymes.

Heart Revitalized spells out exactly how to accomplish this task via a 3-pronged approach:

1) You’ll find out which foods boost enzyme levels – almost immediately.

2) You’ll also learn which foods to avoid. Now the important point is that not all healthy foods trigger enzyme production. In fact, some health foods may even deplete enzymes – the last thing we want. The book provides a food glossary and mentions the foods to consume (1) and those to avoid (2). You must know these taboo foods, too, as they will contribute to hormonal imbalance.

3. Heart Revitalized not only provides essential food categories but how to combine food groups (and the proper amount) for optimal effectiveness. When to eat them is also an important consideration, and Andrew Dillard provides vital scheduling. It’s preferable to eat certain foods at certain times of the time, based on fluctuating hormone production levels.

Here, you are what you eat, and choosing truly liver-healthy foods (several listed are completely counter-intuitive) will lead to a healthier heart. According to Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal, a high enzyme liver accumulation will be ample arsenal to eliminate the LDL. Deemed good cholesterol, HDL, will then circulate in your body and remove even more cholesterol in the arteries of the liver and exert a protective effect on the heart.

What are the Pros of the Heart Revitalized Program?

It offers a unique premise where heart strengthening and repair is possible.

It is completely natural and holistic, and does not depend on drugs, keeping you safe from any adverse prescription drug side effects.

The information contained in Heart Revitalized can help all people, in all age groups. It’s not only suitable for those with heart disease but for anyone who wants to be proactive about their health.

The program is simple to implement. Again, it revolves around making the right dietary choices, and once you purchase the recommended foods (keep away from others!), you’re good to go.

This will not only strengthen your liver and heart, but your immune system itself. You will not only possibly add more years to your life but quality to those years.

Heart Revitalized reviews have been overwhelming positive. Over 37,000 satisfied folks have already used the outlined strategies.

You can read and review Heart Revitalized for 60 days and still return it if you’re not completely satisfied. The initial cost is very affordable at 39.95.

Heart Revitalized Review – Any Negatives to Report

I don’t think this is the type of program you should implement on your own without first speaking with your doctor. Yes, it’s your prerogative to eat what you want but whether or not you need heart drugs should be a joint decision between you and your physician. Cardiac drugs may be an absolute necessity.

I’ve always heard that the heart cannot repair itself. But Heart Revitalized throws a monkey wrench to that argument. A new study, in fact, reviews the possibility of the heart’s potential recuperative power.

But even if the heart can physically heal itself does not mean that all who implement the Heart Revitalized strategies will have favorable outcomes. Individual response always varies.

Should You Add Heart Revitalized to Your Collection of Health Books?

In this Heart Revitalized review, I note that Andrew Dillard’s program, based on Dr. Westphal’s research and findings, shows promise in treating the liver and the heart. I appreciate the fact that it is offers an alternative to conventional treatment and its reliance on side effect-laden heart drugs.

Its premise sounds logical to me: improving the functioning of the liver (through enzyme enhancement) can eliminate bad cholesterol and let the good cholesterol perform to its heart-protecting work. I believe in self-healing, especially through the use of food, and see the information in the resource can help prevent heart disease.

It’s certainly worth a try for less than $40 and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Don’t allow your liver to undermine your heart. Find out how you can revitalize this vital organ. As Nelson Mandela once said, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

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