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WP Profit Builder Review
Product created by: Sean Donahue
Price: 3 Plans available: $47, $67, $67.67 (one-time price)

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I’m writing this WP Profit Builder review because I finally understand the importance of creating professional, eye-catching, and sales-converting lead and sales pages. I used to believe that folks were most motivated to purchase products because of desirable pricing, quality, compelling description and/or favorable reviews. But purchase decisions are also very much influenced by the design and look of any given offer page. WP Profit Builder capitalizes on consumer sales psychology by enabling marketers to create irresistible forms and pages.

WP Profit Builder – What is It?

Review WP Profit Builder and take note of all its benefits

Sean Donahue, creator of WP Profit Builder, calls it, “the ultimate marketing page creation system.” Judging form other WP Profit Builder reviews, many people would concur with that description.

WP Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin designed to drag and drop elements, enabling users to either customize just about any type of page or build their own from scratch. The magic is in its editor where you can add or remove (template) components, based on your aesthetic. The editor is very easy to navigate and intuitive so the learning curve of WP Profit Builder is very short.

The library of templates is very impressive. There are over 60 predesigned layouts to serve as the foundation for your WP (WordPress) profit-building page. The number of templates should expand in the future and as a trusted customer, you’ll have access to them when they’re rolled out.

Your WP template library is all-encompassing. You can use one to design an opt-in form. Need an entire sales page? Well, there are sales page templates, too. Are you looking to build membership or webinar announcing pages? Yes, there are predesigned patterns you can copy or tailor to meet your needs.

Are you looking for a graphic designer? You may not need to if you’re a WP Profit Builder user. You’ll be amazed with what you can accomplish with this tool. Alternatively, you don’t necessarily have to do much alteration, particularly with the predesigned opt-in forms. You can really leave them as is. Your page output speed then becomes greater and your site’s look becomes more polished and professional – ready to accrue bountiful profit.

WP Profit Builder Review – Examining Features

There is only one principal plugin feature: the editor, as mentioned above. But design options are limitless as you can change just about any page component.

Think of a standard Microsoft word editor. You can change type of font, font size, color, alignment, spacing, and a host of other options. You get the same flexibility here and more. For example, Sean Donahue provides a sales letter template listing applicable benefits. You have the freedom to remove a list of bulleted benefits and add an opt-in form instead. You’re in total charge of the frame and body of the page, shaping elements the way you see fit.

You’re constructing and transforming pages without any html or coding necessary. You’re simply using a bevy of editing options via a click, drag, and drop system. You’ll feel like a kid playing with Mr. Potato Head. But the end result won’t be a silly hodge-podge of elements. It will be guru-type masterful, alluring, and sales-producing.

There are so many types of pages where you’ll be in charge of framework, composition, and design. Look at what you’ll be able to compose and engineer:

Opt-in pages: You need to build your list to maximize your profit. An attractive opt-in page will skyrocket your conversion rates. WP Profit Builder integrates with a number of autoresponders including AWeber, IContact, Constant Contact, and others.

Sales pages: You can more readily galvanize attention when your sales page looks professional and beckoning.

Launch pages: Imagine how an attention-grabbing launch page looks. You’ll be able to produce one with WP Profit Builder.

Review and bonus pages: These pages are particularly important for affiliates. My review site could definitely benefit from such enhanced pages.

Upsell pages: You can amplify your revenue dramatically be adding an appealing sales funnel, using upsell pages that look really good.

About me pages: After your home page, the About Me page may be second in importance. Many folks will visit your About Me page and an inspired WP Profit Builder version is sure to impress.

Local marketing pages: You can establish a local marketing presence to increase business profitability.

JV pages: Hoping to expand your team and secure business partners? Your WP Profit Builder JV page will be inviting.

Ecommerce pages – You can utilize Profit Builder’s capability to produce a virtual e-commerce store. The plugin even allows seamless integration with WooCommerce. It also facilitates payment options through PayPal, Clickbank, JVZoo.com, and other systems.

This list is not exhaustive. You’ll be able to dream up and manufacture any marketing page. Webinar announcement, membership, social media, product (Teepring), training, and coming soon pages can all be produced. Let your imagination run wild and let it yield income-producing pages that have that ‘wow factor.’

You’ll also have the reassurance that these template pages are SEO-optimized and mobile friendly!

Here is a demo of WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder Review – Product Drawbacks

Creating mesmerizing pages will only get you so far. Case in point: What happens if only a few people see these pages? ProfitBuilder does have social sharing buttons available but it’s really up to you to generate traffic. And as you may already know, traffic generation presents a challenge but one that does not have to be insurmountable.

As an affiliate marketer, your offer has to be desirable, too. Niche selection is crucial. This product cannot help you in this regard.

Effective list-building is another skill that has to develop. You have to know when to promote and the ‘hot areas” of the site that will maximize your conversions. This tool does not present ancillary list-building training. (You can build your list-building skills, however, through our bonuses.)

Of course, I did not expect this plugin to target all these tasks. So while WP Plugin Builder may be described as “the ultimate marketing page creation system, it cannot tackle direct marketing concerns. But maybe this is just semantics. WP Plugin Builder does create the ultimate eye-pleasing pages that you’ll use for marketing.

(You can expand your marketing knowledge here.)

WP Profit Builder Review – Final Determination

I was reading other WP Profit Builder reviews online and one user actually said that this “is almost too good to be true.” She was not only referring to the immense options available with this plugin software but the fact that there is only a one-time price. Indeed, there’s no monthly or annual fees at present. So you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Some may not be used to this unbelievable value. But this is a valid offer, highlighting a very useful product.

Tiered pricing is applicable here. You can get WP Profit Builder for only $49 but that’s just for use on one website. A multi-site pack option is available for $67. And if you plan to use this tool on clients’ sites, your price is $67.67.

By the way, do not be fooled by other WP Profit Builder reviewers who claim to be selling this product at discount. The fee for ProfitBuilder is the same via my link as any other, and you’ll be entitled to a great bonus package, too, if you get it here.

Assuming you get Sean Donahue’s product, you’ll be able to upload this WP plugin on your website, hosted by your server. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to use it with any theme. Please note, however, that Sean even includes his own powerful PB theme. It’s a robust theme that maximizes the power of WP Profit Builder. You may or may not choose to use it.

If you’ve read this WP Profit builder review to this point, you can discern that it deserves serious consideration to purchase. With its one-time price, I really feel it’s a viable alternative to much more expensive LeadPages and OptimizePress. In some reviews, folks have commented that even though they have the big guns, LeadPages and OptimizePress, they still plan on purchasing ProfitBuilder. Why not? It’s easy to use, offers a wealth of options, and is affordable. Perhaps they will give it a trial run, and eventually cancel their monthly subscription plans.

WP Profit Builder is building up a groundswell of support, and seems deserving of it. Your investment will come back ten-fold where you’ll accumulate remuneration when prospective customers notice your enticing offers. This tool truly provides you with a rewarding and enriching opportunity, and can help establish you as a very successful marketer and wordpress profit builder.

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Our WP Profit Builder review concludes that Sean Donahue's product is well worth the cost