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Do you remember when that apple fell from the top of the tree? Right, Isaac Newton, the Law of Universal Gravitation applies. Now while Newton theorized that two objects attract one another, depending on force and velocity (his actual theory is beyond the scope of this Super Manifestor review), his finding can also apply to the human brain.

Indeed, our mind exerts a gravitational force and pull, attracting a host of possible outcomes from the universe. Some scientists believe that our mind actually has a built-in model of gravity.

I remember reading an article on how we catch a ball that depicts the idea. Just before we’re ready to snag the object in space, we position our body in such a way as to anticipate the ball’s force and direction. We twist our hand, tense our muscles, and predict where the ball will arrive. This is far more than hand-eye coordination. It’s the brain directing our body where to go to make the catch – a difficult feat in light of the ball’s changing direction due to gravity.

So in essence, the brain is automatically calculating the ball’s speed and free fall.

In Jafree Ozwald’s popular book, the Manifesting Manual, the author wants us to use our brain’s synching with gravity to not just catch a ball, but to catch the best of what life has to offer. By harnessing the brain’s gravitational energy, in essence raising our vibrational energy, personal and professional success may be realized.

The review may be broken down into the following segments:

1. An Overview of the Program and its fundamental principles

2. More Particulars of Super Manifestor

3. Why You Should Listen to Jafree Ozwald

4. The Program’s Pros

5. The Program’s Cons

6. Final Determination

Super Manifestor Review – Do You Need a Degree in Quantum Physics?

This Super Manifestor review examine Jafree Ozwald's manifestation techniques
Now Albert Einstein purportedly figured out the brain-vibrational energy connection, and changed his status from failed math student to brilliant mathematician and overall genius. Thomas Edison, a brilliant inventor, also supposedly harnessed ‘thought vibration’ in his personal development.

But you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to utilize the Law of Vibrational Energy, and its inherent attraction to objects to achieve your goals.

Consider that the average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts are processed by the conscious mind. An electrochemical reaction occurs in the brain, and becomes intensified with the emotional state that we attach to it. A vibrational frequency is produced, fluctuating over time, and can affect outcomes according to Jafree Ozwald.

When there are low frequency vibrations, we tend to attract negative experiences – also vibrating at a low frequency. In contrast, when our brain exerts a type of highly charged vibrational energy with concomitant high frequency, favorable outcomes may more readily materialize because they’re vibrating at the same high frequencies.

So an important aspect of getting what you desire in life is to focus on it with a complete sense of optimism. In fact, it would be preferable if you envision having already attained what you wish.

But the Manifesting Manual and Super Manifestor Package is more than just the Law of Attraction (e.g., positive thoughts are more likely to produce positive results.). It goes beyond the Law of Intention where you realize there is ample energy and information in the universe to get what you want.

The program highlights that the mind is an existentially powerful organ and that certain waves of brain energy can attract exactly the coveted outcomes we want.

In life, our typical brainwaves draw in all types of outcomes – the good, bad, and ugly. These super manifesting techniques teach you how to harness the brain’s energetic brainwaves so it can filter out the bad and ugly, and just result in the good.

More Particulars About Super Manifestor

In the Empire Strikes Back, wise elder, Yoda, declares: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Similarly, if you’re going to become a ‘master manifestor, you have to actually put this idea into practice. Embracing a victim mentality, believing that the universe is conspiring against you, will not change the status quo.

In addition, according to Jafree Ozwald, the mere thought of wishing, and the universe granting that wish, is tantamount to ineffective wishful thinking. According to this perspective, the universe is not just a servant, willing to help dreams come to fruition by your mere thoughts.

This is especially true if you’re filled with anxiety and so heavily invested in a positive outcome. This will affect your vibrational energy and attract the opposite of what you wish to attain.

Self-sabotaging and critical thoughts will have this same counterproductive effects.

No, you have to exert a strong vibrational frequency – and radiate lots of energy – to attract the things you want.

These Super Manifestor tips, tricks, strategies, and activities will teach you how to remove critical blocks that are getting in your way. You’ll learn how to pinpoint your desired goal and articulate it effectively. (Hint: Part of manifestation mastery is to actually vocalize what you want as your voice itself carries vibrational energy. Your dream takes shape with the spoken and even written word. Many of us think our dreams in our mind but they take root as we tell the universe our desires.)

Although it’s counterintuitive, a platform in the Super Manifestor Package is to let go of the outcome. Yes, it’s easy to see how we would put great importance on accomplishing our goals or realizing our dreams. But any type of obsession or view that our happiness is contingent on a coveted end result constricts and contracts the energy necessary for the wish to manifest.

I remember hearing Oprah Winfrey speaking about how much she wanted to play Sofia in the 1985 movie, the Color Purple. This was long before she became a celebrated, famous talk show host. She was dwelling on getting the role, praying that she would be the one selected to play the character. She could not stop thinking about it and found it difficult to even function, constantly waiting for that desired phone call from the Casting Director. After a lot of time had elapsed, she consciously let go and said to herself that it would be alright if she did not get that part. Two seconds later, the phone rang, and Oprah’s meteoric rise began.

By not equating happiness with dream fulfillment, by feeling content and grateful no matter what ensues, we open ourselves to even greater universal abundance.

You’ll be privy to these gems of wisdom throughout its 257 pages. Indeed, there are secret manifestation methods and techniques offered here that are seldom disclosed in other resources.

You’ll also receive 21 inspiring manifestation meditations. Through these mediations, you’ll be able to remain quiet and alert as Jafree believes that ‘absolute stillness is the doorway to enlightenment.’ The meditations will clear and calm the mind, help you to feel oneness with God, allow you to open your heart to love, and see endless possibilities materializing.

The visualization exercises, 13 in all, will show you how to use creative visualization to provide a sense of inner peace, contentment, and sense of positive expectancy.

Positive affirmations are also part of becoming a Super Manifestor

So in a nutshell, you’re going to center your energy on one target objective at a time. With clear mind and absolute sense of optimism and positivity, you’re going to follow a series of short, yet very effective actionable steps to engage in mindful meditations and visual thinking exercises.

Regardless of what super duper manifestation activity you implement, you’ll be using gravitational thinking and creative visualization, just like Einstein.

Why Should You Listen to Jafree Ozwald?

He is no fly-by-night charlatan who is riding the cusp of a growing interest in manifestation. No, he has studied this craft since 1995, and has visited India and a host of other countries, seeking answers to life’s most perplexing challenges.

He has engaged in exhaustive research, and through his work and myriad experiences, now brings to you manifesting concepts that can alter your life.

He is not about ego gratification or convincing people that his truth is the truth. He simply lives in the moment, in joy and peace, and uses his intuitive guidance to navigate life. He hopes to help you do the same.

What I Like About the Program

As someone who has interest in all things science and scientific laws, I love how Jafree Ozwald is able to use scientific principles to enhance one’s quality of life. Studies have already revealed that we exert energy fields, so we may as well positively magnify them to get our desires fulfilled.

As an added plus, the methods outlined in the resource are easy to understand and implement. In just a few short days, you should be able to see the difference in your mindset, and hopefully in time, attain much better outcomes than you’re used to seeing.

The program is also useful, not just in its simplicity but because it can be utilized even by those with very hectic schedules. You should be able to perform at least a couple of Super Manifestor activities each day. The Blue Room Manifestation exercise is my favorite, tantamount to an inner journey where you sense your body’s energy and vibrations. This will help to raise your consciousness and clear your subconscious to manifest more effectively. (However, do not submarine efforts by dwelling on negative thoughts when you’re not in the process of manifesting dreams.)

I can see the potential of this life-changing system. Your present mode of thinking is not doing you any favors. But reading this Super Manifestor review may be the first step in finally changing a counterproductive mindset.

Another tangible benefit is that you will not just receive the Super Manifestor’s main product, actually called the Manifesting Manual. You’ll receive the complete Super Manifestor Package.

This includes the Super Manifesting Video Goldpack (27 eye-opening videos), the 90 Day Manifesting Routine e-book, The Enlightened Manifestor Program, Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life!, 101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening!, The 8-day Manifesting E-course, The 12 Day Money Manifesting E-Course!, The Quiet Mind Meditation, Guided Healing Animal Journey for Children, Enlightened Messages for your Soul!, and so much more. Seriously you can open up your own manifestation library with all these resources.

A final advantage of this Super Manifestor Package, including the Manifesting Manual and all the bonuses, is that the product is affordable at $97 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Super Manifestor Special Offer – Learn How to Attain Your Destiny & Achieve Your Dreams

What I Don’t Like About the Super Manifestor

This is not an overnight solution to turn around a sad and challenging life. Your thoughts (and emotions) are crucial entities in making life changes. However, purposeful action is required.

Regardless of the innovative strategies outlined here, you cannot just manifest a house, for example, through your mind’s gravitational pull and vibrational frequency. But you will set the wheels in motion with gravitational thinking. You’ll finally possess the right frame of mind to acquire such a purchase because of your newly-found confidence and positive expectations. (But again, you’ll need to take definitive, actionable steps to get what you want.)

Also, if I’m going to be hypercritical, I thought some of the claims are almost too bold. Consider this declaration: “Experience the secret to having unwavering self-confidence all the time.” Is that even humanly possible – to feel self-confident at ALL times? Moreover, many of the testimonials used center on acquisition of money. These types of experiences may not manifest for you. But this is more my impression of the sales page and not the actual product. My highly favorable review stands.

Another minor point of criticism: There is almost an overabundance of information in this Super Manifestor Package. My suggestion is to concentrate on one resource at a time. Try not to hop around, going one from one resource to the next. Concentrate on mastering the manifestation methods in any one given manual or audio. My suggestion is to start with the Manifesting Manual.

Super Manifestor Review – Final Determination

This resource could have been entitled, ‘The Scientific Secrets of a Happy Life – Riding Brainwaves to the Promised Land.’

Alright perhaps this title is not ideal but you get the picture. And that is what Jafree Ozwald wants you to understand: The idea that mental picturing is so important. You need to see your desired goal with clarity and purpose. You need to say and articulate what you wish to happen. Subsequently, you can then use the brain’s vibrational energy to propel you towards goal fulfillment as you implement other manifesting secrets.

The resource is clear and easy to navigate. You’ll be able to apply the steps in no time flat. Moreover, you’ll be able to exert influence and some control in your life.

The brain is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t just use it to acquire knowledge but use it to manifest desires and dreams!

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