Mind Boost Day and Night Formula Review – A Simple Smart Science?

Do you ever experience some days and nights where you’re battling a fuzzy haze that affects focus and concentration? Do you often experience a lack of energy where your brain just does not work on all cylinders? Well, my fellow cognitively-challenged readers, I just came across a Simple Smart Science solution. Yes, from the disciples of Einstein comes a Simple Smart Science Mind Boost Supplement. In this review, I will examine the ‘everyone’s talking about’ Mind Boost pill, and whether you’ll find it intellectually stimulating.

Product Name: Mind Boost (3 supplements available – Day and Night Versions for a complete solution)

Product Brand: Simple Smart Science, co-founded by Russell Lundstrom

Product Category: Nootropics (I’ll explain that term soon)

Tested Ingredients?: Yes, according to Simple Smart Science, double-blind clinical studies have been conducted with the ingredients they use

Simple Smart Science Mind Boost Review – Here’s the information that you’ll learn from the review:

This Mind Boost review will examine the merits of the MindBoost Day and MindBoostNight formulations

1. The particulars about the Mind Boost formula, including the essential ingredients, and the science that supports their use

2. What you can expect to experience when taking the brain boosting pill

3. The pros of the formula

4. The cons of the formula

5. The supplement’s price

6. Final determination where I provide a summary of this Mind Boost review

7. Helpful resources

An Inside Look at Mind Boost


Simple Smart Science is trying to go to the head of the ‘smarty-pants line’ with their introduction of ‘nootropic supplements.’ The term, nootropic, refers to any number of cognitive and intelligence enhancers. Nootropics fall under just about anything that improves mental functioning, including drugs.

But the clear-thinking and incisive minds at the company have developed drug-free, holistic formulas that can spur mental acuity. So put aside your psycho-stimulant drugs like Adderall for a moment, and take a gander at natural alternatives:

Mind Boost Day – What do you get when you synergistically combine Vitamin B-12, folic acid, Bacopa Monnieri, Ginkgo Biloba, and Rhodiola Rosea? According to Simple Smart Science, the end result is a formula that is ‘mind-blowing’ … but in a good way.

* Vitamin B-12 and folic acid can combat brain shrinking according to some in the medical community. (So you see head-shrinking can really happen.) Seriously, the amino acid, homocysteine, can contribute to degenerative brain diseases and shrinking. To combat this process, B family vitamins can be used, and may be particularly effective in brain regions that are adversely affected by Alzheimer’s.

The pro-brain B vitamins have been the focus of studies conducted in Great Britain (Oxford University) and in Holland. These studies show that the pills improve memory and cognitive functioning, and suppress brain atrophy. For example, the study in Oxford revealed that those taking folic acid had 53% less atrophy over the span of 2 years than those taking a placebo.

* Bacopa Monnieri – An herb, primarily found in Europe and Asia, Bacopa Monnieri increases blood flow to the brain and activates choline, also part of the B constellation. Choline supports enhanced neural connections and may even spur the growth of new brain cells. One study demonstrated the herb’s ability to improve working memory and energy levels among users who were over the age of 65.

* Ginkgo Biloba – What better way to battle cognitive impairments than through Ginkgo Biloba. New research points at the possibility of it stimulating the growth and development of neural stem cells. As such, it can increase delayed memory and improve delayed recognition – even for seniors.

* Rhodiola Rosea – This herb can promote physical and cognitive vitality. Research supports this idea as Rhodiola Rosea improved the grades of stressed-out and tired students in one study. In another, it had an anti-fatigue effect for physicians working the dreaded nightshift. In essence, this adaptogenic herb is an anti-stress and energy saver.

These 5 ingredients comprise Mind Boost Day. The components all work together to battle poor attention span, decreased memory, and limited focus and concentration.

The powers that be are very finicky where they source their Mind Boost Day ingredients. Simple Smart Science asserts that they only use the most trusted ingredient sources and manufacturing facilities.

Mind Boost Night – This product captured my attention when I discovered that it can promote better brain cell functioning and help fight insomnia. Talk about 2 great benefits, perfect for those who use their brain power at night yet still need a restful night’s sleep. 🙂

And let’s take a quick look at Mind Boost Night ingredients:

* Picamilon – What do you get when you combine niacin and GABA? You get Picamilon, an ingredient that cost boost blood flow circulation and a sense of calm and relaxation. Because of its ability to promote feelings of relaxation and drowsiness, Picamilon is correctly added to the night formula, and not the day formula.

* Ashwagandha – This is another adaptogenic herb that is known for its anti-anxiety effects – supported by several clinical studies. It is especially effective when combined with Picamilon. Ashwagandha combats biological stressors that can impact learning.

* Green tea (contributing to quicker processing time and improvement in executive functions) and olive leaf (supporting the integrity of the blood brain barrier) are added ingredients. Folic acid, a brain cell rejuvenator, rounds out the formula.

Mind Boost Complete – This is the term Simple Smart Science uses to underscore that they offer a “full-cycle nootropic” that covers your brain’s needs 24/7/365 – day and night.

Mind Boost Reviews – Great but be Mindful of the Effects


Mind Boost users and reviewers have reported the following effects from using the supplements:

* Better memory, focus, and concentration
* Quicker processing time
* Longer attention span
* Less stress and anxiety
* Improvement in falling asleep and staying asleep
* More mental alertness
* Sharper brain reasoning and planning

Reviews have been overwhelmingly favorable and many folks have provided Simple Smart Science with testimonials.

However, you have to be mindful of taking any supplement according to the suggested manner. (Here, you’ll be taking one pill during the day and one at night.) You should not be grabbing a handful of pills, thinking more is better.

Also, before taking any supplement, please confer with your primary care physician. While Simple Smart Science asserts that their supplement can be taken safely, even by seniors, you should first check with your doctor to make certain. There cannot be any contraindications with your medication, for example.

The Pros

  • The ingredients are pure and powerful. They’re known to enhance cognitive abilities, supported by research.
  • The formula contains the optimal amounts of each nootropic ingredient with no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Mind Boost Day and Mind Boost Night are gluten-free and approved for vegetarians and safe for vegans
  • Simple Smart Science enjoys favorable supports, and Mind Boost reviews have been glowing
  • The formula seems to produce to fulfill its promised benefits. It even improves restorative sleep!
  • There is a 4-month hastle-free money-back guarantee. (Almost all other brain supplements products come with a 1 or 2 month guarantee. Talk about confidence in your product!)

What are the Negatives?

  • Always be cognizant of side effects. Natural does not necessarily mean side effect-free. Take the supplement, with your doctor’s permission, and just monitor how you feel.
  • Another reminder: You should get your doctor’s input regarding this type of supplementation.
  • Price may be an issue. It is not inexpensive but it’s difficult to get a low cost nootropic with optimal ingredients.

Mind Boost Cost

Simple Smart Science is currently running a promotion (April, 2017), and the cost of their products has never been lower.

Mind Boost Day Cost

$49.50 – 30 Day supply (1 month)
$41 (each month) – 60 Day supply (2 months)
$34 (each month) – 90 Day supply (3 months)

Mind Boost Night Cost

$49.50 – 30 Day supply (1 month)
$41 (each month) – 60 Day supply (2 months)
$34 (each month) – 90 Day supply (3 months)

Mind Boost Complete Cost – Get Both Day and Night Formula

$97 – 30 Day supply (1 month)
$82 (each month) – 60 Day supply (2 months)
$68 (each month) – 90 Day supply (3 months)

You will receive a free gift with each order, the Brain Owners Owner’s Manual. This is the perfect companion product to quickly boost your memory and improve delayed recall.

You will also receive a complimentary guide, the Better Sleep Report. Numerous studies have demonstrated that sleep supports and reinforces brain connectivity, learning ability, and skill development.

As a side note, the co-owner of the company, Julia Lundstrom, is facilitating a webinar on how to prevent natural prevent brain shrinkage, guard against Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and improve age-related memory deterioration. Sign up for the free webinar here with no obligation to order the supplements, although you may receive a discount just for attending. The webinar is a little over an hour — time well worth spending if you wish to optimize brain function and capacity.

Mind Boost Review – Final Determination

It’s reassuring to know that more and more folks are interested in brain health, and in promoting optimal brain functioning. Nootropics like Mind Boost, hold such promise in helping us think our best.

The formula is packed with ingredients that are known to boost brain power. Memory, concentration, focus, and processing time should all increase. It may even improve our ability to learn new subjects or understand more complex topics.

An added benefit: It should increase attention span. Are you paying attention?

Yes, this comes at a price, and I wish the formula would be a little less expensive. Still, you can’t put a price on greatly improved mental functioning.

You can try to purchase each of the ingredients separately from other companies but that will require more work and due diligence as there exists uncertainty as to the actual active ingredients you’re getting, and whether the amount is sufficient to truly foment change. In addition, buying individual supplements can be as costly, and then there’s that nagging concern about manufacturing integrity.

An added bonus should you decide to become a Mind Boost customer: This supplement (the nighttime version) can help you drift off to sleep. Ample sleep is key to a healthy brain.

So with its ability to contribute to your intellectual growth and development, and it’s assistance in getting you to sleep, Simple Smart’s Science Mind Boost gets a thumbs up – day or night!

Helpful Resources

You can find many studies on the brain-promoting effects of Vitamin B12, folic acid, and Ginkgo biloba. I’ll just include a couple of studies about the lesser-know ingredients.

Bacopa monnieri extract effects

Rhodiola rosea



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