Tropical Green Coffee Bean Extract Review – Go Green to Get Lean?

I remember watching Dr. Oz where he focused attention on ever-popular green coffee bean extract, proclaiming it to be nature’s fat burner. Of course, as a woman who cares about her weight (don’t tell others about my concern), I knew that I had to play the role of investigative reporter and write a tropical green coffee review.

Many of us are use to drinking green tea, aware that its potent antioxidant power can reap many beauty dividends, enhancing quality of hair and skin. It purportedly can even help prevent degenerative illness and may even exert some favorable effects on keeping one cancer-free with its antibacterial and antiviral catechins.

Now more studies have to be performed with green tea before claiming it to be a cure-all. But it does have its list of advocates among holistic practitioners and others in the alternative medicine community.

So feeling that drinking green tea is healthy, or at least safe, I wondered about the benefits of tropical green coffee bean extract. Could it be health-promoting and truly burn fat at the same time?

What is Tropical Green Coffee and Its Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Gain the benefits of tropical green coffee bean extract

Tropical green coffee is a formulation that contains the highly-touted green coffee bean extract, which in turn, is comprised of chlorogenic acid (CGA). Now don’t be alarmed: ‘chlorogenic acid’ sounds like a deleterious chemical substance but it is actually quite beneficial.

Wikipedia reports the following on chlorogenic acid: “This compound, known as an antioxidant, may also slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal.”

This is beneficial on two levels. First, antioxidants will thwart free radicals, highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons, that attack healthy cells. These free radicals cause oxidation, and actually contribute to the death of cells, aging, and susceptibility towards illness. So if tropical green coffee contains an agent that thwarts free radicals, our health may be better safeguarded.

Now lets go back to the point that green coffee bean extract slows glucose absorption. Why does this matter? Studies indicate that keeping glucose in check actually suppresses the appetite. Furthermore, think of what happens when sugar is consumed. Blood glucose levels rise, insulin levels correspondingly rise, signaling to the body to stay in fat-storage mode. So if glucose levels stabilize and enter the bloodstream at a slower rate, the body assumes more of its fat-burning capacity.

Again, a product that can deliver health and weight loss benefits galvanizes my attention. Caveat: I have not yet tried tropical green coffee bean extract but plan on doing so in the near future. Here is the product on my radar and perhaps should be on yours. The manufacturer of this tropical green coffee supplement provides 60 capsules in one bottle which is a one-month supply.

How Does Tropical Green Coffee Bean Extract Compare With Other Natural Fat-Burners

Attention Acai berry and African Mango users: Tropical green coffee bean extract does not only suppress appetite like the supplements you’re using, but it actually burns fat. Its CGA or chlorogenic acid can slow glucose absorption (causing the body to store less fat) and can even preclude the conversion of excess dietary glucose into fat.

I’m not aware of any clinical studies that compare the fat-busting capabilities of tropical green coffee bean, Acai berry and African Mango, but after conducting research on each of these supplements, tropical green coffee’s potential to help you lose weight is as great as its rivals.


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Tropical Green Coffee Bean – Ingredients

In each pill, you’ll find 800 mg of coffee bean extract where the manufacturer refers to as proprietary CBGE-800 extract. The operative question: how much of the active ingredient, CGA, is present? The answer: a rather high 50%. There are no other ingredients, save for only 5% caffeine (less caffeine than a cup of coffee) and vegetable cellulose. There are no other added or additives in the product – perfect for those looking for a natural way to reduce fat.

Are There Any Side Effects When Taking Tropical Green Coffee?

The caffeine that is present in the supplement is a very low quantity and should not cause any side effects. Of course, it’s always best to monitor and observe your body’s reaction when taking any supplement. Obviously, stop taking the supplement should you experience any adverse effects.

If you have any concerns about taking tropical green coffee bean extract, speak with your physician.

Finally, upon my research, I discovered that the active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, can lower trace minerals. It would be prudent, therefore, to supplement your diet with trace minerals when taking green coffee bean extract.

One side effect you’ll hopefully experience is a suppressed appetite.

Where you can buy Tropical Green Coffee?

While the amount of green coffee bean extract vendors continues to grow in the marketplace, this is the best source as the powers that be offer a 12 business day trial, save for a shipping and handling cost. This shipping/handling expense can be as low as $5 where you should allot 3-6 business days for delivery. Alternatively, you can opt to receive it quicker, 2 to 4 days, where shipping/handling costs $15.

If the product meets or surpasses your expectations, you will be retroactively billed $59 for this bottle, about 14 days after order confirmation (not the delivery date). As this is a subscription program, you will then receive a monthly supply of green coffee bean extract for that same $59 a month.

If for some reason, the green coffee bean extract does not suit your needs, it’s important to cancel your order within that 12 business-day period. Otherwise, you still will be retroactively billed for the product and enrolled in their subscription program.

Of course, you can cancel at any time by notifying the company. This will stop any future charges but please note that shipping/handling cost is not going to be refunded.

Let’s hope that you’ll be included among the throngs of satisfied customers who appreciate getting a powerful, fat-burning supplement that should also improve your health.

Tropical Green Coffee Review – Pros

Tropical green coffee is an all-natural product that’s has the potential of promoting health and slimming fat – particularly, hard to get rid of fat, such as in the belly or thighs.

Works by suppressing appetite (wouldn’t it be great to feel free of constant food cravings?) and burning fat.

Results can be seen as quickly as two weeks. According to the manufacturer, you can lose up to 20 pounds in 12 weeks.

Energy reserves may be increased and even your metabolism rate should go up. This should even improve cardiovascular health.

Green coffee bean extract has its supporters, even in the medical community. Dr. Oz, for example, touts its effectiveness as a natural fat-burner.

The company’s policies seem very clearly spelled out. This does not look like a company that has hidden terms and conditions.

The makers/distributors of tropical green coffee acknowledge that their product cannot possibly serve as the missing puzzle to weight loss. They’re confident in the product’s effectiveness, but also acknowledge that diet and exercise are crucial weight loss determinants.

Tropical Green Coffee Review – Negatives

This is not a magic pill. Expectations should be reasonable. (However, you really should see some benefits within a couple of weeks.)

I’m not a fan of ‘opting out’ subscription plans. You’ll have to reach out to the company should you wish to cancel an order/future orders.

Tropical Green Coffee – Verdict

As I mentioned before, I plan to become a customer. Even if the tropical green coffee bean extract does not burn as much fat as I hope, I’ll still enjoy its health-promoting attributes.

This company seems very reputable and I appreciate their full disclosure on their site. They’re also promoting a healthy life-style acknowledging, unlike other companies, that their supplement has limits.

Still, having an ally against my war on weight gain, even at $59, is more than worth it to me. Green coffee bean extract will become part of my supplement regimen, and I’m already envisioning a slimmer, more attractive me.

Get tropical green coffee bean extract for $59 a month