Angular Cheilitis – Read Our Lips, There is a Solution

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Angular cheilitis, also know as cheilitis or perlèche, is an inflammatory skin condition, prevalent on the sides of the mouth. However, it can manifest itself on any body part where the sun doesn’t shine, thriving in conditions of darkness and moisture. While it’s not a serious condition, angular cheilitis is unsightly and rather noticeable.

There’s never an ideal time to succumb to an embarrassing skin condition like angular cheilitis but it seems that it particularly rears its ugly head when you’re under stress and/or when the immune system is weaker than usual. Of course, showcasing sores only compounds stress and many are in a desperate search to get rid of this seemingly intractable skin problem.

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But just what is the best way to declare war on cheilitis? The answer is not clear-cut as bacteria, yeast, or fungi may be responsible for its existence. Other folks may not be encountering an onslaught of such unwelcomed invaders but may simply suffer nutritional deficiencies, especially Vitamin B.

In pursuit of treatment if not a cure, countless folks have seen dermatologists who prescribe a variety of creams and ointments – many of which are anti-bacterial or anti-fungal. The condition may subside from prescribed medicine but often returns with a vengeance. Household remedies and over-the-counter products often prove to have no long-term impact on angular cheilitis as well.

This does not mean that cheilitis has to flourish. Jason White, a long-term sufferer of angular cheilitis, has written a primer on how to eradicate this embarrassing skin condition – without harsh chemicals prescribed medication, or wasteful over-the-counter items.

In his popular book, Angular Cheilitis Free Forever, White successfully tackles the underlying cause of cheilitis – the only way to truly find a permanent solution. He systematically provides a step-by-step guide to solving the cheilitis riddle and many readers report very quick, if not instantaneous results that last. Moreover, such treatment can be performed in the privacy of your home.

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