How to Get Rid of Pimples – End Your Acne Torment Now

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You’re on an incessant quest to find a solution to the perplexing question: How to get rid of pimples? You’ve scoured the ends of the universe to find a viable solution and while you’ve probably had some success in the past improving your skin, a pimple-free complexion has been primarily elusive.

Well, not anymore.

Today, I want to outline a course of action that should produce immediate dividends: eliminating pimples and replacing these spots with radiant, glowing skin where you’ll be proud to face the world. The combination treatment that I advocate will not only improve pimples near the surface or pus pimples, but pimples that are red, deep, and inflamed (i.e., cystic acne).

Unlike, many anti-acne remedies that you’ll find on the internet, my suggested pimple routine will not make your skin worse before it makes it better. Indeed, you’ll notice the improvement by day 1 and the benefits will continue as long as you’re vigilant and adhere to the advice that I dispense.

Obviously, before you undertake any home treatment, it is best to see a competent, sensitive dermatologist. In the scenario that you only have a moderate number of pimples, a few corticosteroid injections may be warranted. This is not a long-term solution, of course, but for immediate pimple reduction and elimination, the shots are just what the doctor ordered. Your injected spots will be gone as quickly as 24 hours. The injections are virtually painless and very quick to perform.

While you’re at the office, the dermatologist should write a prescription for a topical antibiotic, retinoid, and/or perhaps azelaic acid. You’ll have to experiment and see which prescribed product will have the most beneficial effect. It’s possible that the dermatologist may also recommend an oral antibiotic or even Accutane, but hopefully, your condition is not so severe that mandates such treatment. After all, such drugs will no doubt have some negative side effects.

And it’s my contention that the following at-home ‘combination therapy’ will preclude the necessity for ingesting any anti-acne drug for many acne sufferers. I simply use the following regimen:

1) Gently rub Alpha Hydrox oil-free 10% glycolic acidon my entire face with clean, spotless hands and wait 10 minutes.

2) I then rub 2.5% benzoyl peroxide with those same clean hands on my entire face.

When I apply the products, I pay closest attention to any pimple that exists or may be lurking.

The next morning, my face looks better and any spot significantly diminishes. By the second or third day, any particularly troublesome spot is gone.

The glycolic acid is consistently used, and while 2.5% benzoyl peroxide is my go-to acne fighter, at times, I replace it with diluted, organic tea tree oil or a salicylic product. Moreover, I’ve used 10% benzoyl peroxide, too, with favorable results. However, the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide is not any less effective than the 10%, and is less harsh and drying. In the rare case where I’ve ‘overmedicated,’ a pimple, I simply use a non-comedogenic moisturizer, such as Aveeno’s Positively Radiant.

Here are some other helpful suggestions:
1) Chill out both literally and figuratively. Use a cold compress or an ‘ice compress’ on a stubborn pimple periodically throughout the day. The inflammation should reduce substantially. In addition, try to remain calm and optimistic that your skin will soon be glowing. Stress will only exacerbate the condition and encourage the formation of new pimples.
2) Believe it or not, Visine comes in handy. It really does take reduce the pimple’s redness.
3) Use a purifying, clearing mask a couple of times a week My favorite is the Indian Healing Clay Mask.
3) Drink a lot of water (eight glasses a day should be the minimum), eat well with less sugar, fat, and salt (especially iodized salt), and when you just have to look your best, you can take the occasional ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

You’ll find that this inexpensive routine will substantially improve your skin and psyche. You’ve now learned how to get rid of pimples and you just have to apply the suggestions above to achieve a pimple-free countenance.