Get Rid Tattoo Review – Natural Tattoo Removal by Jason Carter

This Get Rid Tattoo Review was prepared by Bill Hamilton, edited by Annie Lax:

I served in the United States Air Force in the late 1980’s, assuming the role of a Korean translation specialist, but one language was particularly popular at the time: self-expression in the form of tattoo art. Guys etched names and pictures of their girl friends, every variety of bird and snake, guns and roses, skulls and bones, and everything else under the sun, including the sun. The tattoo designs used ink revealing every nuance of color and perhaps, for some, placed on every part of the body.

Get Rid Tattoo review - Get Rid Tattoo provides natural tattoo removal options

But depending on who you ask, what was cool then may not be so cool now. Many guys laugh at their younger days of hijinx and shake their hands in disbelief over some of the decisions they once made. This includes thrusting themselves in the tattoo culture. Of course, the same change of perspective applies to women who may now feel that their former eye-turning tattoos are an eye soar. Again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the tattoo-wearer.

But what if you really can’t tolerate your tattoos and want them removed? This is what prompted Jason Carter to write, “Get Rid Tattoo.” He wanted to offer a solution to those folks desperately looking for tattoo removal options. But Carter focused his attention on natural tattoo removal so that disgruntled tattoo-wearers could be free of their skin stains.

Get Rid Tattoo Review – Ew, Tattoo Removal Options

In Get Rid Tattoo, Jason Carter knows the competition – well, at least other means that people can use to say, ‘Vamoose’ to their tattoos. Let’s quickly review alternatives:

Laser Surgery – Out, out damn spot! As you can probably guess, you need some way to break up that ink, dislodging it from your birthday suit. How about using pulses of highly concentrated light (also known as lasers)? This procedure may very well be a proverbial pain in the butt (physically and literally) and entails a big price tag.

Yes, I know that you’re probably stoic and can tolerate a high threshold of pain. After all, you got the tattoo in the first place. But folks have provided a very telling simile after undergoing laser tattoo removal: It’s like being splattered with hot grease.” This makes me cringe at the thought as I do my best to keep away from grease, especially when it’s hot.

Now, back to laser tattoo removal cost. Of course, the price will depend on the nature of your tattoo (size, colors used, ect.) but here’s a ballpark figure for one session: expect to pay anything between $300 to $900 a session. Sadly, multiple sessions may be required. You couldn’t just get one simple monochromatic tattoo? You very well may need a fat wallet after the final laser treatment.

Oh, and did I mention the risk of scarring? Why cosmetic laser surgery is typically thought of as skin-beautifying, it can easily cause blisters and scabs that can lead to scarring. The risk of scarring becomes greater if you have to undergo multiple laser tattoo removal treatments.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) – Question: What happens when you combine high intensity light with a gel placed on your skin? The targeted skin cells embrace the light, well at least absorb the light beam’s energy (converts to heat energy), helping to break the tattoo ink into tiny fragments.

Raise your hand if you have a black tattoo? You’re in good standing because all wavelengths can be absorbed by the black ink, making your tattoo easier to treat. Other pigment colors are a little more challenging as they absorb only certain wavelengths. But unlike lasers, IPL delivers a multitude of wavelengths per pulse.

Now IPL is non-ablative, meaning that the lower layers of the skin are targeted, leaving the upper layers alone, making it less painful than laser procedure. However, at $10 a pulse, the cost will quickly mount, making your pulse race.

Get Rid Tattoo Review – Are There Any Other Medical Tattoo Removal Options?

In this Get Rid Tattoo review, I have to tip my hat to author, Jason Carter. He really does a fantastic job of highlighting a variety of options, and includes thoughtful discussion of each. Illustrations also serve to make Get Rid Tattoo an informative book.

Lets quickly list some of Carter’s options:

  • Dermabrasion: Here abrasive friction rubs out the top layers of the skin. Think of this procedure as sanding away your tattoo.
  • Salabrasion: While you should not put salt on wounds, here salt or a salt solution can abrade the skin. removing tattoo pigments.
  • Excision: This options calls for cutting away the tattoo and sewing the skin back together.
  • Cryosurgery: Here, cryosurgery laser removal literally freezes the tattoo off. Liquid nitrogen is typically used as a freezing agent.


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Get Rid Tattoo Review – Ready to Explore Natural Options?

After reviewing and writing about present-day tattoo removal options, Jason Carter knew that there must be a better way to get rid of tattoos. His findings and recommendations are documented in Get Rid Tattoo. Carter did not just find answers right away. His strategies culminated from intense research and months of trial and error.

In Get Rid Tattoo, Carter’s treatment plan calls for activating the macrophage skin cells, white blood cells that engulf and digest cellular debris, foreign substances, and a host of other threatening particles and cells. Ultimately, in time, the macrophage skin cells can work as an ally, breaking down the tattoo’s penetrating ink.

Carter’s natural tattoo removal is spelled out, and the reader will uncover the following:

Do you have 15 minutes? The Get Rid Tattoo – Natural Tattoo Removal reader will be privy to a super fast technique that can make tattoos vanish almost by magic.

All tattoos are different and some may require more time to disappear. Carter provides a step-by-step method to eradicating any problematic tattoo.

Look around your house. There are 3 ingredients you already may have to remove your tattoo. Of course, you have to know which ingredients to look for and how to use them.

Did you know there’s a natural, affordable oil that can mix with your tattoo causing it to fade? Find out more about this oil in Get Rid Tattoo – Natural Tattoo Removal.

Tattoo removal creams are becoming more popular, but Jason Carter sounds the alarm: some can contribute to skin cancer!

Learn about a natural herb that can wear away tattoo ink in a matter of weeks.

Think you cannot fade your disconcerting tattoo with massage? Think again. Get Rid Tattoo spills the means on this anti-tattoo, daily massage technique.

It’s also important to know what not to do. Aside from covering all available tattoo removal options, Jason Carter will detail substances and methods that can actually cause skin damage.

You’ll also learn the disturbing secrets that vendors in the tattoo removal industry, including those that dispense medically-approved treatment, don’t want you to know.

You can obtain Get Rid Tattoo – Natural Removal by Jason Carter for a low investment of $49.95. The product also comes with bonuses.

Get Rid Tattoo Review – Bottom Line

There’s so much that this well-written, neatly organized book addresses. After reading it, you’ll not only be an expert on tattoo removal but natural tattoo removal. You’ll be very motivated to take action and finally get rid of that embarrassing tattoo.

Author of GetRid Tattoo, Jason Carter, has developed expertise in this niche, and his techniques have produced positive dividends for himself and for thousands of folks worldwide. There is no reason to rely on risky, expensive medical treatment, fly-by-night miracle creams and ointments, or ineffective methods that show no short-term or long-term gain.

Purchase Jason Carter’s Get Rid Tattoo, and you’ll soon have beautiful tattoo-free skin. I’m going to even tell my old friends in the Air Force about Get Rid Tattoo as I know many of them would appreciate knowing about naural tattoo removal options to make their tattoos a thing of the past.

Get Rid Tattoo - Natural Tattoo Removal by Jason Carter for only $49.95