Millionaire Mind Secrets (THE POWER of BELIEF) Review

I’m writing this Millionaire Mind Secrets review as I listen to a subliminal audio track, available through Mike Pettigrew’s think and grow rich program. I’ve selected the creative and manifesting tone to enhance my ability to synthesize the abundant information available in this Millionaire Mind Secrets program, and write a clear synopsis. Here, the music is working on my subconscious, clearing away the clutter, so I can become laser-focused. In fact, Mike’s entire system is designed to eliminate the roadblocks that interfere with concentration, and the other deadly sins that preclude wealth – procrastination, self-doubt, inaction, negative expectation, and so on.

As reprogramming the brain can be a daunting challenge, especially as negative habits can be so ingrained, Mike provides tips, tricks, and brain rewiring strategies. He includes the entire kit and caboodle via various formats. He provides audio recordings, a success manual, a mind map, a mind reprogramming guide, and a daily success planner.

But while the material is vast and all-encompassing, a question arises: Will it lead you to the promised land of success? This review will shed light on Mike’s methods, provide particulars about the training content, and reflect on whether this product can help you attract the financial success you’re looking to establish.

The Subconscious Mind – It Always Wins

This Millionaire Mind Secrets review provides a detailed discussion of Mike Pettigrew's grow rich, mind-based strategies

No one is immune to a negative thought. However, many of us cannot stop the stream of negative thinking on a daily basis. It’s almost as if a drop first descends from a leaky faucet, followed by more drops, and then a deluge. So when our thinking becomes faulty, our subconscious becomes flooded with negative energy where we ultimately question our self-worth … which then impacts our financial worth.

We then bombard ourselves with self-criticism, believing that we’re incapable of finding success, and that we’re unworthy of it. We may become immobilized, afraid of even taking a chance. Others may take a step or two in the right direction but fail to persevere when the first challenge arises. Still other folks put in a consistent, earnest effort but hold fast to the idea that a negative outcome will result.

As this is not a millionaire mindset, Mike Pettigrew goes to exhaustive lengths on providing steps to eradicate a self-sabotaging subconscious. He knows that in the battle between the conscious and the subconscious mind, the subconscious always comes out victorious.

Therefore, even if you say to yourself, “I can achieve success,” the universe is not likely to oblige if that assertion is not congruent with your subconscious. Your internal energy has to radiate with positivity if positive results are truly to manifest.

Millionaire Mind Secrets Review – Brain Rewiring Secrets

As I’m a visual learner, I opted to watch Mike’s 7 videos which is actually an OTO. However, the same information is presented in an audio series, fortunately part of the main course. As each segment hovers around 20 minutes on average, give and take, you can go through this part of the course at one time.

I opted to view the videos (you may alternatively be listening to the audios) in 3 days because I purposely wanted the information to gradually seep into my brain. Truly, this is food for thought. I did not want to cram everything in all at once in order to digest it thoroughly.

Brain rewiring starts with positive affirmations and Mike does an excellent job on how to create empowering affirmations that can truly make an impact on the uncooperative subconscious. He expounds on how to formulate them (e.g. they should always be in the present tense) and tailor them to your unique situation. Positive affirmations help to build a constructive belief system that can readily change our circumstances, transforming us from rags to riches.

Mike also thoughtfully reflects on other ways to fortify one’s inner core with positivity: Light and sound technology, self-hypnosis, creative visualization, and subliminal software are all evaluated. By attacking our destructive self-concept and world view, we’re beginning to create that winning millionaire mindset. Implementing the strategies are all-important, and they should be applied with consistency and intensity.

But what I also like about Mike’s millionaire secrets is not that he just embraces positive statements and thoughts. He underscores the importance of taking meaningful action.

Towards that end, he discusses how to set goals, how to break actionable steps into smaller parts, how to be productive (did you know that your greatest productivity spurt is generally before 11 AM?), and so much more.

While Millionaire Mind Secrets does not provide a money-making system, it exposes the principles to make any money-making system work. This includes the foundation of taking action, becoming much more productive, and ending procrastination and that nagging perfectionism once and for all.

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Attracting Money – It’s All About You

Mike Pettigrew embraces the belief that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to transcend one’s own self-perceived limitations and low self-worth. He uses his own life as an example where poor self-concept seemed to go hand in hand with his once dismal financial status.

But the idea that self-esteem is intertwined with ability to earn strikes a responsive chord within me. Think of it: We may not go for that promotion because we feel that we’re not executive material. We may pursue a certain line of work where we’re often overqualified because we’re fearful that demanding vocational challenges will overwhelm us. We may not even pursue avenues of higher education because of the limiting belief that we’re just not smart enough.

These patterns of negative beliefs we’ve embraced are often the result of conditioning. Parents, schools, religion, and other entities may have taught us to know our place – a station that may represent a lower echelon than where we should be.

This training is designed to free us from any oppressive conditioning and get rid of low esteem so we can enhance our earning potential. It’s time to think like a winner! Millionaire Mind Secrets’ exercises include a lot of self-reflection. For example, you’re going to be asked to write, “I can make millions now because _______________ (fill in the blank).

Other writing activities center on your thoughts and attitudes about money itself. When I completed this section of the course, my results were eye-opening. For instance, when asked to write 10 attributes about wealthy people (you have to do this off the top of your head), I wrote the following: pretentious, arrogant, conceited, selfish, snobbish, robotic, windbags, capable, intelligent, rich.

An obvious pattern exists: I don’t think too highly of wealthy people in general. Therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it would be much more difficult for me to become one of them? My goal is to now concentrate on the positives of the wealthy community as I’m aiming to become part of this community one day. Simultaneously, I’ll embrace the beauty of money concept (I’ve been brainwashed to believe that it’s the root of all evil) and the ‘I’m more than good enough to earn it’ concept. You should do the same!

Millionaire Mind Secrets – Main Course and OTO’s

The main course ($17) includes the following resources:

The Millionaire Mind Secrets Success Manual – This 70+ page e-book reviews all the main principles and techniques to enable your inner genius to shine. It hones attention on the specific strategies to make you (and your income) grow by leaps and bounds.

Audiobook of the complete program – Here, you’ll have instant access to Mike Pettigrew’s program in mp3 format. It’s a 7-part series, and offers the same info as the video series.

Instant Recall Mind Map – This PDF provides an excellent encapsulation of the major points to reprogram your subconscious and achieve wealth with an added measure of happiness and health. There is even a mind map with detailed notes that showcases those reprogramming strategies in a more in-depth analysis. You’ll also find out where luck and gratitude fall into the wealth creation equation.

Mind Programming Guide – This PDF is indispensable if you’re looking to create positive affirmations that will work!

Daily Success Planner – This form is very useful to ensure productive days. It forces you to prioritize tasks and think about the connections that you have to make on a given day.

The Millionaire Mind Secrets has an even more expansive program, available through the Ultimate Upgrade

After you take advantage of the Millionaire Mind Secrets training, you very well may consider the Ultimate Upgrage ($49 per month).

It includes the following:

Self-Hypnosis Audio Sessions – Self-hypnosis is one of the crucial ways you can foster a change in the subconscious. Mike has produced 3 very professional self-hypnosis recordings. They cover building confidence, establishing a success and wealth mindset, and incorporating this new mindset in your internet marketing efforts.

Subliminal Audio Tracks – There are 10 very relaxing and effective recordings here, and you can listen to them in the background while you’re accomplishing any task. The spectrum of subliminal reprogramming is vast. You’ll build confidence, end procrastination, become more productive, feel better, and just perform better in your daily functioning.

Subliminal Millionaire Gold – Wouldn’t it be great if positive affirmations could just flash on your computer screen almost serving to brainwash your subconscious? Now you can with this product by simply installing the software. A user’s guide is included to show you how to use the system.

Best Binaural Beats Collection – Improve focus, elevate mood, and completely alter your inner state with these binaural recordings. Binaural tones are a way of using audio stimuli to change brain wave frequencies and activity.

Here is the 7-part video series of Millionaire Mind Secrets, featured in this review

The Millionaire Mind Secrets Pro – This is the same as the audio course, offered in the main product, but just a video version of it. The millionaire secrets here can really spell the difference between failure and success.

30 Day Success Group Coaching Program – As Mike Pettigrew points out, it’s so vital to have a mentor who can help eradicate faulty thinking and propel you towards a better self-concept. Mike is a talented life coach who can steer you in the right direction towards better times, personally and professionally. He will introduce new skills that will motivate and empower you.

There is another video training series. It’s a compilation of 7 videos that provide further insight into changing one’s mindset. Some titles include: “Determination Changes Everything,” “”Improve Your Self-Worth – Increase Your Income,” “What Prevents You from Achieving Your Goals,” and more.

Mike also offers you several combinations of his products, tailored to meet your needs and budgets. There are 4 additional videos, called the Keys to Empowerment, which warrant your attention.

Final Determination – Millionaire Mind Secrets Review

It’s easy to discern that Mike Pettigrew has put in a lot of time and effort, creating a thorough ‘wealthy mindset training.” I had several ‘Ah ha’ moments, realizing what I’m doing wrong, preventing me from achieving a greater degree of success. I anticipate that you will have such moments as well.

The course takes a multi-pronged approach, offering you systematic ways to enable your subconscious to springboard your climb up the business or entrepreneurial ladder.

Some of the information is redundant but I think that’s Mike’s design and intention. He wants to reinforce these strategies and through repetition, they will become more ingrained. Moreover, these methods are fun to employ. I particularly find the subliminal audio files and binaural beats very refreshing, relaxing, and motivating. I’m also going to use flashing positive affirmations with great frequency.

Reprogramming thoughts is a complex and challenging process. You now have the means to cultivate a positive mindset … one that can easily lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

This is not a ‘how to’ program, teaching you how to make millions of dollars. However, it’s putting you in an optimal position to attain success.

T. Harv Eker, another millionaire mindset proponent and author, asserts: ““If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”

Millionaire Mindset Secrets by Mike Pettigrew can transform you (i.e., alter your roots) and favorably impact the subconscious (i.e., the invisible).

I hope you found this Millionaire Mind Secrets review very detailed and informative, and that I at least made you aware of a program that can offer you fundamental change.
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