Thought Elevators (RISING ABOVE ADVERSITY) Review

Thought Elevators – Program Created by Eric Taller

This Thought Elevators review will center its attention on a personal development program that claims to elevate the mind, and lift you out from the difficult circumstances you find yourself battling. Here, thought comes before action, according to Thought Elevators’ product creator, Eric Taller. By changing your counter-productive cognitive processes, you should start seeing the abundance of life. Instead of encountering failure and other types of negative experiences, you attract positive events. Think of the brain as an elevator pulley, lifting you higher. Now this resource will show you how to maximize the power of your brain and make it a pivotal force to rise above adversity.

Thought Elevators Review – It All Starts from Childhood

I still remember my first grade teacher, Ms. Abernathy, incessantly scolding me. My offense? Laughing too much. She said that I would never amount to anything and that I better marry a rich man who could support me.

Yes, according to Ms. Abernathy, my future was already set in stone – devoid of any hope and success potential. Now a 6-year-old is very impressionable, and admittedly, it took me years to get over my teacher’s constant verbal assault. But this experience adversely affected my own thought elevators. My brain assimilated Ms. Abernathy’s comments and for quite some time, I, too, believed that I would not be able to be independent and would have to rely on others for my mere survival.

Sadly, I can attest to the fact that negative childhood experiences can set the wheels in motion for a lifetime of hurt. Perhaps on some level, many of us have been taught – either by teachers, parents, relatives, or peers – that we’re simply not good enough. And when we feel that we’re undeserving at some root level, well life has a way of proving us right.

So in Thought Elevators, Eric Taller wants to stop our downward spiral. By pressing the ‘Open button’ of our mind, we can become more receptive to positive experiences and start attracting what we truly desire.

The Malleable Mind – Entering the Theta Stage

This Thought Elevators review will focus on Eric Taller's mind-altering program

A reassuring point in this self-development primer is that it’s never too late to change. We’ve been brainwashed to believe that the plasticity of the mind ends at a certain young age.

No, thankfully, mind shifts can happen at any age and potential brain transformation begins at the Theta Stage.

After countless hours of research and review, Eric Taller found one particular demographic successfully altering their brain structure: meditating Tibetan monks. Indeed, by mastering the art of meditation, they were able to enter the coveted Theta stage, and able to embrace more joy and happiness as a result.

While the Theta Stage does not represent the deepest stages of sleep, it’s the first one where the mind is most receptive to change. The brainwave frequency, between 4 and 7 hertz, is perfect for mind rewiring and mind mapping that can guide you to a much better direction.

Common meditation is simply not enough to enter the Theta Stage. In fact, most of the folks who meditate still experience the Alpha State – the point where the brain is not completely awake, yet not fully asleep. Sure, relaxation and calm feelings may result but a common meditative experience will not result in brain reprogramming.

Eric Taller reviews these important matters in his program. He is resolute in teaching how to meditate like a monk and the strategies go way beyond positive affirmations and visualization.

The Theta Stage-dependent malleable mind is a 4-step process:

1) Clearing the mind – It’s impossible to be goal-oriented and productive when your brain is replete with worry and stress. You will learn to develop a ‘clean slate mind’ so that it can be filled with positivity (step 2)

2) Pumping your brain with positive thoughts – Here, it’s not the conventional ‘think positively.’ You need to understand how to send the right favorable signals to the universe.

3) The right visualization – Believe it or not, your visualization can have little, if no effect, if not done properly. Learn how to creatively and productively daydream, and see yourself and the world in a meaningful light.

4) Going Up to the Theta State – Eric Taller credits his mentor, Art Mantri, a wealthy tycoon who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, for showing him how to get to the right wavelength. Here, you’ll discover how to manifest desires and attract wealth by entering the Theta State by going into the deep recesses of your mind.

Thought Elevators consistently reinforces its premise: The mind is pliable and you can reshape your life at any time. The key is entering the Theta State to reshape your subconscious.

Thought Elevators System – Igniting the Appropriate Cognition

So if you’ve read this Thought Elevators review to this point, congratulations, you have the mindset to change and finally get your piece of the proverbial pie!

Towards that end, Eric Taller provides a compilation of 9 audios and relevant videos. These tools are designed to rewire even the most stubborn brain.

While you’re listening to these short video presentations, you can play the audios that will allow your brain to become more receptive to positive change. And there really is so much change that can transpire.

Specifically, the Thought Elevators training covers these sample topics:

How to advance your career and promote wealth – Many of us don’t think big, and feel we lack the stuff within to excel at our jobs and attract wealth. You’ll soon see how to stop self-sabotaging thoughts and learn how to make more money and manage it more effectively. Business success is more likely to then occur as others notice your shifting mindset, better choices, ease of relating with others, etc.

How to find the ideal partner and have healthier relationships – It’s time to stop attracting the wrong partners. Mind reprogramming should help you form and sustain a bond with a significant other that will feel good and last. Let your social circle expand beyond your wildest dreams.

How to become healthier – Thought Elevators is all about brain alignment and getting your noggin to work for you, instead of against you. Why not use your new and improved thought patterns to enhance your immunity and natural defenses? En route to becoming healthier, you’ll finally gain control of weight issues that may be plaguing you at the present moment. And if weight is not an issue, you can ride this elevator series to help you get past other health issues

How to have more energy – It’s not surprising that you may lack energy and vitality when you feel little zest for life. Here, you’ll discover how to get rid of the cobwebs and catacombs that clutter the mind and enervate you. Can you already visualize your vibrant, active body?

How to get smarter – I write that with tongue in cheek. This Thought Elevator review does not promise that your IQ will increase once you start the program. But in truth, your mind will be more free after implementing the strategies, and thus you’ll become more receptive to more challenging work. You should start to think outside-the-box and see solutions that were formally not visible. Eric Taller asserts that the training will remove barriers and put you on an ‘accelerated learning path.’

Relieve Stress and Anxiety – Think of it. The brain put you into this mess and now can get you out of it. Our thoughts very well determine our feelings. By changing thoughts, negative and counter-productive feelings can more readily vanish. The meditation will particularly feel empowering and help you conquer all types of fear.

Again, this does not represent the exhaustive list of what’s covered. Thought Elevators is quite mindful of reviewing and removing all destructive patterns!

Thought Elevators’ Ostensible Benefits

While we know that experiences affect feelings, our thoughts can also help shape our experiences. This guide povides the following benefits:

– Harnesses the power of the mind where you can achieve unlimited potential
– Can be used successfully by anyone, regardless of age and stage of life
– Favorably impacts mental and physical health
– As perception changes, business and financial success can more readily materialize
– Goes beyond neuro-linguistic programming in that it’s not just the words we use but the images we conjure up that affects our subconscious
– The meditation tracks will improve sleep, reduce stress, and provide you with more energy
– It’s easy to follow and the videos + audios are a pleasure to use
– You can quickly learn these strategies as you only need to allocate minutes, not hours, on a daily basis
– Shifts a ‘doom and gloom’ mindset to one of hope, promise, and prosperity
– The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and comes equipped with helpful bonuses
– The system is affordably priced at $47

The Negatives of Thought Elevators

There are many testimonials and words of praise regarding this resource. It’s a hot-selling product on Clickbank and continues to amass favorable reviews. However, the following constructive criticism can be given:

– It is not guaranteed to work, especially if you’re not truly ready to make the proverbial difference in your life. Sometimes we like to wallow in our own pain (no judgment).

– Patience will be required to see results. You’re retuning, reshaping, and refining your brain which is not an overnight process. In truth, you’re probably battling years of bad habits so going in a new direction may be time-consuming, with potential for relapses.

– While there are so many advantages to reshaping your subconscious and embracing a positive self-fulfilling prophecy, you can’t be absolutely assured there will be additional money in the bank. You have to use your sharper mind and take purposeful action.

Thought Elevators Review – The Bottom Line

I love the title of this resource. Simply, you can create uplifting thoughts and begin your ascension to a better life.

It’s time to finally address your inner demons and counter-productive subconscious, and make your mind empower your life rather than sabotage it. Intuitively, you know that you’re not on the right path or not on the best path now (why else would you be reading this review?) so this type of personal development is crucial.

Working on yourself will not seem like work when you watch these videos and listen to the audio. Again, these tools are not time-consuming to use so you can fit this training into your hectic schedule.

But word of warning: Don’t waste your money if you’re not determined to address and solve the issues in your life. You have to have an open mind and the notion that life is a pendulum and that it can finally swing in a more favorable direction for you.

You’ll not only gain from Thought Elevators but from the following 5 bonuses – all with self-explanatory names: “Success While You Sleep’ Meditation Tracks, ‘How to Plant a Money Tree,’ ‘Recognizing Your Soul Mate’ Guide, ‘I love Myself’ Workbook, and ‘Manifesting Health for Boomers’ E-book. (We also provide additional bonuses if you purchase the resource from a link on this page.)

As you can see, there are many areas of your life you can now improve with a shift of mindset while you’re in the auspicious Theta State. Review this material, implement its tips and tricks, and you’ll soon elevate to heights you never thought you would reach.

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