Video Tree System Review – A Vast Media Revenue Stream?

Alright, so money does not grow on real trees but perhaps it materializes from a video tree. In this Video Tree System review, I will examine Kimberly Hash de Vries’ product line that may finally take your video marketing to the next level. This product may appeal to those who see the potential of video-related income and are just not accruing much of any revenue from video marketing efforts. Are the claims of increased call to action, conversions, and sales reasonable? Let’s uncover some of the product’s particulars to find out.

Video Tree System – Human Relatability

This Video Tree System review examines Kimberly Hash de Vries' video marketing program

Please don’t underestimate the value of a human face … at least when it comes to connecting with an audience. I’ve done all sorts of videos in different niches – primarily PowerPoint videos, Explainer, simple text with audio, etc. But to date, my most successful videos have been when I’ve appeared in front of the camera or hired someone else to assume front and center.

Prospective customers want to know who is ultimately sending out a purchasing message. There is a trust factor involved and I still think most folks respond favorably with the person who appears on the video – especially when he/she seems professional and non-threatening. 🙂

Kimberly Hash de Vries is offering her service as cyber spokesperson in the Video Tree System. And you would be hard-pressed to find a better person to assume those duties.

After all, she is also very experienced in video presentations, evidenced by the fact that one of her channels received over 60,000 Youtube views in one month. Moreover, she frequently appears all over social media platforms, including Facebook, where she has amassed over 140,000 views.

Kimberly is no shrinking violent and now you can have her working on your behalf. She is offering 45 pre-made video presentations, covering just about any scenario. For instance, on her sales page, she reveals a short video clip where she welcomes visitors to download a free report.

Intuitively, this must convert well and better than a simple, ‘Download Free Report Now’ image and form. It’s all about connecting with the audience!

The Power Behind the Video Tree System – Grabbing Attention

The Video Tree pre-made video presentations are sure to intrigue prospective customers. Moreover, they’re designed to deliver results regardless of where the visitor is in the funnel system.

In fact, this Video Tree review would be incomplete if I did not mention that 7 different sequences are covered in the program. It includes everything from join our newsletter sequence to leaving the website sequence. Videos are included, depending on the visitors’ actions. As they leave your website, for instance, you can use Kimberly’s video where she says, “Before you go, sign up for our free live online and interactive training seminar.” If you’re not planning such a seminar, you can simply use a different video. It’s really just plug and play.

The Video Presentations are more than enough to substantiate the Video Tree System Basic fee of $47. But you should make a lot more return on investment with the Video Tree intuitive software that’s included.

This serves as a video editing tool that you can use to brand your company. But it’s the Call to Action buttons where this product excels.

You can easily add social media buttons for folks to like, share, or tweet your video. There is a mechanism to add pop-over forms and buttons that will galvanize viewers’ attention and persuade them to respond. There is also a scarcity countdown function to propel visitors to take action.

But I believe the most effective marketing method is to add a signup form where someone can subscribe to your list. Rest assured, this Video Tree software is compatible with major autoresponders, such as Mail Chimp, Get Response, and AWeber.

Indeed, this software should help you to increase engagement and you can easily test that theory by uploading the video to YouTube – directly from this software platform.

Video Tree System Advantage – You’ll See What Works

Once you purchase Kimberly Hash de Vries’ Video Tree System, you’ll intuitively see what makes an effective cyber spokesperson and what constitutes an influential call to action.

But Kimberly wants to encourage her customers to go even beyond the scope of this product, and feel comfortable creating custom videos with video presenters.

Towards that end, she is including in the package information on how to attract the best video presenter you can. The report includes presenter attributes and characteristics you should be looking for.

Of course, Kimberly can serve in this capacity, too, as she may be hired to be the face of your company.

Video Tree Bonus Package – Growing as a Video Marketer

For the first 50 folks who purchase the Video Tree System – preferably from this review – you’ll receive some very generous bonuses.

Kimberly plans on providing a very informative webinar. Here, you’ll learn how to establish trust with your audience and better brand your company. In addition, you’ll discover insightful techniques on the power of video persuasion.

Do you want to create the most unique proposition that you can? Then bonus 2 is perfect as Kimberly’s associate, Sam Robinson, will show you how to make clever videos that sell.

Rounding out the bonus package is Ultimate Motion Pro – a tool that offers over 3,500 images! Along with the graphics and stock images, you’ll even receive motion backgrounds. The trick is to create a professional, highly visual experience that leads visitors to favorably act.

If you purchase this product from my Video Tree System review, you’ll receive other bonuses.

Sales Funnel and Other Video Tree System Options

In the first OTO for $67, Kimberly offers her video presentations as high definition videos. Moreover, there are broader branding possibilities where you can communicate greater offer relevance and emphasis. You can now change the background of your videos, inspire with moving backgrounds, and use other features to heighten interest.

You’ll also gain access to the Video Tree Drill that helps you find great targeting terms to boost your campaigns.

Another added benefit to this OTO is that you’ll get all future software updates and new videos as Kimberly rolls them out.

In the second OTO, now at a pre-launch price of $67 (the price will increase as the launch continues), you’ll be able to white label all these videos, where you gain ownership of them so that you can sell them en masse or one at a time. You get to keep 100% commission from any sales that you make.

You have the right to alter them (e.g., change backgrounds), or brand them in any shape or manner. Your marketing efforts will become easier as Kimberly is offering another webinar to show you how to implement effective while label marketing strategies.

The typical price for 50 licenses to sell is $97; for 100 licenses is $147; for 150 licenses is $197.

What I Don’t Like About the Video Tree System

While this Video Tree System review has been very positive, there are several areas of concern.

Of course, other folks will have the same videos which is not advantageous. Still, you can opt to get the Pro feature, OTO #1, and make these videos more your own.

The scope of the product is also limited in the sense that it will not necessarily reveal strategies in getting the videos to the top of YouTube. However, increased engagement is a ranking parameter so that should help optimization efforts. I’m also hoping that the webinars will reveal such ranking techniques, too.

The Pros of the System

As I’ve mentioned earlier, these video presentations are professional and attention-grabbing. You’ll be able to convey your message via a powerful mechanism. You’ll brand your company and simply gain more visibility.

The call to action features are very desirable, too. I love the autoresponder option and pop-over capabilities.

The system should help to increase engagement and prompt viewers to take meaningful action.

You’ll see firsthand how video presenters can really make a video successful, if not make it go viral. Think of all the affiliate marketing products that you’ve seen where a video presenter leads you to take action. Now you’ll be on the receiving end of that funds transfer.

The system is also affordable at a $47 price tag (pre-launch price and rising) and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

This program is perfect for folks who have used videos with underwhelming success or for those who have not employed any video marketing to date. The system can open up a vast stream of revenue.

Final Determination

I’m surprised that I have not seen more video presenter products introduced to the marketplace. As Kimberly Hash de Vries knows, they can be very enticing and persuasive, opening up new profit sources.

I’ve actually used video presenters on some of my niche websites with some success. I’ll add one to this page so you can see its value. Please note, however, that this presenter is NOT from Video Tree system. I just want you to get an idea of the possibilities.

Still, I’m paying a rather steep annual free for video presenters from another company. I appreciate the fact that Kimberly’s program only entails a one-time cost.

So to conclude this review, it’s time to examine these video trees as they just may bear some desirable fruit.

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