I was recently asked by PJ Taei, the President of Uscreen, to write an honest and candid Uscreen review, highlighting his burgeoning video streaming platform. I had no prior association with Mr. Taei, and I was uncertain whether to even expend the time and energy reviewing a video streaming distribution company that had only been in operation for about 3 years. Nevertheless, I decided to take an objective look at this company to determine whether my video-oriented readers should also examine this platform, its options, and possible benefits. Those who market videos, particularly those that want to launch membership sites, should pay close attention.

Video Streaming – The Wave of the Future

This Uscreen review looks at a versatile streaming video distribution service

While there are a host of video streaming distribution companies, I naturally assumed there was a market to cater to, but I wondered whether potential customers would flock to such sites, and investigate the videos? I thought about that point for one second and then realized that Netflix is the quintessential video streaming success story.

Although I’m not a stock market analyst and don’t have access to their latest figures, I think that Netflix has over 70 million subscribers to date. Upon investigation, I see a survey was performed last month by Clearleap which pointed out that video streaming sites (primarily Netflix) are practically on popularity par with cable TV. The sample size was relatively small, a little over 1,100 respondents, but it’s evident that video streaming is gaining more and more viewers’ attention.

Therefore, tech-oriented firms are taking advantage of the ever-growing interest and demand for streaming videos. This way of watching videos is still in its infancy, and looks to be on an upward spiral.

So by using a video streaming distribution service, a given video marketer will have a waiting and receptive audience.

Uscreen Review – Video Streaming and Beyond

Truism: Video marketing works, and if the video is compelling, the number of views can be astonishing. Videos can go viral as favorable buzz generates via social media. A coveted video stream can easily produce a nice revenue stream.

But this video on demand platform appears to have gone much further than just offering a hosting platform to showcase videos. Indeed, it provides all the tools to customize a video marketing membership site or e-commerce storefront. Yes, through their platform, you can have your own version of Netflix, with payment processing capability. (You’ll also need to contract with a payment processor, such as PayPal, if you wish to accept fees.)

The scope of your storefront/membership site/visitor portal can be expansive, set by your imagination. Aside from traditional videos, any user can share any broadcast with a convenient webcam and Internet connection. You don’t necessarily have to sell these broadcasts but can simply offer them to your subscribers and prospective customers free of charge as a value added service.

These broadcasts can then be uploaded on your white-listed channel. Any reference to Uscreen does not appear as you need to brand your business, and carve out your own identity and niche.

But you need not limit yourself by just adding videos/broadcasts. PDF’s, audio files, EXCEL sheets, and just about any document file can be presented on the platform. The diversity of your offers should appeal to your customers and prospective customers, and you should galvanize attention through every venue, including webinars and podcasts.

A Look Under the Console Hood

I’m very impressed with Google Hangouts but you’ll also want to hangout on Uscreen’s web broadcast console, investigating its variety of features and options.

While this is all high-tech, the components do not appear difficult to use or navigate. Training is provided and technical support seems very responsive.

While the learning curve should not be too steep, it will take some time to become acquainted with all the customization possibilities. No doubt, you’ll be able to achieve the exact look and feel of the site as you wish (attractive templates are even provided), and it appears to any visitor that the site is completely yours as you can even use your registered domain name.

You can organize the videos and other media to your exact specifications. You can highlight videos by sequential chapters, enable previews, schedule when content will appear, integrate advertising, use the bulk uploading features, and cater to just about any audience in any language.

As an added benefit, your video streaming media-rich site can be viewed on any device as the platform is mobile-responsive. Viewers can see your site on devices, such as iPhones, Androids, and iPods, and customers can log in with the use of mobile aps. Customers who have Apple TV can even stream videos on their television sets through Apple AirPlay.

Who is Uscreen’s Potential Market?

Anyone who is interested in using a powerful content management system, and needs to share information, in all different formats, may become members of the growing customer base and fan club.

Here are just a sample of the platforms beneficiaries:

– Those who need to set up recurring subscription sales – You have the capability of establishing multiple subscription accounts in each of your stores. Customers even have access to their accounts so they can make their own changes, if necessary.

Rebilling is automatic although payment frequency can be altered. The payment process is seamless and dependable.

– Those who just need to charge one-time and rental sales – Customers can access your content on your terms. You may just wish to offer a rental price or a one-time price, specifying the amount of time a given customer can access the information. (Lifetime access is, of course, available.)

It is advisable to let your customers write reviews. You’ll be able to gauge interest or disinterest in this way, and improve the product, if necessary.

– Those who provide E-Learning and training – Here, content is king and the Learning Management System (LMS) is top-notch. Your materials can be posted exactly in the time frame you wish them to appear, and how they will appear. Any media form or document file can be made available to your students. Add quizzes and tests to evaluate your charges.

Those lucky students who pass can receive a certificate. Struggling pupils can be the lucky recipients of a review guide.

– Again, anyone who needs a digital storefront with e-commerce capabilities, or someone who is setting up a membership site. This is an information portal where publishers can quickly and conveniently facilitate knowledge … and get paid.

You can offer discounts and coupons to prospective customers. You can activate and end promotions when you wish, and restrict the use of discount coupons, depending on the types of incentives you offer.

Other Amazing Features

All users have a commonality. They’re getting a robust system that offers eye-opening value.

Aside from the myriad features and options listed above, here are some other platform advantages:

. Although I don’t know the inner workings, the company uses some type of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and encryption to thwart hackers and any type of video piracy. Rest assured, your media should be safe and kept out of hands that haven’t paid for products or those that are not authorized to receive them.

– A series of Contact Delivery Networks (CDNs) ensure quick loading times, regardless of where customers live in the world.

– Do you want to track user’s activity? Here, you can receive comprehensive reports, stats, and analytics to allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your clients.

– Total flexibility on behalf of your customers – They can watch (streaming) videos online or download them locally to be viewed at a more convenient time. As a reminder, they can view videos on any device they select. The platform is perfectly mobile compatible.

– Even if you have a large audience, or intend to build one, you’ll have ample room to accommodate the crowd. Storage and inode use can be increased. There are no limits for bandwidth and viewing. Hey, this platform is cloud-powered!

– Over 30 integrations with major apps such as SalesForce, MailChimp, Shopify, InfusionSoft & ActiveCampaign – These 3rd party integrations are all-important as you may want to use other tools that you’ve invested in.

– The entire system is user-friendly and your e-commerce/distribution site can be set up quickly without incurring too many headaches.

– The powers that be have provided a host of free and sage entrepreneurial advice. For example, here is a very insightful article about how to devise the right fee structure for a video subscription site.

Uscreen Pricing

I’ve done a lot of investigation on the pricing models of streaming video distribution services, and it appears that their pricing model is very competitive, particularly with what options they provide.

There are essentially 4 plans, briefly outlined below, aside from the 14 Day Free Trial.

The Basic Plan is $99 per month. It allows you to have up to 1,000 users (with active profiles). While it provides so-called unlimited viewing and bandwidth and a white label option, there’s a few shortcomings. You will not have access to advanced reporting or 3rd party integrations. Moreover, you will not have a dedicated relationship manager to assist you, and you’ll lose the opportunity to have a consultation when you set up. (You’ll still have training information to guide you and access to tech email support.)

The Pro Plan, priced at $199 per month, distinguishes itself because it allows you to have more active users – up to 2,500. In addition, you’ll have more technical support at your disposal. But if you need a system that accommodates more users, advanced reporting, and 3rd party integrations, you’ll have to upgrade.

The Ultimate Plan which costs $299 per month comes with just about all the bells and whistles, and accommodates 5,000 users.

– If you have more than 5,000 viewers, contact them and get set up with custom pricing. They will work with you to satisfy your traffic and budgetary requirements.

Uscreen Review – Final Determination

After viewing Uscreen’s abundant options and desirable features, I’m actually flattered that PJ Taei asked this humble reviewer to assess his company. This is going to be a runaway success although the company has already grown by leaps and bounds since its inception.

I’m not the only one enamored with this streaming video distribution service. The company has hundreds of loyal customers and fans, and continues to attract big e-retailers, prominent educational institutions, growing marketing firms, and other types of entities.

What’s not to like? This mobile-responsive, cloud-based platform offers marketers the ability to market and sell their broadcasts and videos – quite desirable as video streaming is becoming so popular. Marketers and business owners can feature their offers in an extremely professional way, taking advantage of a multitude of options. Captivating with media and document files will become a simple process, and you’ll be able to communicate your message clearly and with great effect.

Through the power of this medium, you should attract many more customers and secure much more revenue. Uscreen, a savvy marketer’s dream, provides the tools to help make success a reality.